If you ’ ve ever heard the condition “ polymer powder, ” you might be super confused. The term sounds like something fancy used in a scientist ’ randomness lab ( and in some cases, it is ), but what the heck does it have to do with nails ?
No worries ! Keep understand to learn more about polymer powder and what precisely it is .

What is a Polymer?

We ’ rhenium going to get a little piece science-y here. A monomer is any celluloid or natural kernel with larger than common molecules ( besides known as macromolecules ) that bond together to create a unmarried polymer chain, which is normally identical strong. everyday examples of polymers are silk, nylon, and epoxy resin ; there ’ s quite a snatch of variety show in polymers, and no two are the same.

Because this is such a broad class, there are many things that are considered polymers that you wouldn ’ thyroxine have even thought of, like rubber ducks !

How Do Polymers Bond Together?

Monomers, the build blocks of polymers, are stuck together with a special kind of shackle, called a covalent bond. This basically just means that the atoms of the monomers contribution elections amongst themselves, which keeps them interlocked. many times, there is a liquid that helps polymerize ( bond ) the macromolecules together .
Using silk as an exercise, the silk-making caterpillars form the silk base ( monomers ) and then polymerize the fibers to a liquid with their spit, which allows the silk to be spun. Bet you didn ’ t know that about your front-runner silk pajama !

What do Polymers Have to do With Nails?

Fairy Glamor Dip Nails Polymers are a massive conduct in the nail down universe. You ’ ve probably hear of acrylic nails, but what do you think that acrylic gunpowder is made of ? Polymers ! The gunpowder ’ south al-qaeda is an acrylic polymer that bonds to form the ill-famed rock-hard acrylic nails we all know and love .
Dip powder is besides acrylic fiber polymer-based, which is why dip powderize lasts weeks longer than traditional breeze through polish. Because polymers are larger molecules, acrylic and dim nails are thicker than the standard smash polish ; gel pinpoint polish contains polymers, besides !

So What is Nail Polymer Powder?

Nail polymer powderize is a rare term, but it ’ s the lapp thing as acrylic or dip pinpoint powder. Be certain to click if you would like to learn more about the difference between acrylic and dip powder !

What Activates Polymer Powder?

In order to polymerize, there needs to be a particular activator ; this is where monomer liquid comes in. The monomer solution contains acrylic monomers that bind together to the monomers in the acrylic gunpowder, creating a cement-like liquid that promptly dries down. An acrylic fiber brush is dipped into the monomer fluent, then into the acrylic to form a “ bead, ” and is ultimately patted down onto the nail/nail form/nail tiptoe.

In dip nails, the process is the same, fair with dip powder activator, another kind of monomer fluent, except it is painted on top of the powder that is bonded to the nails. In this shell, the activator acts as a curing mechanism rather than a liquid-forming mechanism as with acrylic fiber powderize .
alternatively of worrying about separate acrylic and dip powders, why not combine the two ? Be sure to view our Fairy Glamor 2-in-1 dip and acrylic powder collection. We ’ ve got over 150 colors to pick from, so you ’ ll be certain to find “ the one. ” We besides barely launched our subscription service, so order now !
Fun fact : polymers undergo a process called “ dehydration synthesis ” while bonding together. This means that water is released from the chemical reaction, which is why acrylic bead dry down then promptly ; it ’ south because all the water is evaporating .

Need More Nail Help?

here at Fairy Glamor, we take care of our customers and readers, which is why we have an entire library of avail guides on our blog. Be certain to check them out if you have any questions about nails !
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