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This polish has changed the way I do nail. It ‘s thus effortless and it ‘s super long lasting. I used to spend an 1 hour on my nails every other night with regular polish, but ever since I found Le Mini Macaron ‘s gelatin polishes I have “ converted ” to gel and never looked binding. It ‘s super easy to paint my nails and they last a solid week, and I ‘m grating with my hands. Plus it takes possibly 20 minutes to do both of my hands. The nude is the perfect nude tinge for me. It ‘s light with a slender pink undertone that is great for my pale complexion. They have a broad array of colors that they expand each season. You wo n’t be deplorable to try this gel polish. 1 footprint and done !

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disappointed, can’t recommend milkshake

I have bought one of their miniskirt macaron nail kits with maroon and gold gel polish in the past and enjoyed using them. The colors were reasonably and loved that they are one-step. I decided to buy the white and I am barely now getting about to using it. I was looking for an opaque white chiefly for consumption as a establish for complete art. I am disappoint and can not recommend the white one. It is neither “ bold ” “ bright ” or “ opaque ” as it ‘s described. I have applied and cured 4 coats to my nails and the discolor is inactive not opaque. even though I applied fairly thin coats ( gel polish should n’t be applied in midst coats, particularly the first gear coat ) I can placid see through the “ white ” color. If I apply any more it will be besides dense and wo n’t look nice. I am extremely defeated as 12 $ is not cheap for a nail polish considering you ‘d have to use over 4 coats for each mani. additionally I have non-gel white complete polish that is way more bright than ‘milkshake ‘. The brush and rule is easy to work with ( besides I did n’t think the smell was all that atrocious, but then again I am used to chemically smells when dealing with pinpoint polish ) I cant talk on the longevity but I do n’t think it ‘s deserving buying. sigh I will continue to search for a commodity white gel nail polish.

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Dries quick with led lamp!!

5 joy from San Antonio precisely follow the instructions and it ‘ll be amazing. Started with thin level first, cured it, added one more coat, cured it and it was done !

Beautiful but awful smell and chunky

3 Fran from Fort Wayne Indiana This color paint is gorgeous but the smell is just terribly ! ! ! It ‘s indeed bad, I am concerned it could be dangerous to our health. I shook the bottle for along time as it seemed chunky and watery at the lapp time but that did n’t help it. Have you every gotten something from China that had a toxic smack ? That ‘s precisely the smell .


5 Monica from NY Was worried about this merchandise after seeing some of the reviews but after my second base judge and very following the instructions I was able to easily achieve a mani that looked perplex and lasted more than a week. I love how the tinge turned out and it was fair as described .

Smells terrible

1 Andy from Houston, texas It was clumpy and the smell was atrocious


5 thymine from SC I love this polish ! Zero complaints !

Y’all are using it wrong

5 Christine from Seattle If it ‘s not place, getting bubbly, or coming off in 24 hours, then it ‘s user error. This polish is bang-up – thin, full moon coverage in two coats, have had mine on without chipping for 2 weeks

not the one…

2 amb1 from california the semblance is the arrant light aristocratic, but the formula is like petroleum. separated and slid off my nails, no matter what I did. what a mess .

Not worth it

2 Christina from GA I got the lamp, which I love ! And ordered 2 polishes : coconut yogurt and blue vanilla along with the glazed acme coating. actually defeated in the polishes : ( they ‘re clumpy and manner excessively thick to apply smoothly. I was excited that they ‘re all in one, but I may try getting a basecoat. The greatcoat was decent. not worth the money ! !

The smell

2 e from Naperville Oh wow the smell yikes

Good quality but the smell

3 Eli from Chicago, Illinois good quality intersection but it smells powerfully of burn plastic

Bad polish

2 Texas_chick from Texas Had to do 3 coats plus go back on tips. After applying the foremost coating I noticed it began receding on my nails. Applied second base chummy coat and it even happened. Had to touch up the tips of all fingers and notice bubbling on some nails .


1 Swaggy from PA Tried to do a second mani and my hitchhike is half peeled off not even 24 hours belated. I have done mousse mania at home for years and have never had a polish this bad.

Chips after 2 days

1 rise from San Jose I bought licorice and rose buttercream, beautiful rich colors but they both chipped in 2-7 days, I ‘ve never had a gel do that to me before. I wo n’t be buying this sword again, it ‘s besides expensive to be this cheap. 1 star do not recommend

SO pretty!

5 mfwitch from Taxachusetts LOVE this discolor ! It ‘s kind of a cold rose with just adequate spark. Stays on for 10-14 days depending on how firm your nails grow. The whole line of colors is great … highly recommend !

Polish doesn’t stay on after 1 day

1 Dkdugdale from INDIANA I was truly excited about this polish. After 2 tries … it failed … and when it starts yo come off its actually sticky .

Perfect shade

5 enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay from undisclosed The best color always. It ‘s perfect for every season ! !

Versatile colour

5 Beatriz from undisclosed Looks great on my pale peel tone. It ‘s playful and classy at the lapp time .

So far so good!

5 Shenzimarie from Syracuse, NY never going to use anything else. Three coats since I have such thin nails and this helps support them. therefore much easier than normal mousse !

I love it!!

5 cat from Palmdale capital pigment from light to dark colors I love this sword I will be buying all the colors just because I ‘m haunt

Be risky

5 Maria from undisclosed barely a lemon tone for a perfective manicure. Look perplex ! ! !

Lovely colour

5 Joana from undisclosed Coconut yogurt is a beautiful white with just a touch of pink. Looks great with a tan !

In love

5 Sea from undisclosed identical classy, perfect for fall and adorable with the bare shades

Nice dark shade

5 Kimberly from undisclosed I like this nuance overall, but it did temporarily stain my bark when I tried to remove my boo boo when doing my nails. might be because I ‘m indeed pale, though, so it was more noticeable. I needed 3 coats for this shade, so it took longer to apply. Got lots of compliments on it. : )

Beautiful shade

5 Safeena from undisclosed This is a big nuance for the summer ! Such a great orange that is arrant for all hide tones !


5 Abby from undisclosed This is the longest permanent gelatin I ‘ve always used ! I ‘m presently on day 11 and barely any chips. I ‘ve been looking for a sheer nude and this one is perfect for what I wanted with 3 coats. alike to put it in neutral by OPI but slightly more opaque

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