Acrylic Nails Guide “ Pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, cunning, lovely and wow ”, these are some of the compliments one gets used to hear after she gets herself the acrylic nails. Did you constantly wonder how that girl following to your door got such amazing nails ?
This is the right station which will help you get the stun and perfect pretty nails to make your friend necessitate you the lapp question you wanted to. We have covered every aspect you need to know to build these kissable nails on your own .

What are Acrylic Nails ?

  • These are often called artificial or fake nails which are applied on your natural nails as enhancement. They do not replace your natural nail in any manner which is a common myth.
  • These are usually made using plastic and acrylic is used to give it a good design and shape.
  • Mainly 2 types of acrylic nails exist in the market these days  –
    • TIPS (Overlay Technique)
    • FORMS (Extension Technique)

Which type of Acrylic Nails are better ?

That depends upon personal taste and preferences but following are major pros and cons for tips vanadium sculptured nails .
Tips vs Sculptured Acrylic Nails

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These are the artificial plastic tips available in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs which can be attached to your natural nail using glue. Thus you get long and custom-made shaped nails on which acrylic fiber or gel or your favored product of choice can be applied and you get beautiful nails .

  • Easily available in countless colors and shapes.
  • Provide strength to your natural nail while it grows.
  • Use tips in different colors and create stunning art effects.
  • Use your creativity to give your nails complete distinct look.
  • Easily Removable.
  • Different shapes & Curves = More opportunities to display your skills.
  • Hurts less if tip gets peeled off as nail remains safe.
  • Different C curves of your natural nail and tip may hurt your nail.
  • Improper shape match pinches you and may uproot the tip off your nail.
  • Vibration on natural nail if tip wasn’t glued perfectly
  • Less stronger than sculpted ones.
  • More complex to do it yourself.
  • May look bad if your nails turn yellow as the color on tip and your natural nail will differ if you used clear acrylics.

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A impermanent structure called shape is used and is placed under the natural complete in this technique. then gel or acrylic is applied over it and is cut to the desired shape and plan as needed. Thereafter the kind is removed. result : You get identical refined and natural looking pretty nails .

  • Takes lesser time and easier to do.
  • Really helpful for those with abnormal nail patterns or flat types.
  • Less harmful for nail biters.
  • Provides better consistency and uniform look.
  • Better durability than tips.
  • Considered cost effective and time efficient.
  • More natural looking (no plastic material feel)
  • Traditional technique so preferred by salon experts.
  • Lesser scope to show your design skills.
  • Fewer options for shapes and colors.
  • Very painful if you damage the extension (for example, getting your nail trapped in a car door) as it will cause whole of the nail plate to get peeled (not just the tip).
  • Difficult to do it yourself especially if there isn’t free edge to place the form.
  • Built from scratch so you will need an expert guidance.

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Still confused, whether Tips or Sculptured ?

hera ’ s the light lead to decide .

You want to have different designs and keep changing your acrylic fiber nails look every few weeks. Go For TIPS.

You want durable, more natural and healthy but fancy acrylic nails. Go for SCULPTURED .

end nibble of advice :
Always consult once with a smash salon technical before going with any long terminus choice .
For inadequate term, Tips are always handy and identical beautiful .

Acrylic Nail Designs 2016

Great, I want them but wait any health issues ?

indeed when you have decided to go for these reasonably acrylic fiber nails, another thing haunting you is the possible side effects on your fingers or natural nails .
As expected, yes and no ( I wish biography was so simple not to have any cons ) .
The acrylic or artificial nails do more benefit than any harm to your health actually. How? 

  • Really a great option to get rid of nail biting habit.
  • Very helpful to hide your yellow nails and visible breakages.
  • You nails don’t grow naturally or too slow? Artificial nails are your savior.
  • Avoid splitting of your nails.
  • Protective cover to your precious natural nail bed.

Yes i hate to write but there are some adverse effects too: 

  • The fixing job wasn’t done properly and as a result it will damage your nail bed.
  • May restrict the natural nail growth if wasn’t done properly.
  • Poor maintenance and cleaning may cause infection as harmful bacteria and fungus will grow between the artificial nail and the natural bed.
  • VERY painful (mainly in sculptured nails technique) if your nail gets peeled off accidentally.  You will see your natural nail too coming off your skin. Yes that hurts a lot!

Does it hurt to get Acrylic Nails done?

You can expect very minor pain when you do it. few normal pinches and little pain is constantly there in both techniques. But there international relations and security network ’ t going to be any amount of pain that you regret why you had the acrylics done at all .
It may happen that your nails start hurting badly that you are not even able to write after you get the acrylic nails. That happens because the job wasn ’ thymine done correctly. The tips or sculpturing process was not done precisely that is why it is hurting. In this event you would want to consult with your nails salon technical to look at the default option she made .
Conclusion : Its absolutely painless and there is nothing to worry about only if the routine was applied correctly. Do not rush through please .

Where do I buy Acrylic Nail supplies?

You can buy from the local stores, Walmart, eBay or early on-line sites. But from my experience, the best site for getting all your nail arts, polish, tips, kits and everything at the best prices, there is only one best site and that ’ s amazon. You can find the best genuine nail supplies on amazon.

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