10 ways to care for damaged nails

Nails include hard corneum keratin – a protein found in skin and hair. Healthy fingernails, toenails well as expression smooth, glossy, colored and tainted what no

Nails thin, weak, soft as a result of deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Sometimes, health expression on nails is a sign of serious diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Nail care and avoid the bad actors also help protect your health.

Soak your nails in olive oil

For nail manifestations thin and weak, you should soak in virgin olive oils from 10-15 minutes per day, taken continuously for 1 month, then descending just 2 times / week. This inexpensive way that helps nails become stronger.

Use nail cream

Using cream and honey extracts of lemon will help nourish cuticles damaged nails. You can gently massage and nail them around bedtime and massage gently.

Wear gloves when doing housework

When cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house the garden, you should wear gloves. Detergents cause lumpy rough and coarse nails. Besides, sand, dirt and bacteria likely to cause damage to the nail.

10 ways to care for damaged nails
10 ways to care for damaged nails

Use care products, replenishes nails

The care products, replenishes nails with minerals, protein, antioxidants abundant help restore nails damaged , dryness and signs of detachment or separation. Safety class also help nail damage from external agents.

Additional foods rich in biotin

Supplement biotin rich food sources in the diet such as liver, eggs, whole grains, broccoli, avocados … From abundant biotin will help nail healthy and less fractured than.

Do not abuse your nails

Sometimes you do not notice, and is often used nail handy to open cans, pick vegetables or click the phone number … all this will harm the long-term foundation. Instead, you should use a pen or other items instead.

10 ways to care for damaged nails
10 ways to care for damaged nails

Provides daily vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the synthesis of nutrients to help nail healthy, shiny. Vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium can cause dry, brittle nails. Additional vitamins, protein-rich foods help your nails stronger.

Avoid multiple cleaning solutions, nail polish

When you nail and want to change, should be used sparingly nail bleach solution. If you want, you should only use 1-2 times / month and absolutely stay away from nail polish remover containing acetone, compounds cause dryness and damage to the nail.

Massage manicure

Massage nail stimulates blood circulation to the area, stimulate nail growth and stronger. After clean up, you can use a hand moisturizer and massage the nail area.

Drink plenty of water

Water is important for human health and help prevent dry nails, not only to maintain moisture for nails but also for hair, skin and other organs.

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