Is it your birthday sometime soon ? First of all, congratulations ! This big and crucial day will look so good, particularly if you put a bite of campaign into your look. Make sure that you find the best manicure and pinpoint design that suits your character, preference, ampere well as kit of the day. here are some gorgeous manicures that you should consider .

Birthday Nail: FAQ

Birthday Nail FAQsBirthday Nail FAQs

1. What Are Birthday Nails?

Birthday nails can be anything and everything that you want them to be. If you ’ rhenium interested in some gorgeous ideas and you ’ re a fan of party-perfect nails, you can customize them however you like. There are no stern rules about the semblance either, stick to anything that is within your party spirit or chosen outfit.

2. How To Do Birthday Nails On Your Own?

You can do these nails on your own. You don ’ t have to have a fortune of tools, cognition, or time to achieve this type of manicure. here is how to do your birthday nails in the quickest way possible :
tone 1 : start out with a clear base. Make sure that you buff out the open angstrom well .
step 2 : Prep your nails with a fuse .
step 3 : use your darling complete polish on lead. You can besides use gelatin polish, deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as if you have a UV-led lamp to cure the manicure .
tone 4 : make certain that you dry your polish for 2-5 minutes .
footfall 5 : set it in place with your favorite flat or glazed greatcoat .

3. What Is The Price For This Manicure?

The prices will vary depending on your chosen design or coloring material. normally, shorter polish nails go for $ 30. Longer acrylics will go for $ 50- $ 80. The price will vary on your pinpoint artist and his or her expertness floor .

15 Long Birthday Nail Design Ideas

1. Birthday Nail Ideas Long Design

Birthday Nail Ideas Long DesignBirthday Nail Ideas Long Design
If you plan on wearing purple for your big day, you ’ re going to like this concept. This gorgeous purple or lilac manicure will look the best on circus tent of your retentive acrylic fiber nails. Finish off the look with some elegant floral vibes, particularly if your birthday is during the give season .

Fun fact: 9% of all birthdays in the world are in August.

2. Hot Pink Birthday Nails

Hot Pink Birthday NailsHot Pink Birthday Nails
Hot tap is a coarse nail color for true party women. If you plan on being extra for your birthday party, show it off and go all out with this manicure ! Hot pink with gemstones will look the best once matched along with a party dress and that cocktail flirty feel .

3. Birthday Nails Coffin White Manicure

Birthday Nails Coffin White ManicureBirthday Nails Coffin White Manicure
Women who like the white color jazz band will enjoy this nail down design. It will besides look amazing with some golden details. If you plan on wearing a distribute of amber jewelry you ’ re going to like this manicure. Match it all once and for all and rock this vibration since it is then formal and elegant .

4. Party Birthday Nails

Party Birthday NailsParty Birthday Nails
If you plan on club or going somewhere fancy that requires class and elegance, consider this manicure. Add tons of glitter to make your nails tied more flirty and elegant. Acrylics and this style will suit teens or women who are in their twenties the best .

Did you know that historians believe that the first people to celebrate birthdays were the Romans?

5. Birthday Nails With Glitter

Birthday Nails With GlitterBirthday Nails With Glitter
Combine white and pink if you ’ re a feminine female child who likes light pastel colors. This design will look so cunning with some aureate symbols and aureate stars. If you plan on wearing some gold jewelry you can make this design even more appropriate and attention-seeking. Square or coffin supreme headquarters allied powers europe will look the best with this concept .

6. Glitter Birthday Nails

Glitter Birthday NailsGlitter Birthday Nails
If you want you can go for this glitter manicure. Women who plan on wearing an all-black, white, or grey outfit – this manicure is for all of you ! Glitter glowy nails with a lot of glow will look great on anyone who ’ second into party nails and elegance .

7. Hot Blue Coffin Birthday Nails

Hot Blue Coffin Birthday NailsHot Blue Coffin Birthday Nails
Is blue your front-runner discolor ? If so, give it a fail with this acrylic fiber manicure. Anyone who likes brassy and bold looks will naturally gravitate toward this purpose. Stick to this semblance jazz band if you are into obtrusive designs and party-inspired manicures .

8. Birthday Nails Ideas Oval Pink Manicure

Birthday Nails Ideas Oval Pink ManicureBirthday Nails Ideas Oval Pink Manicure
If your smash artist is skilled and they know how to do detail artwork, test them with this design ! Let them draw on circus tent of your manicure and you will end up with this feminine whiten nail manicure and a pink base. It can look full on clear of your natural nails arsenic well .

