If you always want to feel good about your own manicure skills, equitable expression at these .Finger, Red, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Manicure, Style, Aluminum can, Tin can, Beverage can,



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THE GOAL : Candy Cane Claws

Okay, we ‘re wholly loving this fun, gay nail art, but those lines are so perfectly straight, it ‘s hard to believe a non-pro could accomplish this. See the master tutorial at Nail Polish Wars »
Finger, Skin, Red, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Style, Organ, Manicure, Carmine,



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THE FAIL : Candy Cane Claws

Yes, there ‘s loss and white polish here, but those unusually directly lines ? Ehhh, this sugarcoat cane design merely is n’t quite the same when you try to freehand them. See the position at Pinterest Fail »
Finger, Skin, Nail care, Nail, Nail polish, Purple, Magenta, Manicure, Pink, Violet,

YouTube/Cute Polish


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THE GOAL : cartoon Lines

What a fun way to show off your love of pop art. Of naturally, much like pop artwork makeup, this might be baffling to actually accomplish. See the original tutorial at Cute Polish »
Blue, Finger, Skin, Red, Nail, Magenta, Nail care, Nail polish, Pink, Purple,



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THE FAIL : cartoon Lines

The elements are all there : the pinko polish, white dots, and black sketch. unfortunately, the preciseness was not. See the station on Alyce Paris »Blue, Finger, Skin, Nail polish, Purple, Nail, Nail care, Pink, Lavender, Magenta,



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THE GOAL : Marbling Madness

Swirly and funky, these marble nails are amazingly easy to accomplish. See the original tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts »Finger, Skin, Nail, Nail care, Toe, Nail polish, Beige, Close-up, Foot, Silver,


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THE FAIL : Marbling Madness

Of course, not all breeze through artwork can turn out how you planned — on the bright english, these are at least within the general perimeters of the collar bed, unlike the next nail fail. See more at Pinterest Fail »Liquid, Finger, Skin, Fluid, Purple, Nail, Magenta, Nail care, Pink, Violet,



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THE GOAL : gradient Mani

Elegant, childlike, and elusive, gradient nails are a crimson rug manicure fave for a argue. See the tutorial at The Nailasaurus »
Blue, Finger, Nail, Colorfulness, Nail polish, Nail care, Lavender, Electric blue, Teal, Majorelle blue,



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THE FAIL : gradient Mani

As you can see, gradient nails are precisely a tad less subtle and stunning when they become gradient fingertips. But, hey, that ‘s what complete polish remover and a Q-tip is for : clean-up ! See the post at Epic Pinterest Fail »
Finger, Skin, Nail, Style, Nail care, Pattern, Nail polish, Manicure, Black, Thumb,

YouTube/Cute Polish


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THE GOAL : Mini Mustaches

How adorable are these oh-so-tiny ( yet defined ) mustaches ? See the original tutorial on Cute Polish »
Finger, Brown, Skin, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Liquid, Orange, Tan, Peach,



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THE FAIL : Mini Mustaches

Alas, these turned out looking a small piece like Sharpie marker over Wite-Out. How very ’90s ! See more on Craft Fail »Blue, Finger, Red, Nail care, Nail, Nail polish, Pink, Style, Carmine, Close-up,


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THE GOAL : patriotic Pride

A cunning Fourth of July manicure ( and one of our most favorite manis of all fourth dimension ) can be a playfulness way to celebrate America ‘s birthday. See the original count on Pinterest »
Finger, Skin, Nail, Red, Nail care, Nail polish, Manicure, Carmine, Close-up, Artificial nails,

Amanda Thiessen/Pinterest Fail


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THE FAIL : patriotic Pride

Yikes, this poor patriotic heart seems to have suffered a few besides many smudges. See more on Pinterest Fail »Finger, Skin, Text, Nail care, Nail, Manicure, Nail polish, Cosmetics, Beige, Teal,


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THE GOAL : Plaid Nails

Everyone loves a well tartan shirt in the fall or bounce, therefore why not carry over this beloved convention to your nails ? See the original count on The Beauty Department »
Finger, Skin, Joint, Orange, Nail, Amber, Organ, Nail care, Close-up, Nail polish,



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THE FAIL : Plaid Nails

Uh oh ! possibly a unmarried, elementary color is the way to go alternatively. See more on Cuz I Use Pinterest »
Blue, Finger, Brown, Liquid, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Manicure, Style, Teal,



