8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make

Weak and brittle nails is a common problem of women. Find out the scroll extremely easy here to solve this problem and help take care of your nails better.

8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make
8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make

Extremely Easy Nail Care Solutions

The Eggs, Olive Oil & Lemon Juice

How to get healthy nails more beautiful, not easily broken & scratches? Use a mixture of egg white, olive oil and lemon juice is a magical solution for your nails. Soak your toenails and fingernails in this mixture for 15 minutes every day.

Egg whites and lemon juice can help nails grow well, while olive oil is an excellent natural moisturizer. You can see the results in a few weeks.


8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make
8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make

Soak in a solution of liquid iodine is a great natural remedy for brittle nails. Soak the nails in the solution for 30 minutes and clean with bleach water Foundation.

Nail Care By Tea

Mix 2 spoons dilute tea (green tea is best) with a few drops of oil to wheat, add a little salt. Apply this mixture onto your nails in 5 minutes. Please wipe with a dry cloth. You should take care of the daily nail to nail healthy.

Olive Oil

To nail health and make the most essential thing is for moisturizing foundations. Use the 1/2 cup olive oil and dip your nails into it. Massage the nails and relax for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Need to implement this method once a day. For those dry cracked nails, you can do from 3-4 times a day

Gloves & Lubricating Oil

You can also use the lubricating oil to moisturize your nails. Overlay 1 layer of lubricating oil up your nails and leave it on overnight (wearing cotton gloves when going to sleep). This therapy is very effective in winter when the nails more prone to dryness. Rinse in the morning and repeat this on nail treatments every night.

Restricting Delicacy Used

8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make
8 Scroll Pole Easy Help Nail Health & Make

Have you ever wondered “why my brittle nails?” Manicures regularly and use too much acetone can also make your nails dry and weak. Therefore, use the nail paint Remover a limited way to help prevent this.

Short Cut The Nails Neat

A method to help nail health that’s cut short nails. If your nails brittle, easily fractured, be cut short and succinct for a period of time to nurture, restore the nail.

Always keeping the nail care and caution. Need to wear protective gloves at home or work DAB moisturizer to soften the skin trade.

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Hands and feet are very important to the women wings. Therefore, the need to maintain a healthy, beautiful nails to add beauty to your hands. Please join us to make and share the experience!

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