10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

The 1980s was an era that gave birth to newly and extreme fashion styles, music genres, film, and beauty trends the world never saw coming. furthermore, the 80s popularized the art of nail painting, a madden that hasn ’ t stopped to this day. From boldface and neon colors to subdued bare and pink tones, the “ Yuppie Decade ” or “ Decade of Greed ” showcased the effect of the times through nail trends. Experimenting with acrylics, different pinpoint shapes, and press-on nails took over the smasher global. To get a glance and recreate these claw looks, check out this list of 10 80s nail trends to try in the 2020s .

1. Long Squoval 

Thanks to Black female track and airfield stars, like Florence Griffith Joyner and Gail Devers, retentive squoval acrylic nails normally seen in Black culture were pushed to the mainstream and perfectly matched the extraordinary and attention-getting aesthetics of the 80s. These super long square-oval-shaped nails were trendy and extremely popular at the time, with the most creative and longest of them dubbed as “ Flo Jo ” nails after the belated athlete. The flatter supreme headquarters allied powers europe was versatile for everyone during the ten, from Princess Diana to the deep songstress Selena Quintanilla .

10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

2. Neon

When anyone thinks of the 80s, neon mechanically comes to mind. Neon nail polish was a huge fad 40 years ago, with aglow bold colors like yellow, blue, fleeceable, tap, and purple sported by women everywhere and paired with everyone ’ s favorite match neon clothe detail. Icons, like Madonna, much wore neon nail polish, making it an even more popular breeze through fad in the 80s. In fact, neon complete polish is a current drift we ’ rhenium experiencing nowadays and probably a breeze through color we won ’ t end seeing for quite some time.


10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

3. Nail Foil

Metallic amber and silver pinpoint foils was a huge nail tendency during this decade and even made a comeback a few years ago. This look was achieved in the 80s by just pressing the reasonably foil on some nail glue and carefully peeling the foil back to reveal a bright solution. The 80s was all about bling and greed, which was a match couple of claw to have at the meter. While the vogue was short-lived in the 2010s, nail foil art will have its conversion, yet again, in the 2020s. 10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

4. Classic Red 

A classic red fit of nails constantly goes a long way, a look not lost on people of the 80s. This nail swerve was well executed by many film stars like Joan Collins and Cher, who fashioned the best red nails of all time during the ten. Despite the 80s being a time of maximalism and flashiness, crimson nails represent lavishness and smasher. Analyzing and recreating red nails of the 80s will restore a simple yet beautiful nail vogue that is needed in the smash earth today. ad 10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

5. Nail Blush

Like the authoritative loss nails, pinpoint bloom became another iconic and very simple tinge popularized in the 80s. The complete brand Cutex beginning came out with complete blush when blush shades such as Rose, Nude, Mauve, Beige, Peach, and Lilac could be worn by any. Since then, sol many people worldwide have fallen in love with the sheer and amatory colors. These colors are allow for any event, and nail blush will decidedly have its foreground in the 2020s. 10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s ad

6. Glitter Detailing

The Decade of Greed couldn ’ t go without gold, silver, or bronze, which is why glitter detail was a smash drift everyone hopped on in the 80s. Glitter stripes and tips on nails weren ’ metric ton uncommon to the eye 40 years ago. today, the nail drift can be seen in combination with other claw crazes, like negative space collar art and the french manicure. If the 80s taught us anything, it ’ south that bubbling and glowy nails will always do the trick.

10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

7. Stripes & Polka Dots

Nail painting was fresh and newfangled in the 80s, with many teens around the world experimenting with polishes to create stripes and polka dot designs on their nails. The look became popular amongst youth and an overall cool aesthetic at the fourth dimension. This vogue can well be reiterated and modernized today by using trendy nail down colors and incorporating bare bases to subdue the count. This is a cutesy and harmless nail tendency to consider. ad 10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

8. Holographic 

The 80s toss off icon Cyndi Lauper found her truthful colors in holographic nails, a pinpoint tendency that dominated during the ten that made girls just want to have fun ! What makes holographic nails stand out from unconstipated polish is the Spectraflair paint that deflects light highly well in the formula. The flashiness and glam of holographic nails ’ three-dimensional qualities truly encompassed the 80s and everything it had to offer. It is decidedly a look anyone at any old age can pull off, making it a aplomb and dateless vogue waiting to happen. ad 10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

9. Lee Press-On Nails 

It was closely impossible to have not seen a Lee Press-On Nails commercial in between your darling shows back in the day. The commodious press-on breeze through trade name was launched and ill-famed in the 80s, with versatile nails, colors, and lengths to choose from. While the nails were super popular at the time, they besides came with a overplus of issues, like well snagging on things, being ephemeral, and not being realistic to the eye. In 2020, Lee Press-On Nails has made a huge revival ! There is a wide range of patterns and designs, better technology, and many celebrities and models who wear the nails on carpets and runways .

9. Glitter Detailing

10. Longwear Polish

Longwear polish is a smash category created in the 80s for a light polish application that is besides durable. many brands today, like Essie and Maybelline, continue to make mousse lacquer formulas that lessen your worries about nail down chip and coloring material attenuation. reliable, durable polish is huge and will guarantee durable pinpoint color, so don ’ metric ton rest on this nail vogue.

ad 10 80s Nail Trends To Try In The 2020s

The 80s always had to do it big and they sure did when it came to nail trends. What trend(s) do you think you’d nail? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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