How To Fix A Bad Manicure

How To Fix A Bad Manicure
imagine this, you have spent your leisure time in pampering yourself and painting your nails with your favorite collar polish color, but the repugnance strikes.. You end up chipping or smudging your impertinently painted nails even before you could take that Instagram-worthy tear of them..

Sounds like a situation that no womanhood would ever want to face, right ? But it happens to the best of us and such mess-ups can spoil our whole climate !
well, after facing this, you would surely not be in the temper to spend another 10 minutes of your leisure time in fixing your nails by redoing all of them, is n’t it ? Do n’t worry, here is your little chess sheet on how to fix a bad manicure easily.. Without having to redo your nails !

How To Fix A Bad Manicure

Repaint The Smudged Area Carefully
How To Fix A Bad Manicure, Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Fix Chipped Nail Paint
Smooth down the smear area of your manicure using your fingertip and cautiously add another level of the breeze through polish shade that you used earlier. It may however look a little botch, but the smudge would not be that obtrusive.

Cover It Up With Some Leopard Print Nail Art Or Dotticure
How To Fix A Bad Manicure, Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Fix Chipped Nail Paint How about some promptly nail art to conceal the areas where your manicure has been ruined ? Use nail polishes of 2-3 different shades and a Bobby pin or toothpick to create leopard print nail art. Or, you may evening try floral patterns with dotticure. This is how you turn the flaws into beauty !
If the chip or the smear is on the nail tips, you can turn it into a french manicure with a complete polish of contrasting color .
Apply A Layer Or Two Of Glittery Holo Top Coat
How To Fix A Bad Manicure, Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Fix Chipped Nail Paint
A aglitter pinpoint polish top coat glams up your nails in equitable 1 2 3 ! And when it is a holo circus tent coating, it is like icing on the cake ! Or possibly, a colorful icing on your nails ! It is the best clean for those women who are not a big winnow of DIY pinpoint arts that are very time consume and require besides much feat. Just apply one or two layers of a holo top coat over your bungled manicure to revive it in a blink of an eye while adding an extra sex appeal to them !
You can use a top coat even when your manicure has started to look a small dull after 3-4 days and make it look fresh again !
Check out our newest launch – DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Shimmer Top Coat, a diaphanous breeze through lacquer with bantam holographic glitters which beautifully shift colours when light hits them ! It is one of its kind in India and you can grab it properly now at an stimulate discounted price of Rs.260.

Use Nail Art Stickers
How To Fix A Bad Manicure, Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Fix Chipped Nail Paint

There are tons of adhesive breeze through art stickers available in the market in fun 3D, lace, metallic, etc, designs. And if you happen to have some of them in your hoard, you can put them to use and save your bad manicure job with ease ! adhesive material nail art stickers are very easy to use and flaunt .
Water pinpoint art decals are another big alternative and they are reasonably long lasting besides .
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Switch To Fast Drying Nail Polishes So That You Never Have To Face This Situation Again
How To Fix A Bad Manicure, Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Fix Chipped Nail Paint
Nail polishes that take everlastingly to dry are fair obviously annoying, are n’t they ?
There are many nail hacks around the internet that tell you about the different ways to dry pinpoint polish faster.. Like, by dipping your nails in arctic cold water or by spritzing cooking spray on them .
But none of them actually knead because it all depends on the formula of the pinpoint polishes.

Our seaweed enriched DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers have a fast dry formula that give your nails immaculate gel-like finish. The major fringe benefit of these lacquers is that they are gel based nail lacquers and yet, they do not require a UV breeze through lamp !
Do n’t fret the next time you ruin your manicure because these agile hacks are going to be there to save your time and your bad manicure !
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