7 ways to make strong nails fast

For the addicts beauty nail is always the art that makes them fascinated. Please share with me 7 ways to help long nails, serve the nail work of her.

Protein enhancement

To make nails beautiful, the girls need to nourish their nails beautifully. First, change your diet by boosting the protein to help grow the length of your nails. Protein is found in many foods such as meat, eggs, milk and nuts.

7 ways to make strong nails fast
7 ways to make strong nails fast

Do not bite your nails

Want to have beautiful nails you need to say no to bad habits is nail biting. This is not only a bad behavior, but also bad for the health of your nails. Get rid of this habit by chewing gum.

7 ways to make strong nails fast
7 ways to make strong nails fast

Clean and moisturize

When you want to beautify your nail with a perfect nail polish, you can not bypass the nail cleaning process and increase its moisture content. Applying a moisturizing oil to the epidermis and applying a protective coating for the nails is a good tip for you.

Ensure blood circulation

Ensuring blood circulation is also a quick way to develop nails. Actually, people who regularly exercise their fingers like playing, typing, cooking … will have a faster nail as the blood circulates better during movement.

Use garlic to rub the nails

One way to beautify the nails that many people use to help nail fast and strong is to use garlic to rub the nails. You just use the garlic and rub it on the nail for 30 minutes then rinse. To avoid odors you should rub the lemon. Garlic can also help your nails to be shiny and also has a nail hardener.

7 ways to make strong nails fast
7 ways to make strong nails fast

Natural method to help long nails

The olive oil and lemon juice blend are also simple homemade recipes that will make your nails beautiful. You mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 10 drops of lemon juice in a sealed container and apply it on your nails daily to make your nails firmer, whiter and brighter.

In addition to olive oil, you can use almonds, linseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender, hyacinth, sandalwood.

Vitamin E is also a very essential nutrient to help nail beauty make your nails healthy and grow faster.

7 ways to make strong nails fast
7 ways to make strong nails fast


The last tip to nail care is to be strong and fast to drink plenty of water. At least 8-10 glasses of water a day is not only good for your health but also helps you lose weight and is important to be effective in beauty, healthy and long nails.

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