Fun fact: the most common nail color for your birthday is usually nude.

9. Hot Pink Birthday Nails With Gemstones

Hot Pink Birthday Nails With GemstonesHot Pink Birthday Nails With Gemstones
Women who enjoy long pinpoint and acrylic manicures are going to like this herculean design. If you like square or coffin smash designs, consider this option. Add some playfulness glitter or gemstones on top to make these nails even more elegant and flirty. The end result is chic and powerful, ideal for classy women who like that bold drama spirit !

10. Birthday Nails Acrylic Manicure Black Design

Birthday Nails Acrylic Manicure Black DesignBirthday Nails Acrylic Manicure Black Design
For those who want a manicure that is easy to wear on a daily, but that will besides come in handy for your birthday, this is it ! Add a fortune of glitter and gemstones to make it more elegant. If you plan on wearing an all-black equip with tons of silver, you ’ re going to like this bluff acrylic design .

11. Long Acrylic Nails With Red & Black Color

Long Acrylic Nails With Red & Black ColorLong Acrylic Nails With Red & Black Color
Are you person who enjoys unique and unlike kinds of nails ? If you ’ re person who likes retro and potent manicures, you ’ re going to like this design. It is in truth knock-down and driven by fire that is within you ! Ask your breeze through artist for this pop of red to make your nails more aphrodisiac and divine .

12. Birthday Nails Gel Red Design

Birthday Nails Gel Red DesignBirthday Nails Gel Red Design
blistering fiery red is a common tinge option for those who need something elegant. You can constantly go for a red base, particularly if you wish to look like a true prima donna ! Add some fun glitter to make your nails more gay. If you enjoy wearing a red kit or if you plan on wearing red lipstick, this concept will suit you the most .
Did you know that in China, a newborn is considered age 1?

13. Birthday Nail Ideas Long Glitter

Birthday Nail Ideas Long GlitterBirthday Nail Ideas Long Glitter
Do you enjoy glitter, gemstones, adenine well as a batch of fun and bright colors ? If that is the case, you ’ re going to like these acrylic nails. These are perfect for your night out with the girls ! This manicure is the ultimate design for your party nights and your club moments. Show that you ’ re a fun person, a well as that your style is bold .

14. Long Acrylic French Manicure

Long Acrylic French ManicureLong Acrylic French Manicure
How about a french manicure, but with a device ? ! These nails are so elegant and long, ideal for those who don ’ thyroxine mind their maintenance or regular upkeeps. Add a bright greatcoat, equally well as tons of glitter or gemstones to make these coffin nails perfect for your birthday !

15. Nude Birthday Nails With Diamonds

Nude Birthday Nails With DiamondsNude Birthday Nails With Diamonds
Hot long acrylics and this bare base will look feminine. Add some gemstones on top of your acrylics to make them more elegant. This design is perfective for your birthday, just make sure that you have around 2-3 hours to spend at a nail salon to end up with such a flawless idea .
Fun fact: 2 billion Birthday Cards are sent each year in the U.S. alone.

15 Short Birthday Nail Design Ideas

1. Short Natural French Nails

Short Natural French NailsShort Natural French Nails
Some women prefer shorter nails and low-key looks. If you ’ re a fan of cute nails and you want something that is besides office-friendly, consider this square manicure. It will look the best once done on top of your natural nails .

2. Square Birthday Manicure

Square Birthday ManicureSquare Birthday Manicure
Do you plan on wearing a bright orange outfit ? possibly a ardent red or orange lipstick ? If that is the case, you can round up the look with this concept. These orange nails with black elements or glitter will take you around 1-2 hours to achieve. They will besides look good on clear of your natural nails .
Did you know that one study suggests that more people are born on October 5 in the United States than on any other day?

3. Birthday Nails Short Nude

Birthday Nails Short NudeBirthday Nails Short Nude
Are you into pinpoint artwork or complete stickers ? If then, you ’ re going to like this square-shaped concept. These elegant nails will look the best on women who have naturally healthy nails. Set them with your darling top coating to rock their true beauty .

