Blue Acrylic Nails
Blue acrylic nails are very democratic because they can be worn all class round. It ’ s a dateless shade that will make you placid look chic and fashionable either you wear it in give or summer or even in winter .
From short acrylic fiber nails, light aristocratic acrylic nails to dark aristocratic acrylic fiber nails, there are lots of inspirations that will suit everyone ’ s climate. If blue is your favorite color, then you need to put that pretty color on your nails .

38 Beautiful Blue Acrylic Nails

1. Bluesy Floral

Bluesy Floral Acrylic Nails

These nails are therefore cute ! Based on glitter nail polish, the blue color gradient of the flowers makes these nails look more adorable. ( Via @ bahnannanails )

2. Blue Acrylic Nails with Butterflies

Blue Acrylic Nails with Butterflies
This combination of little gloomy butterflies with light blue marble nails is a must-try if you ’ re bored with equitable marble nails or chat up nails. ( Via @ _nailedbyjayy )

3. Checkboard Nails

Blue Checkboard Short Acrylic Nails
Can you see how aplomb these nails are ? The different checkboard patterns on each nail are the inspiration that you need if you want to match your nails with your Vans blue checkboard. ( Via @ julyninetysix )

4. Blue Marble Nails

Blue Marble Acrylic Nails
Miss the amobarbital sodium ocean water and their beautiful waves ? Don ’ triiodothyronine worry, you can paint that beautiful ocean scene on your nails like these stunning nail ideas. ( Via @ bymia.nailartist )

5. Abstract Face Line Acrylic Nails

Blue Abstract Face Line Acrylic Nails
These blue coffin acrylic nails are perfect if you ’ re looking to placing some of Picasso ’ s art onto your nails. The matte-based style nails make this design trendy ! ( Via @ nailssbymc_ )

6. Blue Gradient Wiggles

Blue Gradient Wiggles Acrylic Nails
Gradient wiggles on a negative background with little white rings elevate the expectation of gradient complete design. And do you agree with me that this design looks like a shark ? indeed impressive ! ( Via @ nailsbydannimoore )

7. Yin Yang Chrome Nails

Yin Yang Chrome Acrylic Nails
Short, round nails painted with blue sky chrome and yin yang nails create a singular looking manicure. All of the nails were finished with a bright clear coating. A fun smash design for shorter nails. ( Via @ brightnailscyd )

8. Blue Gold Flakes

Blue Gold Flakes Acrylic Nails
Dark blue and imperial blue nails separated by gold flakes. The combination is stunning with marbley design as a setting. This complete invention is perfective if you want your nails to all-out blue. ( Via @ nailssbymc_ )

9. Modern Abstract Blue Acrylic Nails

Modern Abstract Blue Acrylic Nails
Nail art that ’ randomness arrant for those who love the neon color. You are surely will stand out with these sparkle blue neon color. The best feature of speech is the stunning half-circle lines with an amazing color jazz band that create an overwhelmingly edgy design. ( Via @ joelyoceannails )

10. Dark Blue Acrylic Nails

Dark Blue Acrylic Nails
These deep blue nails with an extremist glossy finish are sure will snatch the care right off. Incorporated with nude and blue color water with silver placed before the tips create a spectacular combination. ( Via @ nailsbyraniak )

11. Short Blue Almond Acrylic Nails

Short Blue Almond Acrylic Nails
This is a stunning nail purpose for short nails ! Dark bluing has been democratic for a while now. Paired with a marble invention, these nails create an irresistible cool design. The gold line that separates the marble and the amobarbital sodium matte truly complement the nails ( Via @ brightnailscyd )

12. White and Blue Acrylic Nails

White and Blue Acrylic Nails
Blue flip and white are arrant if you want to have a elementary design that still shows off the aesthetic. The best feature of speech is the white and blue color separated by gold flakes with a glossy finish. ( Via @ _nailsbynix )

13. Matte and Glossy Nails

Blue Matte and Glossy Acrylic Nails
Don ’ t know what to choose between marble nails, felt nails or glitter nails ? Well, why you need to choose one when you actually can put them all beautifully on your nails ? The contrast between matte and glossy is visually amazing. ( Via @ bbtipology )

14. Blue Flame Nails

Blue Flames Acrylic Nails
Painted from the tips to a little foster gloomy over the epidermis, these blasphemous flame nails are sure an attention grabber. The fun feature is the dead smiley expression on a blasphemous setting that makes this design looks thoroughly. ( Via @ dba_tn )

15. Light Pink and Blue Nails

Blue and Light Pink Acrylic Nails
Under a semblance glitter, this smash invention is actually pleasing to the eye. The combination of blue, light pink and white in this nail art create a super gorgeous stress on each nail. ( Via @ nailssbymc_ )

16. Blue Gradient Spring Florals

Blue Gradient Spring Floral Acrylic Nails
If you ’ rhenium looking for natural blue nails, then search no farther. These nude base nails with spring florals painted on blue gradient discolor are certain to garner enough of compliments. ( Via @ nailsbydannimoore )

17. Dark Blue with Neon Strips

Dark Blue with Neon Strips Acrylic Nails
The stress nails feature neon green line art on two abstruse blue nails that make them look more matter to. All of the blue nails are amplified by the glossy polish. ( Via @ brightnailscyd )

18. Fendi Blue Nails

Blue Fendi Acrylic Nails
Who is here is a fan of Fendi ? Or like their alone logo ? These inspiring nails with neon blue sky color and Fendi logo made in whirl effect is a must-try smash design. You can paint the Fendi all over your nails or good do as it done here. ( Via @ joelyoceannails )

19. Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Acrylic Nails
If body care is your thing then you know this iconic wallpaper logo from Bath & Body Works ? Why not paint your nails with their wallpaper like this cool design while you wait for their annual sale ? It would be cute to have your nails matched with their paper bag. ( Via @ bahnannanails )

20. Royal Blue Set

Royal Blue Acrylic Nails

Royal blue based is accented with the separate design of gold flakes and stones. Combined with marble nails and gold flakes on them make this nail down art attention-getting. ( Via @ _dulce.nails )

21. Simple Blue Nails

Simple Blue Acrylic Nails
This blue hue is wholly perfective if you ’ re into a subtle nail design. The lash eyes were fun to look at, making this chip manicured appearance has a subtle pop of artwork. ( Via @ nailsofgoddess )

22. Butterfly Daydreams

Butterfly Daydreams Acrylic Nails
Love anything butterflies ? You can copy this cute nail art for your next spring. The butterflies very complement the gloomy background well that they about look very. ( Via @ pampernailgallery )

23. Black and Blue with Gold Flexi Tape

Black and Blue with Gold Flexi Tape Acrylic Nails
sour that classical nude french manner to these mod look aristocratic tips with deep arch gold flexi tape. The leopard design with blue and black semblance makes these nails not just look classy but besides chic. ( Via @ thenailroomskegness )

24. Glitter Blue Nails

Glitter Blue Acrylic Nails
ready to have your day excess shine and spark ? This looks only requires two colors : Alice blue and Chesire fuchsia and looking glass. tied this mani can work with shorter nails. ( Via @ pampernailgallery )

25. Pastel Blue Acrylic Nails

Pastel Blue Acrylic Nails
simpleton and edgy are the definitions of these nails. The white horizontal line combined with the pastel blue makes these nails look indulgent and dessert. You can switch the lines on a different feel or add them all to your nails ! ( Via @ nailsbyhenid )

26. Cute Blue Acrylic Nails

Cute Blue Acrylic Nails
Love a beautiful night position when the lunar month on its high flower ? Well, immediately you can copy that view onto your nail down like these white moon and cloud on a glitter background. ( Via @ julyninetysix )

27. Cherry Nails

Blue Cherries Acrylic Nails
nothing says jump like pastel floral nails. The spark crimson beady cherries paired with gentle pastel amobarbital sodium find elegant and yet still look playfulness and fall. ( Via @ pampernailgallery )

28. Matte Blue Gradient

Matte Blue Gradient Acrylic Nails
You can never go wrong with gradient nails but if you ’ re a bit blase of its looks, you can jazz up your manicure by painting blue glitter on your thumb for a little boost. The combination of the flat aristocratic gradient with the glitter gives an interest appearance with a insidious pop of glitter. ( Via @ polishedbylearnahstarbuck )

29. Royal Blue Cow Print Nails

Royal Blue Cow Print Acrylic Nails
french tips with pearls, animal print nails, blue nails, slanted french tips nails with animal print are all combined into one amazing nail design. You can go with a few or fair one of their nail theme if you don ’ metric ton want to paint them all on your nails. ( Via @ filedbykayy )

30. Christmas Nails

Blue Christmas Acrylic Nails
possibly Christmas is not hera even, but that doesn ’ t bastardly you can paint your nails with this arresting nail set, right ? elegant and glam in so many different ways. ( Via @ nailsbyshannon.xo )

31. Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes Acrylic Nails
Looking for a way to brighten up your nails ? Try painting on these blasphemous stripes to add a fun wrench to your manicure. The contrasting color of dark blue, blue and light blue truly create a perfective design. ( Via @ bymia.nailartist )

32. Mix n Match

Mix n Match Acrylic Nails
Don ’ thyroxine know what to choose between the cool flames design or the balanced yin & yang ? The hearts or the cunning smiley face ? Why don ’ t equitable paint them all on your nails ? This gorgeous breeze through design gives you the inspiration to recreate. The combination is so impressive ! ( Via @ denasnails )

33. Blue Halloween Nails

Blue Halloween Acrylic Nails
If you ’ re the type of person that like to match your nails with the season and celebration day, then you need to try these design for your future Halloween .
Using united states navy blue with cunning black and white pumpkins on the middle feel and gang fingernails make this combination pleasing to the eye. ( Via @ aleashas_nails_xx )

34. Ombre Nails

Blue Ombre Acrylic Nails
Bored with the same ombre look that you always had ? This inspo will change your ombre game. alternatively of key it horizontally, you can paint it vertically like what was done here. The flexi record makes this design looks more glam. ( Via @ eckyb )

35. Lace

Blue Lace Acrylic Nails
look at how gorgeous are these nails. The cute lace in truth complements the flip blasphemous nails and is sure will make you obsessed. Beautiful and simpleton are the definitions of these nails. ( Via @ bahnannanails )

36. Nude and Blue Swirl Matte Nails

Nude and Blue Swirl Matte Acrylic Nails
You can never go improper with the classical shade of nude combined with aristocratic on your nails. And it ’ second more fun when you paired them in a twirl direction. The flat finish up makes these nails look soft. ( Via @ joelyoceannails )

37. Tartan Blue

Tartan Blue Acrylic Nails
Show off your nails with these stunning tartan blue that ’ s sol aesthetic and will leave the onlookers in awe. The best feature is that this plan is handpainted. Super gorgeous ! ( Via @ polishedbylearnahstarbuck )

38. Chanel

Chanel Blue Acrylic Nails
One of the celebrated Coco Chanel quotes is ‘ A female child should be two things : classy and fabulous. ’ And these nails in truth express that quote. The shades of blue around the out nails and the Chanel with light pink basis produce bare, dreamy arrant looks. ( Via @ bymia.nailartist )

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