5 tips for effective pedicure

Keep toenails clean is not only important in the peaceful beauty of the sisters but also good for your health. Let’s refer 5 tips for effective pedicure below:
Mushrooms or nail infections are a common problem when not know how to care for toenails properly. Besides, your feet must always exposed to dirt making it susceptible to disease-causing organisms attack. Continuous wearing shoes, socks in hot weather is the culprit also easy to cause toenail infection due to the increased production and accumulation of bacteria sweat. Most people do not know how to clean toenails properly. Along consult these tips effective pedicure below:

5 tips for effective pedicure

1. Wash your feet daily

Always remember to wash your feet daily, especially before bedtime. This helps remove dust buildup inside the nail. You also should not use soap or detergent to wash the feet too strong because it will be easier to dry skin. The fact shows that the clean feet before bedtime can also help give you better sleep.

2. Manicure proper technique

If you can not nail yourself then go to the salon or nail salon. Steps manicure including foot soak in warm water with essential oils, exfoliation nails, nail clippers and cuticle care.

3. Cut toenails properly

Many people do not know how to cut toenails properly. Your nails should be cut straight instead of a curve. This will help prevent complications occur due to toenail inside. But if you prefer more arc-shaped nails, you can use the filing to smooth the nail and the nail should not be cut too deep.

5 tips for effective pedicure

4. Choosing the right nail care products

you should not use the type of cheap nail polish because it can cause many complications not good for healthy nails, as well as later. You should choose products that contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. Use alcohol to remove nails safely and use moisturizer, vitamin E oil or nails.

5. Make a habit of regular nail care

Think pedicure habits are part of the body care regime you daily. This will help avoid infection caused by the attack of fungi or bacteria. Regular pedicure will allow you to check regularly the status nails, help identify the earliest infection.

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