14 at home therapy for brittle nails

No need to spend money to manicure shop, you can easily treat and take care of the nails with the complete therapy available in your home.

1. Mix olive oil and lemon juice

A table spoon of olive oil mixed with few drops of lemon juice will form the perfect homemade mixture for soft nails, brittle and chapped. Each week at least twice, please apply the mixture onto the nail, massage thoroughly, to infuse for a while, then wear gloves to do the nails and to promote the mixture overnight.

2. Pure green tea and vitamin E

A spoonful of pure green tea combined with 2 drops of vitamin E does not only help you have healthy nails over that also prevent nail fungus as well as the treatment ends the current infection status points. Rub the mixture on the regular and you will not have to wait too long to see the effect of it.

14 at home therapy for brittle nails
14 at home therapy for brittle nails

3. Massage

This is a method to fix brittle nails is simple and cost saving. All what you need is a little patience to spend a few minutes each day and a small amount of moisturizing creams, nail creams or oils. Topical products have prepared over each nail, massage gently and continuously. The product will complement the moisture and softens the epidermis during the massage will help to improve the process of blood circulation, make sure nails, long and healthy over the long run.

4. sea salt therapy

Soak hands in a solution of sea salt will help to change the situation of soft and brittle nails. Let’s mix 2 spoons of pure sea salt with 2 drops of lemon juice or essential oil, mastic oil, myrrh oil and wheat germ oil. Pour this mixture into a bowl of warm water, then soak your hands in about 10-15 seconds. Repeat 2 times/week.

5. hand Balm with vitamin E oil

Capsules or vitamin E oil tube is a great ingredient that any DIY devotees would also consider in the lockers. You can DAB oils up and facial hair but also don’t forget using it for nails. Please massage the hand gently in the evening with a few drops of essential oil and vitamin E, this will help improve the condition of your nails a lot and making them more healthy after each use. Wear gloves for manicure will bring faster results but please note this is not a miracle remedy and need time to let it work.

6. beer Dip

The beer, olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar is probably not the components you want to select for my favorite drink, but they are great remedy treatments for the condition of brittle nails. Please warm the olive oil Cup 1/4, mixed with Apple Cider vinegar is equivalent and 1/2 beer. Then soak the nails into the mixture rich in nutrients in about 15 minutes. With this, you can use the excess beer intake without causing waste.

7. Lemon juice
The toxic nail Remover will usually cause your nails to become dry, even contributed to the phenomenon of chapped, so take advantage of this fresh yellow fruit stuff to fix the serious consequences that the type of nail to leave. Squeeze the lemon water, dip a piece of cotton, then rub over the nail. Continue applying until most of the water, to dry your nails, then rinse with warm water. Your nails will look more beautiful, no longer stain yellow and shiny will finger than before.

14 at home therapy for brittle nails
14 at home therapy for brittle nails

8. herbal mask

Mix a cup of boiling water with a spoon and a spoonful of Chamomile tea, mint tea to infuse for about 90 minutes, then filter the tea water and herbs with olive oil and spoon 1/2 2 spoons of flour. Then stir, mix up your nails and do so for about 30 minutes, then rinse.

9. Vaseline
This is the kind of product are always sold in drugstores nationwide. Simple you just smeared vaseline on the nails once a day to help moisturize for brittle nails.

10. Egg yolk and milk

If your nails need the help of a kind of true, powerful moisturizers create egg yolk and milk mixture. Massage the mixture into your real nails are then washed. This combination will provide the moisture needed until your nails completely healthy and hard.

11. Avoid water

Everyone must wash their hands but if washed more than overkill, you will make your nails brittle. When the nails exposed to water, they will absorb the water, but the water diffuser back in reverse. Constantly changing water content makes the cells of the nail being dispersed and brittle. Therefore, you should not wash your hands a lot and soaked them too long under water.

12. Should not paint the nails

Nail Polish is the preference of women, but if you want to have a healthy nails, you need to think again. Just give your nails a break for a few months, they will recover and healthy.

13. additional biotin

This method is slow but sure remedy for brittle nails. You can use biotin supplement pills, or simply eat more foods rich in biotin such as peanut, almond or sweet potato.

14. Wear Gloves

Sometimes your brittle nails, especially in autumn and winter when the weather becomes colder. So, to protect your nails, use of gloves is simple and best treatments for nails.

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