During the 1970s, the Vietnam war raged on and we at home turned toward saving the planet. The era of ecology popularized colors found in nature. While orange was placid democratic, we added avocado green and harvest gold a well. Colors were even bold and brilliantly, although they tended to be plucked from lone one end of the spectrum, the warms or the cools .
1970s color palette
furniture devolved from the satiny lines of the 1950s and 1960s into the bigger softer forms in the 1970s. Patterns again featured florals, but unlike the 1940s, these flowers were bolder prints served as focal points. You could find busy patterns on the curtains, the upholstery and the carpet, all in one board. Floral couch, bushy rya rug, striped curtains, for exercise. Who remembers the brown and gold nature-themed patterned heavy wood sofa of the 70s ? Check out this article from Collectors Weekly to jog your memory .
1970 sofa
Wood supply was bright and chunky. Lamps were boldface and audacious. Accessories came in all shades of embrown, orange, and yellow. Bean bag chairs that you could sink into came in bold colors, adding a bright pop of color to an differently nature-inspired color scheme .
1970 bean bag chair ad

Handmade pieces like hook rugs and needlework as rampart art and hand-thrown pottery were in demand. The 1970s was the first great houseplant collecting era. Decorating your home with plants brought the outside in. Adding macrame plant hangers showed off your crafty side. natural fibers like jute and r-2, cotton, denim, and linen were all very democratic .
Teak wood and the consumption of recycle materials grew out of the budding awareness of preserving the satellite. With the wallpaper of anterior eras coming down, one didn ’ metric ton think about paint colors as the 70s attend was wood panel, manufactured or installed in actual forest by craftsmen. Wood-paneled walls were the fashionable backdrop for the nature-themed colors found in everything from furniture to kitchenware .

testis chairs ( hanging or otherwise ), peacock chairs and papasan chairs were paired with granny knot square crochet throws. Crochet was big. If we weren ’ thyroxine crocheting afgans, we were crocheting poncho and vests .

It ’ south easy to get the expect of the 1970s. By including shades of greens, gold, orange, or brown and adding a fuck rug, bamboo or wicker accessories, and a few plants you ’ ll be on your means to recreating 70s interior decoration. For a sincerely authentic look fetch in a starburst mirror hang above the sofa.

There are plenty of 1970s reproductions out there, but why sink for the fake when you can find truthful 1970s interior decoration at estate of the realm sales and vintage stores. teak from the 1970s may need some anoint and work on the finish, but the quality of the craft is far better than anything you can buy at a big box today. Ditto for needlework and rug. It ’ south worth the price of having a vintage rya rug cleaned to have the real number matter that will last you a life .

Get the Look of the 1970s:

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