Filing your nails at home is no different than filing them at a nail salon. You use the same tools and the same work. If you are going to file your acrylic nails, you should ideally use an e-file to do so. The e-file is an electronic file that is stronger and faster than using a regular nail file. however, if you are at home and don ’ t have an e-file, you can surely use a even collar file to get the job done, and that ’ s what you should recommend to your clients .
Let ’ s discus why acrylic nails are different than other types of polish and complete types. We will besides give you a bit-by-bit lead on how to file your acrylics with both an e-file and a regular file. We ’ ve got all the information you need to make certain your nails have the perfect human body and look amaze !

How Are Acrylic Nails Different Than Gel Nails or Regular Polish?

We are going to talk about filing acrylic nails specifically because they are not the same thing as mousse or unconstipated polish. Acrylics are basically extensions for your nails. You wouldn ’ triiodothyronine apply acrylic powderize to a natural complete, whereas with gel and regular polish, you can apply them straight to the natural nail. You can besides apply mousse and regular polish to clear acrylic fiber nails if you prefer that method acting. typically, though, people will use acrylic powder that has a discolor to create the artificial nail .
Acrylics are made by using a mix of powder and liquid monomer. This concoction becomes a dough-like consistency, which is then applied to the natural pinpoint and shaped according to the person ’ second preference. You can make acrylics as long or a shortstop as you ’ d like, but most people opt for a medium to a farseeing duration that is attention-getting and noticeable. Another difference is that acrylics simply need to air dry in regulate to set. Gel needs a lamp to harden and dry the polish, and regular polish air dries as well.

As you can see, acrylics are much different than gelatin or regular polish. not entirely is the application serve different, but it is besides made of different materials and needs to dry differently. As a leave, the file procedure is slenderly different american samoa well. Most people use an electric file to file acrylic nails, while a regular collar file is most normally used on natural nails .

Step By Step Guide for Filing Acrylic Nails

The beginning thing you need to do is get your e-file ready and make sure it ’ s working properly. then, you need to decide what tip/bit you want to use on the e-file. There are tons of different ones to choose from, and it all depends on the thickness of the acrylic fiber and how much you are trying to file. For example, if you want to remove the acrylics, you can use a larger and tougher bit ( like a carbide bite ) to plainly cut through the acrylic until you get the smash down to a short duration that will then be easier to soak off. Since you aren ’ triiodothyronine trying to shape the nail down, you can use about any bit to merely cut the smash down .
now, if you are trying to file and shape the nail down absolutely, the bite you use will matter. There are different bits that have different angles, sizes, and shapes. You can try something like a diamond tapered bite for shaping the nails with astute preciseness. Once you determine the shape of the nail you want and the type of bit you will need, you are cook to start filing. The significant thing to remember is that there are different techniques that need to be used for different complete shapes, so you will have to watch a tutorial to see precisely how to file for each shape .
overall, though, there is a basic direction to file nails for any form. You start by filing down any excess acrylic you don ’ t need for the shape and design on the complete. then, you want to start to actually shape the nail with the e-file. This is where it will differ depending on the shape you are going for. You will want to use immediate and accurate movements to work on the angles on the complete. File the acrylic down until you have the desired shape .
then, you need to go over the tops and sides of the nail down in ordain to complete the shape and make certain the breeze through is polish. You might besides consider changing bits for this footprint. Start on one side of the nail and smooth it down, following the natural bend of the nail down. Do the other slope, and then go to the middle and use the charge on the crown of the complete. You can finish by using a regular file to do any touchups .

Can I Use a Regular Nail File?

Yes, you can absolutely use a regular smash charge on acrylic nails. In fact, most people like to do a combination of both an e-file and a regular file for the best results.

however, if you are at home plate or don ’ triiodothyronine own an e-file, a regular smash file will get the job done. The reason people prefer an e-file is that acrylic is identical bully, and it can be boring and time-consuming to just use a regular file. It will decidedly take you a longer time ( and a bunch more attempt ) to file your acrylic nails the way you want them to look with a regular nail charge .
If you do decide to use a regular pinpoint file for the whole filing process, you ’ re going to want to use a coarse or medium grit file in order to by rights file the nails. It needs to be tough enough to break down the acrylic, specially if you are trying to shorten the nail. The action for filing the nail is the same as using an e-file, so it isn ’ thymine more complicate. It will be more difficult, but it ’ s not impossible, and you should be able to do it with comfort once you ’ ve practiced a few times. A regular collar file is besides big for doing touch-ups to acrylic nails after they ’ ve been filed with an e-file .

Where Can I Find the Best Acrylics and Filing Tools?

The adept news program is, you ’ re already in the right home. Valentino Beauty Pure has the best tools for filing and doing nails. Plus, we have an amaze and extensive collection of acrylic powder colors. We ’ ve got everything from nudes and neutrals to bright neons and sparkles. Whatever purpose or color schema you or your clients are looking for, we ’ ve got you covered. Our products are the best in the business, and we use the highest quality materials .
If you are looking for an e-file for your acrylic fiber nails, try our VUnit-E-File. This hand-held device is super-portable, so you can bounce from customer to customer with still. Plus, it ’ s whippersnapper, so far very durable, so you won ’ t have to worry about it breaking or being besides heavy to carry round. This can be used not only for filing acrylics, but besides to complete about any complete service. You can use it for gel polish manicures to perfect the lifelike nail down or use it to create 3D art on acrylic nails .
You get more knock for your sawhorse with this multi-purpose tool. And did we mention it comes in a beautiful rose gold tinge with crystals on the handpiece ? It ’ mho chic and gorgeous, but looks extremely master at the same time. The filing process doesn ’ thyroxine have to be boring when you have such a high-quality and beautiful hand-held device to make it better ( not to mention easier ).


Whether or not you want to use an e-file to file your acrylic fiber nails is up to you. Most, if not all, collar technicians will use an e-file to at least start the file summons. It is faster, easier, and can give you accurate angles, which is crucial when trying to shape the nail down .
A regular file can be great for touch-ups or going back over the nail to make certain it ’ s arrant. If you don ’ t have an e-file or if you are filing your nails at home, then you can decidedly use a regular smash file, but just be aware that it will take more feat and time to achieve the lapp results as an e-file .
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