14 Tricks to help nail care properly


14 Tricks to help nail care properly
14 Tricks to help nail care properly

Everyone likes to have beautiful nails and especially women. But by nails where frequent impact from the external environment, the activities makeup like paint nursing nail up over time without extreme care, nails become rough, discolored and lose Beauty.

Here are 14 tips to help girlfriend proper nail care and nail to preserve in the best condition. (This procedure can fully apply nail care).

Nail care Daily
Use nail care tips below every day to help keep your nail growth and good health.

1. Apply the vinegar before the nail. Well, just use a layer of white vinegar (use cotton wool to clean them and create a lining on the nail) will help you keep more nail fastness.

2. Bath salts to avoid brittle nails. It’s very easy, dilute a white saline with 4 tablespoons of salt in a liter of water and then soak your entire nail for 15 minutes each day. Then dry your nails and apply a layer of moisturizer to soften up all the nails.

3. If your nails yellow discoloration or staining, apply chamomile water immediately.

– Looking to buy a few dried chrysanthemum, cook 1 spoon in 2 cups water for 20 minutes.
– Wait to cool (slightly warm), then dip your nails in which about 15 to 20 minutes.
– Done every three weeks each time until the color on the nails is improved.

14 Tricks to help nail care properly
14 Tricks to help nail care properly

4. Soften nails using jojoba oil. If cracks appear nails, can be combined using aloe vera gel more.

5. Use nail gelatin to help faster development. Apply powdered gelatin in products and polishing nails lining. Gelatin can buy from many online stores nationwide.

6. Nails white floating notes. This often occurs when your body lacks calcium. Take calcium supplements in your diet or use powdered egg shell (after boiling) in a milk or mixed into breakfast every day.

7. Apply cuticle oil every day. Cuticle oil is a lubricant fast. It helps maintain healthy nails resilience nails. You can buy this oil and use it 2 times a day.

8. If you use nail polish remover containing acetone remover no. Acetone is a strong detergent, dry it cuticle and cause serious injury to the nail, if long-term use.

Care while painting nails
With 8 Easy Steps nail care daily above, if you can fully implement them, you will soon own a set of nails healthy ready to create the type Nail Beauty the most right now. But before that, here are a few important notes to keep the “healthy” Best nails even when painted.

9. Do not paint your nails with paint bubbles. In the process of shaking, nail polish can produce foam like soap, but in a small area. This bubble of paint with low efficiency and bad cause after painting nails. Keep steady polish or pour a little into the environment before applying flat.

10. Do not forget to apply the primer. Lining helps prevent nail paint direct contact with chemicals due to the painting and helps keep nails healthy.

11. Use multiple thin layers rather than one thick layer. Instead of using one-time paint the nails intense, split them into several times with thinner layers. This helps the paint adhere well while also cleansing easier.

14 Tricks to help nail care properly
14 Tricks to help nail care properly

12. Cover the paint defects. Nails can sometimes chipping, flaking due to impact or any impact. You can hide the defect using many thin layers as above.

14 Tricks to help nail care properly
14 Tricks to help nail care properly

13. Stabilizing the nail until the paint is completely dry. Need at least 1 hour to paint really adheres to the nail surface, you should not implement strong action during this time and also external forces should not use dryer to dry the paint dry faster.

14 Tricks to help nail care properly
14 Tricks to help nail care properly

14. Use glossy coating. Many girls skip using glossy coating, but the effect of it really worth investing a little more time. Shadow not only help nails look Sturdy, beautiful but also keep more durable paint several times.

Here are 14 tips on a simple, nail care is effective and most appropriate for his girlfriend. Fully implement the tips and owns very attractive nails scratched!

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