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Love it

not surely why reviews are so regretful I put it over my brush on gel nail down kit for extra shine and so they would n’t bit while on vacation and it dried in 10 minute and was smooth no crack

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Made polish chip more!

in truth happy when I put it on, went on smoothly and not excessively blockheaded, besides dried promptly. however, my polish chipped the future day. I took off my polish and tested again, and again they chipped, this time on the lapp day. I thought possibly it was the polish ( I was using a metallic polish ), so I switched to a normal creme polish, and I did n’t even go a day without a chip. I might equally well no have put circus tent coat on. picture is after 1 week.

Reviewed by 265 customers

Chips instantly and cracks

1 Sadcrackedpolish from undisclosed I was excited to try this but was so disappoint to find it literally chipped subsequently the same day. I redid my pedicure thinking possibly it was my application and the lapp thing happened. It besides caused my polish to look alligatored which looks even worse than the chip. I ‘ve never had a top coat do such a thing. Such a barren of money .

I love all Sally

5 melissaj163 from undisclosed I love all Sally Hansen products. I use this over my pinpoint wraps to make them end long. Never disappoints. Dries agile. Worth the price .

Not impressed

2 Moonstar from Dallas, TX lone about 24 hours after painting my nails and using the no chip clear coat polish, it has chipped in several spots. Did n’t do anything that should have campaign this. besides had dine my nails a few days ago and after doing a few dishes about every finger had half the polish miss, had only been a match days since putting it on .

Chipped Immediately

1 grey from SC two hours after applying this top coat one noticed chips in my breeze through polish

TERRIBLE does not prevent chipping

1 77996 from California I merely applied this on my nails and it looked good at first but now its a day later and my nails are cracked all over and starting to chip dispatch waste of money and now one have to redo my nails

Made polish chip more!

1 Saby from undisclosed in truth felicitous when I put it on, went on smoothly and not besides thick, besides dried cursorily. however, my polish chipped the future day. I took off my polish and tested again, and again they chipped, this time on the lapp day. I thought possibly it was the polish ( I was using a metallic polish ), therefore I switched to a normal creme polish, and I did n’t even go a day without a chip. I might equally well no have put top coat on. photograph is after 1 workweek .

This top coat cracks

1 liza3000 from South Africa not at all happy with how this top coat performed, it ‘s been less than a day and my complete color has cracked and chippped off .

Terrible. Chips and peeled

1 surface-to-air missile from Louisiana This intersection chipped majorly the identical future day. I applied one generous coating over a high end polish and my nails chipped the next day when I can normally get at least a few days with no circus tent coat at all. Such a waste .

Love it

5 Blackashley from South bend Indiana not sure why reviews are so bad I put it over my brush on gel pinpoint kit for extra radiance and so they would n’t chip while on vacation and it dried in 10 min and was smooth no snap

Do not buy!!!

1 adrianaa164 from undisclosed I painted my nails yesterday night and applied this top coat on and it started chipping this morning. Would not recommend anybody to buy this. It says it ‘ll keep the complete polish from chipping for days, but that is not the case .

You’ll regret this one!

1 DanishP from Fort Lauderdale, FL I purchased this top coat two days ago. normally I like SallyHansen polish, however, this one failed to deliver. My nail polish cracked and chipped two hours after applying this top coating. I thought I ! did something wrong thus nowadays I removed the polish and reapplied everything again. Same resultant role, however, the polish bubbled up and chipped evening faster this rung. decidedly NOT a good buy as you ‘re spending excessively much for such an ineffective product .


1 Ezzy from undisclosed Every fourth dimension I use this, with or without polish underneath, most of my nail polish has chipped off the adjacent day. You ‘re better off using no top coat than this one.

It’s clearly not a no chip topcoat

1 Lhdzz from Houston texas I bought this yesterday to try out and see if it worked since one have yet to find a good price and fantastic product. Of run one was highly defeated again .

Chips and Flakes

1 LionHeart from Rochester NY disappointed. this actually made my nail polish chip off in sheets the adjacent day and cause a crowd of cracks. very strange, decidedly do n’t buy it ‘s a pine away of money and you ‘re better off just using nail polish this made it a lot worse .

Horrible top coat

1 Yas7 from Winnipeg I bought this merchandise hoping it would allow my smash polish to stopping point long. I wish I had read the reviews before buy. It makes chipping worse, causes cracks in the polish ( which i have never experienced before ) and causes bubbles. Do n’t waste your money … ..would be better away to go without a top coat then to use this .


1 KLKL from New york Cracks, chips and makes bubbles every time I use it .

Terrible top coat chips immediately

1 RGH1 from undisclosed This is a awful intersection that chips immediately after putting it on. I think it ‘s worse than if I had n’t even put a top coat on at all, it cracks soon after it dries and chips off entire sections of police at once .

Doesn’t work

1 Sav5 from undisclosed I ‘ve used this top coat numerous times with many different brands of nail polish and I can say with no doubt that it ‘s frightful. A day after I paint my nails, I immediately get a crevice in the nail polish and it chips. I ‘ll never buy it again

No worth the money

1 Kwis from South Africa I ‘m from South Africa and Sally Hansen products are identical expensive here. I was hoping the big price came with timbre. It cracks before the crown coat is even dry and the polish underneath bleeds. I ‘m never going to waste my money on your products again .

Would not recommend

1 GJay from Buffalo, any I thought possibly a basal coat would help keep it in tact but no. once you apply it and it in full dries, this “ no chip ” top causes visible cracks in the polish .

Nail review

5 arielb41 from undisclosed It rightfully does work when uranium put it on ur polish stays on and it does n’t crack neodymium check and normally polish will get all spotty on ur nails but with this it did n’t do any of that and is truly impressive to me. And if uracil live polish like I do then I decidedly recommend this if uranium want ur nails to stay looking fresh

Good product for the…

2 ebosso0817 from undisclosed good intersection for the price. I prefer OPI. This does n’t have a strong smack like some others I have tried. I feel like my nails distillery chip quickly with this .

Save your money!!!

1 never from undisclosed Less than 24 hours and my nails chipped. Washed a few dishes ! !

I like. It does the…

4 ashleynichole-980758be from undisclosed I like. It does the job decidedly. It ‘s reasonable prices a well. good stuff for sure !

I was excited to try…

2 almaalma from undisclosed I was excited to try this merchandise because I wanted to keep my collar polish from chipping. I did n’t like it adenine much as I expected though because it caused my nails to nick faster than usual .

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