8 Signs Of Nails should not be Despised

Sometimes we just take care of beauty for nails that forgot about having to care for it. However, if the note, can you see the nails appear abnormal changes of color and shape. In particular, if you see 8 signs in the nails are mentioned below, then chances are your health problems.

8 Signs Of Nails should not be Despised
8 Signs Of Nails should not be Despised

White Spots
On your nails, there is a layer of cells responsible for creating layers of the nail. Once he hurt cell layer, the white spots will appear. The most popular is the white spots that appear at the beginning or end of the nail. We often still transmit the ears together that causes the white spots on the nails is caused by lack of calcium. But in fact, this white spots telling more about your health. One other cause causing white spots are due to paint the nails covered nails too long do fracture surface layer on your nails. If your white spots are spread all over the nail, then you are probably infected with the fungus. Thus, depending on the causes of the phenomenon should be white spots, you can take care of the nails until they return to normal or go see a doctor and medications of different treatment.

Crunchy Brittle Nails
Easy brittle nails causes major fracture is caused by dried Nail Polish layer. Your use of the water too much nail polish remover, sink or swim frequently can cause this phenomenon. People who are regular hand with exposure to chemicals (such as themed photo washes) also make this phenomenon. Nail brittleness fracture phenomenon is also easy going if you suffer from hypothyroidism, dry and windy weather.

Golden Nails
Golden nails just may be the result of nail just can be signs of more serious diseases, such as diabetes. In addition, the phenomenon of the nails harden, turns into yellow and slowly grows are often signs of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.

The Nail Grows Abnormally High
The chef, dispensing water or those who work in the medical profession often have the nails grow very fast. It is due to their exposure to chemicals for too long. Besides, the change in color of the nails (such as switch to handsome color, green or yellow) can be signs of thyroid disease, psoriasis, lesions and infections. To prevent nail grows abnormally high status, please avoid contact with chemical substances for some time. If your illness worse, go see a doctor to be diagnosed and treated promptly.

Vertical Striped Nail
The thin stripes appear along the trunk is a perfectly normal phenomenon. They are signs of aging.

Concave Nail Or Spatulate
This phenomenon can be a sign of iron deficiency or anemia. You can have your doctor specifies the tonic and make appropriate dietary nutritional intake in return are missing. However you should also note that the ingrown nail can also be signs of more serious diseases, such as heart and liver disease, hypothyroidism.

Nail Pitting
Nail pitting phenomenon occurs in 50% of people with psoriasis. It can also occur in people with alopecia areata. You can treat the nail pitting by cream contains vitamin A and vitamin D or steroid creams. If suffering from psoriasis, go visit your dermatologist to be treated accordingly.

Nail Cyanosis
If your nails are too soft in the head and oversized nail mold grows, you are probably suffering from a lung-related illness. Nail phenomena grows like oversized punching blank occurs when your blood contains too little oxygen. This phenomenon also occurs if you suffer pelvic inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, AIDS and diseases of the liver. Please see a doctor immediately if you discover nail on the slowdown.

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The changes in the nails are also equally important change in skin color or other body parts in the signal of your health status. Therefore, do not see often if noticed the signs that appear on here!

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