Between lockdowns and quarantines, I ’ ve missed my bi-weekly salon visits. I ’ ve been relying on my inexperienced hands to keep up my nails since the pandemic started. They might not be professionally done, but I ’ ve had a bang experimenting with unlike techniques and polishes. One thing about doing your own nails is that you can change the color as many times as you want without taking out your wallet. Though, constantly soaking in acetone has turned my cuticles to dust. sol, my solution was to try color-changing collar polish ! Two or more colors with one application means that I can go weeks before redoing my nails without getting bored of them .
color-changing nail polish
A great room to get salon-quality nails at home is to invest in a UV LED breeze through lamp. Like at the salon, these bring with gel polishes and cure the product onto your nails under the light. Gel polishes are high shine, last retentive, and can help keep your nails firm and goodly. Amazon has many high-rated UV LED nail lamps, but their best-seller from JEWHITENY is a substantial dicker !
How does color-changing nail down polish even work ? These polishes are affected by our forcible temperature, our environment, and flush the sun ! tan with your friends, or take a dunk in the pool, they ’ ll all surely be surprised when your manicure looks a short different by the goal of the day. here are some of our front-runner Amazon finds for color-changing breeze through polishes .

1. AIMEILI Temperature Color Changing Gel Polish

This is where that UV LED collar lamp comes in handy ! This temperature-changing polish is Gel, meaning it has to be cured under a dry lamp. It ’ south mean to last 21 days and deliver a gamey glow stopping point. The color changes depending on the temperature of your hands. This polish would be hot pink when cold, and bubbling white when hot. Transitioning from a day to night expression has never been easier.

For Gel polishes, it ’ randomness best to soak it off with lukewarm acetone. Using a breeze through file to gently remove the polish throughout acetone soak will help ensure you don ’ t damage your nails as Gel can be durable and bully to remove .

2. Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish

This quick-drying lacquer is “ 5-free ” meaning the formula does not contain a set of park harmful toxins found in other polishes. It works with the sun ’ randomness UV rays, even on cloudy days !

Spectrachrome Crystals make this smash polish singular as it reveals concealed colors when it ’ s exposed to ultraviolet waves. Your nails will shift semblance back and forth within seconds when the sunlight causes an department of energy lurch in the crystals. Del Sol makes a short ton of color options in their quick-drying formula, including glitters !

3. Cirque Colors Thermal Color Changing Mood Nail Polish

Cirque Colors Thermal nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. It comes in six unique and vibrant semblance swatches that are arrant for summer. As the name suggests, this polish changes color based on temperature. Made in the US, Cirque Colors prides themselves on their durable and opaque rule. For the best results, this polish should be used with a base coat a well as a top coating finish .

Base coats are helpful because they prevent the polish on top from peeling or sticking to your nails. By creating a sticky base, it allows anything applied over it to anchor to it and last farseeing. It besides helps to ensure that the vibrant colors of your polish won ’ thymine adhere to your pinpoint and stain them .

4. Kanorine Temperature Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

Kanorine Gel polish needs to cure under a UV LED complete lamp, like the AIMEILI polishes. Kanorine offers a boastfully diverseness of colors including glitters, neutrals, and neons. All of their polishes have a mirror, ultra-shine finish. On Average, Gel manicures can cost up to $ 45. This polish is supposed to final three weeks without touch-ups. On the more low-cost side, this polish is only a few bucks a bottle ! Kanorine besides suggests adding a base coat earlier application arsenic well as a greatcoat at the conclusion to ensure it lasts the full three weeks.

Whether you ’ re getting your nails done at a salon or DIY-ing them from home, the polishes themselves can be damaging to your nails if not applied and removed by rights. One capital way to keep your nails healthy is by taking caution of your cuticles. Hydrating your nail beds will prevent hangnails and atrocious desquamation .
Another point to healthier nails is to apply lotion to the tips of your fingers, massaging it in. The lotion will keep your manicure looking fresh and keep your nails bright and smooth. acetone and polish removers are heavy duty and are most likely the cause of brittle nails. Introducing moisture second into your nails through oils and lotions is the best way to help repair the wrong .

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