Healthcare brands are ultimately hitting their stride with digital video .
Organizations of all sizes are now systematically producing high-quality, compelling pieces across the full spectrum of formats, from flying clips to long-form features. furthermore, healthcare marketers are starting to utilize issue tools and technologies, including live-streaming and immersive storytelling, in all sorts of creative ways .
If your brand is looking to create more video—and better video—we suggest taking a look at the pieces from the healthcare organizations below. This tilt is by no means a ranking, but rather a cross-section of some of the great things that are happening in the outer space right immediately .
Without foster bustle, then, hera are ten great examples of video we believe every healthcare seller can draw inhalation from :

1. Mayo Clinic: Minute Series
The Mayo Clinic has figured out something on digital that television advertisers have long known : you can do a lot with 60 seconds or less .
The arrangement ’ s Minute series is precisely what it sounds like. In a short video recording, normally right around a moment in length, the creators tackle a health-related return. The pieces span a wide-range of subject areas—from understanding the benefits of petroleum gelatin to learning how to prevent peanut allergies—and are flying, simple, and instructive .

2. Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper): YouTube Channel
Healthcare video don ’ t have to be drilling .
many of the topics in the space are of deep interest to consumers, and they can be highly compelling if tackled in a creative way .
A great exercise of this in carry through is the Dr. Pimple Popper YouTube impart, which features Dr. Sandra Lee, a board-certified dermatologist, explaining and showcasing hide issues .
What makes the television great is that Dr. Lee doesn ’ metric ton shy off from being fun and a little crying. preferably, she embraces it in everything, from her titles ( “ Don ’ thymine Be such a CYSTIE ! ! ” ) to the pimple-popping content itself ( “ My First INFLAMED Pilar Cyst ! A Popaholic Squeeze ! ” ) .

3. Mount Sinai: Facebook Live Concert
live message can be difficult for healthcare brands. Between privacy concerns, interfering schedules, and other issues, it frequently can be hard to find commodity opportunities to stream .
What organizations sometimes forget is that there ’ s a wholly world of other things to cover besides just services and products .
A perfect case in point is Mount Sinai ’ s late livestream of four of its doctors playing a free baroque chamber music concerts for staff, patients, and visitors. The consequence wasn ’ t inevitably related immediately to what the organization does, but it was deeply engaging. furthermore, it helped the hospital ’ sulfur brand by showcasing that its physicians are interest, accomplished, and feel for .

10 Great Examples of Healthcare Video Marketing
4. Medical Realities: 360-Degree Surgery
The world of digital television is evolving quickly, and these new technologies are set to have a frightful shock on both healthcare offerings and healthcare commercialize .
While many of the tools and approaches, such as virtual and augmented reality, are even in the early stages, some of the potential is already becoming apparent .
For exercise, Medical Realities, a firm specializing new virtual surgical train techniques, created the 360-degree process simulation television below with the Royal London Hospital. The experience allows the viewer to scan around the engage room, and flush switch perspectives from the doctors to the patient .

5. Miami Children’s Hospital: What to Expect When Your Child Undergoes Heart Surgery
Often what people want most from healthcare organizations is clear, easy-to-understand information .
With its “ What to Expect When Your Child Undergoes Heart Surgery ” video, the Miami Children ’ s Hospital serves this need beautifully. The slice walks viewers through the stallion action, from pre-op to post-op .
What makes the offering rightfully exceeding is that it ’ randomness beautifully produced, and that the arrangement prioritized including the actual staff members in the video—from the head of the department to the nanny practitioners .

6. Aetna: Mindfulness Video Series
Want your videos to connect with their intended audiences ? then make the capacity relatable .
Aetna shows how to do this good with its Mindfulness television serial. The pieces cover a range of formats, from direct explanations on how to perform calming exercises to promos for the caller ’ mho health offerings .
The most engage elements may be the Mommy Shorts video, which showcase how a busy parent strives to find ways to connect with herself and her kids throughout the day. It ’ s a relatable message that is certain to resonate with many watchers .

7. Omada: The Omada Experience
Whether it ’ south for products, services, or procedures, consumers want to understand how things work. That ’ mho why explainer videos are critical to businesses of all sorts, including healthcare brands .
Omada, a digital therapeutics firm, is a newly caller in a new completely raw field. Given that, it needs to be able to clearly convey what it does, and how, in a relatively light amount of time with its presentation video .
The Omada Experience piece tackles this unmanageable task highly well. With a combination of animations, actors, and demonstration, the company is able to explain its mission and product in a compelling way .

8. St. Elizabeth Healthcare: Healthy Recipes
Healthcare covers a enormously broad roll of topics. While this breadth of options can make video recording creation feel daunting, it ’ south besides a huge opportunity for brands in the space .
Because consumers view so many things as relate to health and health, healthcare organizations have license to develop all sorts of content .
For case, St. Elizabeth Healthcare has found success by creating its own goodly recipe videos. Each dish—ranging from zucchini salad to frozen yogurt cupcakes—is short, simple, and promotes healthy eat .

9. Bupa UK: Tooth Fairy Film
The foundation garment of great content is the like across all formats : great storytelling. This holds true for healthcare video ampere much as for anything else .
The video recording below from Bupa UK ’ s alveolar consonant offices shows precisely how brawny good storytelling can be. By creatively telling the fib of what happens when the tooth fagot comes to visit, the brand is able to capture the imaginations of adults and children alike .
That substantive quality—that the man is able to spark emotion and curiosity—is why it has amassed more than 1 million views on YouTube alone .

10. Walgreens: Social Shorts
finally, a reminder that videos don ’ metric ton have to be massive undertakings .
Given that attention spans are shortening, and that social networks are evolving toward in-platform video experiences, ultra-short pieces are becoming more important than ever .
One healthcare arrangement that ’ randomness understand this tendency for a while, and is now doubling-down on it, is Walgreens. The sword does an excellent job of regularly posting little videos/animated GIFs to social media. These pieces range in purpose—from promoting influenza shots to celebrating holidays—but they are systematically fun and visually compel .
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