4. Birthday Nail Design Grey Manicure

Birthday Nail Design Grey ManicureBirthday Nail Design Grey Manicure
If your birthday is sometimes in the fall, you ’ re going to enjoy this design. It is the ultimate fall manicure while silent having some party elements and birthday elements to it. If you ’ re person who enjoys cool-tone looks, this is going to suit you .

Fun fact: the most famous “Happy Birthday” song was remembered as when Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to President John F. Kennedy.

5. Brown Nails Birthday Design

Brown Nails Birthday DesignBrown Nails Birthday Design
Chocolate nails are for women who enjoy classy looks. If you ’ re into elegance and you need a manicure that is gentle and pretty without being besides flashy, this is ideal ! Make certain that you invest 1 hour to achieve such a purpose .

6. Grey Short Coffin Birthday Nails

Grey Short Coffin Birthday NailsGrey Short Coffin Birthday Nails
This gray nail design is besides perfective for the fall temper. If you enjoy elegance and you want a flatness manicure, consider this consequence. It will look the best on your natural nails + you can well achieve it and on your own .

7. Short Light Pink Nails With Glitter

Short Light Pink Nails With GlitterShort Light Pink Nails With Glitter
Hot tap nails with a lot of glitter will look flirty ! If you ’ re a sports fan of shorter nails you ’ re going to enjoy this design. Ask your nail artist for this accurate square design to show off this beauty .

8. Oval Nude Glitter Nails

Oval Nude Glitter NailsOval Nude Glitter Nails
Are you into nude nails ? possibly you prefer simple everyday looks that you can besides rock for your birthday party ? If you ’ re into a draw of glitter and you besides enjoy elegance, this egg-shaped manicure will suit you. Set it with your favorite top coat and show its full beauty for any consequence, particularly your birthday !

Did you know that when your age and date of birth are the same, the day is special and is known as the Golden Birthday?

9. Short Feminine French Manicure Birthday Look

Short Feminine French Manicure Birthday LookShort Feminine French Manicure Birthday Look
Classy French nails will never go out of fashion ! If you ’ re person who likes shorter nails and you ’ ra always searching for something low-key and minimalistic, give it a go with this classy approach ! The end result is slick without being besides flashy, ideal for any senesce group .

10. Burgundy Glitter Nails

Burgundy Glitter NailsBurgundy Glitter Nails
Do you plan on wearing a burgundy or crimson snip ? possibly you want to wear loss lipstick ? If that is the font, you ’ re going to enjoy these brassy aglitter nails. Show them off with your favorite glitter design and flashy constitution to round up the concept .

11. Short Square Orange Birthday Nails

Short Square Orange Birthday NailsShort Square Orange Birthday Nails
Short square nails and this purpose with pop of orange will look playful and chic. If your natural nails are quite healthy you can consider this invention. lone color the top helping to achieve this gorgeous orange design and this french concept .

12. Oval Nude Simple Birthday Nails

Oval Nude Simple Birthday NailsOval Nude Simple Birthday Nails
Your ellipse collar manicure will look so cunning. If you prefer glistening designs and you enjoy elegance, this design will suit you. Set them with your favorite top coat. besides, know that this design will take you less than 30 minutes to achieve all on your own !
Fun fact: the least common birth date in the U.S. is May 22.

13. Birthday Nail Manicure With Glitter

Birthday Nail Manicure With GlitterBirthday Nail Manicure With Glitter
This coffin manicure with tons of glitter will look elegant and feminine. If you plan on wearing a batch of jewelry you ’ re going to like this concept. Show the world how fabulous and extra you can be for your birthday, everyone ’ randomness going to love it !

14. Birthday Nails With White Nail Art

Birthday Nails With White Nail ArtBirthday Nails With White Nail Art
If you know how to draw and you ’ re a fan of elegance, consider this design. You will enjoy these insidious lines across your nude base. The end result is arrant for anyone who needs a party manicure and a nail design that is birthday-inspired.

15. Short Lilac Birthday Nails

Short Lilac Birthday NailsShort Lilac Birthday Nails
last, consider these light empurpled or lilac nails. If you ’ re person who likes elegance and a bite of glitter on top, consider this short manicure. spice it up with some glitter to make it more elegant and party-perfect .
Did you know that if there are 23 people in a room there is a 50-50 chance that two of them will share a birthday?

Birthday Nail Time Starts Now

Let us know which purpose you fancy the most ? Are you into longer or shorter birthday manicures ? fortunately, we have covered all the options in this article that will pastime you !

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