9 things you should remember when doing your nails during Tet holiday

9 things you should remember when doing your nails during Tet holiday

When you do the nails on Tet, the risk of infection is higher than usual as the nail salons must serve a more crowded service. How can you make peace of mind for the foundation without worrying about dermatological risks or infectious diseases?

You can see a multitude of nail salons around where you live. However, by the end of the year, these beauty places often become overloaded. The staff do not have enough time to thoroughly prepare and care carefully for your nail kit. Even more nail salons are for the immediate profit that ignores the health of customers.

Therefore, getting to know a nail salon is very important to ensure your health. Take note of the following 9 things so you can make your nails a good fit safely during TET holiday!

1. Selection of professional manicure workers
Manicure nippers, nail files, leather cutters and other chemicals such as Aceton, acrylates, synthetic polymers are essential tools to help you get a more beautiful nail set. The nail Planner must be able to competently use these tools.

Do not hesitate to ask the nail salon about the certificate of manicure or the certificate of participating in the relevant courses. Also, before using any chemicals, experiment first to see if there is an allergy to the body.

2. Look to the nail salon to ensure hygiene

9 things you should remember when doing your nails during Tet holiday

The prestige of a manicure salon can be reflected in the way the space is organized and the nail desk is neat and clean. Before manicure for you, the nail worker must clean up their nail desk and remove the old gloves. Then they have to wash their hands with antibacterial soap and ask you to also clean your hands. This is an effective way to fight infectious diseases.

Observe thoroughly when you step into a nail salon. You can be more assured of manicure at a place where everything is neatly arranged and clean.

3. Don’t read old magazines in manicure salon
Although it sounds a bit unexpected, the magazines that you can watch in the meantime often contain a huge source of bacteria. Since they are not treated with antibacterial solutions, and these magazines have passed many people’s hands.

If you want to learn about the latest nail trends, you should only select the latest magazines in the shelves to minimize the risk of infection.

4. The manicure tool needs to be disinfected

9 things you should remember when doing your nails during Tet holiday

The operation of disinfecting nail kits before use is always important. Specially the nail maker must perform in front of you. In addition, there should be a small square on the bag used to carry the sterilized instrument, such as it was originally grey. After disinfection, it is labeled with a dark pink or light brown color, depending on the different sterilization.

The manicure should directly clean the kits in front of you. This ensures that the instrument has been cleaned out of bacteria from previous customers and is safe for your use.

5. Wooden sticks and wipes should only be used once
The used wooden rods are placed in the waste sorting bin. Even in some places, the manicure will break the wood sticks after use. However, many nail salons want to save money by placing a washcloth under the customer’s hands and gently filing a few times for cleaning and then using for the next one.

The habit of using nail tools is dangerous for health because of the risk of infection with bacteria. Therefore, you pay attention to how to use wooden sticks and wipes in the nail salon.

6. Time spent at least one hour of manicure

9 things you should remember when doing your nails during Tet holiday

You should ask the nail maker how much time it should take for manicure. If they just took about 30 minutes, you should choose another place. As a simple manicure set took about 1 hour, including hand and nail cutting for about 40 minutes, 20 minutes of nail polish (oil removal, primer, 2 layers of paint and patches).

The manicure process can be done faster, but the foundation will become deteriorating only after a week. Only when done properly and professionally, you have a beautiful and longer lasting foundation for the upcoming Tet.

7. Use the quality nail polish
Before you get started, ask your hairdresser about what tools they will use well. Because of the cheap color paints can dry your nails. High acidity can penetrate the nail and damage the structure inside the nail.

You should choose a reputable and professional nail salon. They will commit to use these kinds of nail polish tools and paints with good quality.

8. You should only cut healthy nails

9 things you should remember when doing your nails during Tet holiday

If there are small scratches on the skin of the hand or have nail diseases, it is best not to cut or touch them. Some of the safe and reputable salon will never perform with wounded hands. At the same time, you should also treat the point before manicure for the holiday.

You should not arrive at salon shops with nail workers do not pay attention to the condition of the guests. Although the instrument has been sterilized then your hands are still likely to suffer from thrush or some other skin diseases.

9. Avoid leaving the nail directly in contact with chemicals
Many nail tools have a pungent and unpleasant smell, when cleaning old nail paint, acrylic dust will negatively affect your health. That is why the manicure table must be equipped with ventilation systems.

While waiting for your turn, you can observe how the manicure works. You and your worker should use a mask or respirator to avoid being affected by chemicals.

To make your nails safe for the new year, you should bring your personal instruments. Also, you should nail the nails sooner than a week or 10 days before the Tet to avoid experiencing the health risks because of the overload of the nail salon !

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