14 Home treatments for fragile nails

No need to spend money on the manicure shop, you can easily treat and take care of the nails with the complete treatments available in your home. 1. Olive oil mix and lime juice blend

One tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice will form the perfect homemade mixture for your soft, cracked and fragile nails. Each week at least 2 times, apply the mixture to the nail, massage thoroughly, for a while to warm, then wear manicure gloves and let the mixture promote the use overnight.
2. Green tea essence and vitamin E

A spoon of green tea essence combined with 2 drops of vitamin E not only helps you have a healthier nail set but also prevents onychomycosis as well as treatment for the current condition of infection. Rub the mixture on regularly and you won’t have to wait too long to see its effect.

14 Home treatments for fragile nails

3. Massage

This is a very simple and cost-free manicure method of breaking nails. All you need is a little patience to spend a few minutes a day and a small amount of moisturizing cream, nail cream or vegetable oil. Apply the prepared products to each nail, massage gently and continuously. The product will replenish the moisture and soften the epidermis while the massage will help improve the process of blood circulation, make the nails strong, healthy and longer in the long term.

4. Sea salt Therapy

Soaking hands in a sea salt solution will help to change the condition of soft and fragile nails. Mix 2 tablespoons of clean sea salt with 2 drops of lemon juice or essential oil, mastic oil, myrrh oil and wheat germ oil. Pour this mixture into a bowl of warm water, then soak your hands for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat 2 times/week.

5. Nursing hands overnight with vitamin E essential oil

Capsules or essential oil Vitamin E tube is an excellent ingredient that any DIY believer should have in the locker. You can apply this oil to your hair and facial skin but also do not forget to use it for your nails. Take a soothing hand massage in the evening with a few drops of the vitamin E essential oil, which will help to improve your nails so much and make them healthier after each use. Wearing a manicure glove will yield faster results but keep in mind this is not a magic remedy and it needs time for it to work.

6. Soak Beer

Beer, olive oil and apple cider vinegar are probably not the ingredients you would like to choose for your favorite drink, but they are a great remedy for the fragile nail condition. Warm up the 1/4 cup of olive oil, mixed with apple cider vinegar equivalent and 1/2 cups of beer. Then soak your nails into this nutrient rich mixture for about 15 minutes. In this way, you can take advantage of excess beer without wasting.

7. Lemon juice

Harmful nail cleaners will often cause your nails to become dry, even contributing to cracks, so take advantage of this bright yellow fruit to overcome the serious consequences that the nail paints leave. Squeeze the juice, dip a piece of cotton into it, then rub it on your nails. Keep rubbing until the end of the water, to dry your nails, then rinse with warm water. Your nails will look more beautiful, no longer yellow and the fingertips will be shiny than before.

8. Herbal Masks

Brew one cup of boiling water with a spoon of chamomile tea and a spoon of mint tea, to warm in about 90 minutes, then filter the herbs and brew the tea with 1/2 tablespoons of oli

14 Home treatments for fragile nails

e oil and 2 tablespoons of flour. Then stir well, apply the mixture to your nails and leave it for about 30 minutes, then rinse.

9. Vaseline

This type of product is always available for sale at pharmacies nationwide. Simply apply Vaseline to the nails once a day to help moisturize your fragile nails.

10. Egg yolks and milk

If your nails need the help of a really strong moisturizer, let’s create a mixture of egg yolks and milk. Massage mixture into real nails is then washed. This combination will provide the necessary moisture until your nails are completely healthy and sturdy.

11. Avoid water
Everyone has to wash their hands but if washed more than necessary, you will make your nails easier to break. When the nails come into contact with water, they absorb water, but the water diffuses backwards. The constantly changing water content makes the cells of the nail dispersed and easily broken. So you should not wash many hands and soak them too long underwater.

12. Nail polish should not be painted

Nail polish is an indispensable hobby of females, but if you want a healthy nail set, you need to think again. Just for your nails to be resting for several months, they will recover and stay healthy.

13. Biotin Supplements

This is the slow but sure remedy for your fragile nails. You can take biotin supplements, or simply eat more biotin-rich foods such as peanuts, sweet potatoes or almonds.

14. Wearing gloves

Sometimes your nails are prone to seasonal breakage, especially in autumn and winter when the weather becomes colder. Therefore, in order to protect your nails, using gloves is the simplest and best therapy for nails.

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