The Sweet, Personal and Creative Way One Woman Is Using Nail Art to Honor the Baby She Lost A modern swerve has emerged that has moms-to-be cluster to nail salons with their ultrasound photos in hand, requesting a manicure crafted to look barely like their fiddling ones ’ first snapshots. Most of the impressive photograph floating around social media seem to be of women who had their nails decorated for gender-reveal parties, pamper showers and similar events. One swedish Instagram drug user ( who happens to be a hairdresser and nail artist herself ) with twins on the way even shared a snapshot of a nail set that showed two sonogram images to represent both of her babies.

Get crusade notifications with news program, features and more. But others are using the tendency as an opportunity to honor babies they have lost, like a exploiter named Sara who suffered a spontaneous abortion in 2017 and did her own nails with an early ultrasound photograph painted onto one. “ This manicure has been a long meter coming, ” she began the post ’ s heartbreaking subtitle. “ After three years and numerous birthrate treatments, my husband and I finally conceived in April. On May 30, my heart was broken when I found out my baby was no longer living and growing, and he was taken from me the next day. ” “ I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life sentence and move forward with renewed hope, ” Sara added. “ I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile ❤️ ” Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity ma blogs ? Click hera to get those and more in the PEOPLE Parents newsletter.

RELATED: The First Photo of Kylie Jenner ’ s Daughter Stormi Inspired a manicure — and It ’ s a Must-See PEOPLE spoke with Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of Tenoverten non-toxic salons ( based in New York City, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas ) about her thoughts on the new tendency — namely, whether spend time in a smash salon is okay for meaning women. “ It ’ s wholly dependable to do it american samoa long as you ’ re in the right environment, ” says Abramcyk, who is presently pregnant with her one-third child. “ It matters less what products you ’ re using and more about the base hit of the environment at the salon that you ’ rhenium choose. ” She encourages meaning women to “ be your best own recommend ” when going to get a manicure : determine for effective ventilation ( using the common sense of olfactory property is a great direction to do this ) and that your nail technical school are using clean tools — and don ’ t spend a long ton of time there, as slack as it may be ! “ It ’ s decidedly a better option to find a nail salon that is free of a batch of chemicals that they ’ ra using in services, so that these chemicals are not airborne and you ’ re not breathing them in, ” Abramcyk advises, noting that Tenoverten is a “ wholly formaldehyde-free ” salon. RELATED VIDEO: How to Remove a Gel Manicure Without Destroying Your Nails

While it ’ s not something she ’ d likely get done for herself, Abramcyk thinks the ultrasound pinpoint art is quite impressive due to it being difficult to get so detailed on such a “ smaller canvas. ” “ I would credibly not be the greatest campaigner for it — I like very fairly, bare nails, ” she tells PEOPLE. “ But I think it ’ second fun and think it ’ s a cool mind. … [ Personally ] I ’ d rather write ‘ It ’ s a Girl ’ on my nails or something like that ! ”

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