If there is an ideal sail in our body, which lends itself to experiencing our most aesthetic side, and with a minimum of hazard, they are ours. nail. In them we can try all the curious designs that manicurists and celebrity artists continually expose on their social networks, adenine well as the colors that season after season are in swerve, changing from one hue to another without problem and only in a matter of minutes .
And that is the bang-up knickknack at the here and now, some enamel colors that are beginning to grow in popularity and that may have been uninstructed, but I confess that I did not see them coming. Although taking into bill all the fashion and beauty trends inspired by the 80s, it might come as no surprise that neon nails are back, but very well adapted to modern times .
These shades are the perfect appetizer for the render of good weather and the arrival of give. rather of going for more pastel colors or wildflower designs, add a touch of energy and color ( identical extravagant ) to your nails. And you know, this is not a long-run commitment, experiment with these vibrant shades on your perfect nails And, if they don ’ triiodothyronine convert you, it ’ mho identical easily to remove them and start over.

These are the five neon nail polish colors favorites that fill us with confidence :

Bright green

design by London-based fame artist Imarni .
© Courtesy Instagram @ imarninails

Green is one of the colors of the season if we talk about nail polish, in more than one version and key. In this revival of the 80s, or inspired by the fleeceable Billie Eilish, choose between a classical neon green, super vibrant or, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to bet right off the cricket bat on such a fluorescent tone, a lime green will be the nail tonicity that you It will give a similar vibration, without being excessively flashy. If you want to go beyond merely painting your nails the lapp color, ask at the beauty salon or, if you prefer to do the manicure at home Dare for a geometric or negative space design with this key, as a way to bring this color to 2021 .

Purple matte or glossy?

Lavender nails as a trend in women's manicure The purple, by itself, will already be striking enough, but if you want to take it to the adjacent flush, everything will be in choosing an enamel with a considerable reflect, early of the big trends of 2021 in nails Nonetheless, for girls looking for a snatch more chasteness, the felt finish can be a classy alternative to such an intense reflect. In either casing, the neon tone, no count which one we are talking about, will be a playfulness touch in any manicure.

Rosa Barbie

design by London-based fame artist Imarni .
© Courtesy Instagram @ imarninails
Neon pink nail polish One of the most popular shades of the 80s was hot pinko, you will never go wrong with it ! It is the clearest meaning of fun and femininity. Go for this semblance, in this claw collar style or in a classical short and square manicure, but with this french plan. rather of a thin white argumentation, the pink will take up a compact distance at the topple with your chosen color .

Fresh orange

Kylie Jenner .
© Courtesy Instagram @ kyliejenner
Kylie jenner with neon orange nail polish Between Cardi B and Rosalía, sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are other of the most dare to try new styles, colors and nail designs. At some compass point Kylie paused her long sharpen nails, to leave us this more coy geld, but in a strike orange that reminds us of summer oranges. And it is precisely that neon orange is one of the most cheerful tones for the summer season, ampere well as for those dates ( like now ) in which we want to hasten the arrival of this temper. It ’ s a bold color that we should all wear at some distributor point in our lives .

Bright blue

plan by pinpoint artist, Amy Le.

© Courtesy Instagram @ amyle.nails
Hand with nails with bright blue polish Electric blue, turquoise blue or neon blue. Three shades of this color that you can try immediately and intensify its brightness as the days go by, to reach form with all its adept energy and vibrant coloring material .

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