9 nail care being damaged

Are women, who also want to have a nice, smooth hands and nails also played the role that soft beauty. 9 ways to help you prevent and recover the damaged by nails.

9 nail care being damaged
9 nail care being damaged

1. Soak the nails in olive oil

As for the nails thin and weak, it should be soaked in olive oil, pure from 10-15 minutes every day, performing continuously for about 2 months then it just twice a week.

This way does not cause costly that it also helps nails become stronger.

2. Use cuticle cream

Use creams derived from honey and lemon will help nourish the epidermis, the nails were damaged with vitamin E cream into the Massage and … around the nails before bed and massage gently.

3. Wear Gloves when work houses

When do the dishes, wash the bowl, clean up the garden you should wear gloves. Detergent that causes should hand Assembly and do rough lumpy nails. Sandy soil is also dirty and damaged nails.

4. Eat more foods rich in biotin

The biotin-rich foods into your diet, such as liver, egg, raw rice bran, cauliflower, avocado … These foods are very beneficial for health at the same time help in food have biotin nails become more khoẻc and less broken.

5. do not abuse the nails

Sometimes you don’t notice and often lath, hand nail to open cans of water, pick vegetables or press phone number … all of which would be very bad for the Foundation. Instead, it should use a pen or other widgets instead.

Limit the use of foundations to do the job.

6. Provide the daily vitamins

Vitamins are necessary elements to synthesize nutrients help the nails healthy and shiny. Lack of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium can cause dry and brittle nails. Take vitamins, calcium supplements, eat more protein rich foods in your diet.

7. Avoid using more aqueous nail paint Remover

When you paint the nails and want to change, you should limit user nail removal solution. If you want to purge only should take one to two times a month. Absolutely do not use acetone-containing nail paint Remover type, they will dry and causing damage to the nail very much.

8. nail massage

Nail massage helps stimulate blood circulation to that area, stimulate development and stronger nails. 

After washing the hands clean, use moisturizers to massage your hands and nails.

9. Drink more water

We all know water is essential for the body and played a significant part in human health. In addition to the water helps avoid dry and damaged nails like the need of water for the skin and hair.

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