Gel Nail Polish Aqua Green 104 10 ML
Gel Soak Off Color – Coloured Gel Nail Polish with desegregate Brush : New nuances of Gel Nail Polishes characterised by a low thickness, with integrated brush, ideal for colouring the natural or false breeze through with the Gel Nail Polish procedures. This special Nail Polish has a low viscosity ( moderately melted ), is self-leveling ( it coats uniformly indipendently on the complete ) and it is easy to apply, about like a normal Nail Polish, but, unlike the latter, ensures an extreme point, glistening, bright and perfective seal for 15 days and more, waiting for only few seconds of drying in lamp ! For this reason it is besides called Gel Nail Polish ! In this way the desire of having nails characterised by a alone semblance or with the french White, that remain intact for days, is no longer a dream …. Thanks to the Gel Nail Polish flush the nails of all those who do not want to resort to the Gel Nails Extension will ultimately have a singular, polish, immune and durable color, with an application of about 20 minutes. Unlike the Gel Nails Extension, where you need filings and mill, this product can be removed by soaking the fingers for a few minutes in the Gel Nail Polish Remover, after which the product will be undermined by the side of the nail and eliminated as if it was a thwart. deduction of application : Apply a light up but uniform coat of the merchandise over a layer of clear Gel Nail Polish, or above the Gel Base Coat, previously fixed in lamp, and make it catalyse in a lamp of 36 watts for 2 minutes. In order to save time in the application it is suggested to coat the colored product on a couple of nails at a time then as to avoid unpleasant castings on the cuticles and then terminate the exposure to UV lights of the lamp for 2 minutes with the whole bridge player. then after proceed to the Gel Nail Polish coat or to a second coat of the Clear Gel Nail Polish and the relative vulnerability in the lamp for 2 minutes in order to complete the oeuvre on all the nails and to make the occupation impervious, durable and glazed. Since the product produces a layer of dispersion ( awkward patina ), after the coat of the final Top ( clear Gel Nail Polish or Gel Top Coat ), proceed with the degrease of the airfoil with a square of the cotton diggings which has to be soaked in Nail Cleaner Pics Nails. Product package : 10 milliliter Black Bottle with Integrated Brush

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