I have recently been getting many younger girls coming and booking appointments on-line for acrylic fiber or mousse nails. Getting nails is a big footprint for young ladies and sociable media makes it seem so normal that tweens think : ‘ No big deal ”. But they are .

I will do gel or acrylic nails for tweens/teens 14+ with parental accept, normally starting for a particular

occasion such as class 8 grad or a birthday. I first need to do a reference with them first gear. I need to make indisputable their nails are grown up adequate to even handle tips and gelatin. I use gelatin more than acrylic as its more forgive on their natural nails. I offer shellac manicures first which you can however get fun colours, art, it will last and be dry when you leave and can handle the burden of gems .

Shellac manicure I will go for 13+, because any younger and I can bet 99.9 % of the time the child will pick it off and ruin their still growing pinpoint plate. My even polish is vegan and child dependable, still in playfulness colours and stickers and artwork can however be applied. If you aren ’ metric ton comfortable with your child having shellac you can buy pinpoint decal stickers or use one of the many different brands of heat activated jellify nail sheets .

If they still actually privation longer nails : I recommend getting press-ons and bringing them in for a mini manicure to be applied properly so they last a long time but ultimately can be take off with hot saponaceous water or bathtub oils .
All clients get a package with their nail down file explaining how to take care of having gel or acrylic nails : but I make certain the parents get a copy besides so everyone understands the care and how to properly take them off .

Why do You try to Talk Them Out of It?

Kids nails are inactive growing and not read to hold that slant of the complete extension on them. Most young nails are identical shortstop, eggshell ( thin and peely ) or fan based..or both ! If they do get nails, the chances of cutting the clamber are higher trying to correct the winnow base into a more pleasing straightaway breeze through .

Kids are active and if they break a nail down : it bright tear their solid pinpoint off for how thin their natural plate is. not to mention being able to handle to pain. A smash sprain can hurt for days for an adult : kids might want to fair rip all of their nails off if this happens .
Nails stopping point a long time : I know my 10 year old step daughter gets pale of her polish after a week. Gel and acrylics concluding 2-3 weeks ! The patience of liking something for that retentive of a time, along with not picking at lifting or growing out nails is not something younger tweens and kids can handle .
Nails are expensive. A start natural determine for me is 65 $ : any length but no art, no color, precisely either clear, lifelike white/nude or lifelike pinko. Add more things and the price goes up. then your fixes and fills each calendar month can cost up to a extra 45 $ ( fixes are 5 $, polish changes are 10 $ and a fill is 35 $ ) so depending on how hard your life style can be on your nails, or how much you want to change them it can get costly. I find as a parent that this is a un-necessary expense for kids, there ’ s other playfulness things you can do that doesn ’ t come with a giant star list of doctor of osteopathy ’ mho and don ’ metric ton for newfangled complete wearers : like having a fun hair cut or hair color !

It ’ mho not fair me either. Please read this post from Nails on the consensus of other professionals on how they approach kids and nails .

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