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THE GOAL : Milky Marble

Cool tones and metallics swirl together to make up another beautiful marble mani. See the original attend on Hey Nice Nails »
Finger, Skin, Nail, Toe, Nail care, Nail polish, Red, Fashion, Orange, Foot,



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THE FAIL : Milky Marble

rather of looking like a marble dream, this turned into a murky, messy nightmare. See more on Epic Pinterest Fail »
Blue, Finger, Green, Brown, Liquid, Nail, Nail care, Style, Pink, Nail polish,



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THE FAIL # 2 : Milky Marble

That ‘s properly : there ‘s another aspiring nail artist who could n’t get the hang of this apparently bad tutorial. A for attempt, though ! See more on Epic Pinterest Fail »
Finger, Skin, Thumb, Nail, Close-up, Reptile,



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THE FAIL # 3 : Milky Marble

Yup, one more. We saved the worst for last, because this marble mani is about adenine regretful as it gets.
See more on Pinterest Fail »
Blue, Finger, Skin, Green, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Pattern, Red, Majorelle blue,


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THE GOAL : patriotic Polka Dots

Navy and white polka dots plus a crimson star topology on the dialect nail down make up another playfulness July 4th mani. See the original post on Pinterest »
Blue, Finger, Skin, Green, Pattern, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Photograph, Red,



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THE FAIL : patriotic Polka Dots

sadly, this nail art turned out a little excessively blobby. See more on Craft Fail »
Blue, Finger, Skin, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Style, Manicure, Thumb, Tints and shades,



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THE GOAL : Dreamy Chevron

gentle and elusive, this sweet pink and gray manicure is perfective for a spring day. See the original post on polish Art Addict »Finger, Brown, Skin, Red, Text, Photograph, Nail, Magenta, Pink, Nail care,



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THE FAIL : Dreamy Chevron

Despite taking her divine guidance to an actual collar salon, this Pinterest fail-er found her manicure goals were crushed when even the pro could n’t quite get it right. In fact, these zig-zags expression like a monochromatic adaptation of Charlie Brown ‘s shirt. See more on Craft Fail »Product, Text, Font, Liquid, Peach, Chemical compound, Cylinder, Cosmetics, Plastic bottle, Perfume,



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THE GOAL : DIY Gel Manicure

Gel manicures end for ages, but they can be excessively expensive to justify more than once in a while. so, how does this DIY recipe hold up ? See the original post on How She Sparkles »
Finger, Skin, Nail, Magenta, Pink, Nail care, Nail polish, Toe, Manicure, Foot,



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THE FAIL : DIY Gel Manicure

The answer : obviously, not very well. See more on Pin Or Pass »
Nail, Pattern, Nail care, Nail polish, Collection, Design, Cosmetics, Manicure, Artificial nails,



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THE GOAL : Puzzle Pieces

These interlocking pieces look fabulously cool – but are they excessively unmanageable for the average polish lover ? See the original mail on Polishpedia »
Blue, Finger, Skin, Purple, Nail, Nail care, Magenta, Nail polish, Pink, Violet,



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THE FAIL : Puzzle Pieces

sadly, this undertake did n’t go indeed well. In fact, the manque collar artist said the little puzzle piece “ dots ” felt like “ braille ” — not the best palpate you want on your fingertips. See more on Suzy ‘s Sitcom »
Blue, Finger, Nail, Colorfulness, Pink, Nail care, Purple, Magenta, Nail polish, Violet,



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THE GOAL : Neon Marble

That ‘s correct : another beautiful marble nail tutorial ! I think you can guess where this one is going. See the original mail on Manicure Addict »
Finger, Skin, Nail, Pink, Nail care, Manicure, Nail polish, Liquid, Magenta, Tints and shades,



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THE FAIL : Neon Marble

well, it ‘s the campaign that counts. And the nail polish remover you use after something like this happens — that counts, besides. See more on Pinterest Fail »
Finger, Pattern, Nail, Tan, Ingredient, Recipe, Design, Fawn, Finger food, Thumb,



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THE GOAL : Matzoh Mania

These matzoh nails are a wholly alone Pinterest Passover winner — they ‘re decidedly fun to look at, but besides not easy to execute, we predict. See the original post on 10 blank Canvases »Finger, Brown, Skin, Nail, Nail care, Nail polish, Organ, Manicure, Photography, Close-up,


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THE FAIL : Matzoh Mania

Alas, this try had all the mighty colors, but none of the right technique. See more on Craft Fail »

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