If you want to create a stylish ombre effect on your nails without any hassle then using discolor changing gel nail polish would be the best room to do it. Mood changing mousse nail polish is a polish that changes color according to temperature .
today I ’ ll show you the best mood changing gel nail polishes and explain how to use them. I may earn a little commission from links on this page at no extra cost to you, but I merely recommend products I in truth love .
Top 3 mood changing gel nail polishes

Each mood changing nail polish gelatin has a basic “ cool ” color that changes into another “ warm ” color with higher temperatures. So there are two colors per each collar polish bottle .
So it ’ s not very your temper that mood gel polish reacts to but your soundbox temperature .
For case, when you are holding a cup of hot coffee bean in your hands the tips of your nails can change color and you ’ ll get a cute looking ombre effect on your nails .

Best color changing gel nail polish brands

Kiara Sky Ombrebase

Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
Kiara Sky is a trade name from California that manufactures nail down products and manicure tools .
They are celebrated for their high-quality dipping powder kits .
The sword ’ s early best-selling product is its color changing mousse polishes in lots of cute and trendy colors .
Kiara Sky ’ s mood changing mousse pinpoint polish is called Ombrebase because ombre is the effect that it creates on your nails .
The brand calls the basic shade you get out of the bottle the Wicked discolor .
It ’ s a bright, more vibrant shade .
The mood change shade you get when your nail polish comes in contact with hot temperature is called Enchanted .
It ’ s a softer shade .
Kiara Sky Ombrebase color changing gelatin polish besides has a unique 2-step formula .
It means that it contains both the color polish and the base coat in one bottle .
so you don ’ t need to use the basal coat before applying Kiara Sky Ombrebase climate changing gelatin polish .
You can even paint this polish over Kiara Sky dipping powder nails .
however, if you are applying Ombrebase over acrylic nails or just want your manicure to last long and stay better then you can use the basal coat .
The lead coat function is always necessary with Kiara Sky gel polishes .
Kira Sky manufactures a no wipe top coating that doesn ’ metric ton leave a sticky layer after you have done your nails .
so you don ’ t need to wipe the nails at the final phase of your manicure.

Kiara Sky Ombreglow

Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
Kiara Sky besides manufactures an amaze intersection called Ombreglow .
It ’ s a temper changing gel complete polish, just like Ombrebase .
Its semblance changes according to temperature excessively .
however, this polish besides glows in the dark .
so you actually get 3 colors in one bottle .
That way you get two colors with a temper changing ombre effect by day and a radiance color by nox .
Ombrebase is besides a 2-step mousse nail polish. So the use of the base coat is optional with this mousse polish besides .
Kiara Sky ombre polishes are salon-quality products .
They cure well and don ’ thyroxine shrink or bubble up in the lamp .
All Kiara Sky mousse polishes are soak-off ones and you can remove them with an acetone remover for gelatin nail down polishes.

LeChat Perfect Match Mood Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
Le Chat means “ a big cat ” in French .
This mood changing gel polish is another professional-quality salon-grade gel nail polish .
But you can besides use it at home .
LeChat has named its main line of products Perfect Match because for each mousse nail polish shade you can find a absolutely matching shade of nail lacquer or dip powder .
That ’ mho why LeChat offers their gelatin polishes in duet pack bundles together with matching smash lacquer .
You can use the lacquer for quick touch-ups if your nails chip a bit with clock .
Mood changing gel complete polish by LeChat is sold as a standalone product, but every discolor has a matching defy to Wear temper nail lacquer besides !
Like with Kiara Sky ’ s polish, LeChat ’ s color change effect is activated by the temperature of your hands, when your consistency temperature rises, when you hold your hands under warm urine, or when you go outside in hot weather .
This polish is very sensitive to temperature and changes color cursorily .
Some of the colors of LeChat color changing gelatin nail polish even have glitter !
There are besides dim-witted cream colors .
And the pretty ones are “ frosted ” colors, with holographic glitter .
The polish is pretty midst, so it ’ s not besides easy to apply in sparse layers .
however, it cures truly well and provides good coverage and tied glitter distribution in 1 or 2 layers .
LeChat besides promises that their polish can final identical well, for up to 3 weeks .


Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
Cre8tion manufactures gel nail polishes with gorgeous effects .
They make products with mermaid glitter, marble effect, cat ’ eye, incandescence in the blue effect, platinum glitter, flakes, and, of course, temper changing gelatin breeze through polishes .
Cre8tion color changing mousse polish is besides activated by the temperature of your body or by the encompassing temperature .
The climate changing gel polish collection by Cre8tion has lots of shades to choose from .
The manufacturer recommends using a shackle flat coat before you apply the base coat .
This step is optional, the primer good helps the bind of the color polish to your natural nail plate .
indeed this helps your manicure stay on your nails for a longer clock .
The manufacturer even promises it would stay on for up to 3 weeks .
Cre8tion besides makes a no cleanse top coating that you don ’ t need to wipe after finishing your manicure .
Cre8tion gelatin nail polishes are soak-off ones besides .

DND color changing gel nail polish

Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
DND stands for Daisy Nail Designs. The mark was founded by a team of professional nail down technicians and nail artists .
Like LeChat, DND much sells their gelatin collar polishes as duet packs that contain both gel polish and ordinary nail lacquer of the like tad .
So you can do little touch-ups as your nails grow out .
however, unfortunately, DND mood changing mousse nail polish is alone sold as stand-alone bottles .
This is another mousse polish that changes color according to the temperature.

Like all DND gel polishes, color-changing collar polish is easily to apply, not excessively slurred, and stays on very good .
DND products are often used in salons, so professional nail technical school very trust this brand .

Aimeili Winter Collection with color changing gel nail polish

Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
Aimeili is a budget-friendly mark that manufactures gel nail polishes and other collar products in Hong Kong using components from the USA, Germany, and Japan .
Its line of mousse polishes is comfortable to use .
Aimeli mousse breeze through polishes are not salon-grade ones but they are a big option for at-home users and beginners .
Plus these polishes contain absolutely no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals .
Glitter mood changing polish :
The best polish that Aimeili makes is the climate changing gel pinpoint polish, which reacts to temperature .
So it ’ randomness called Aimeili Temperature Color Changing gel nail polish .
This line of polishes has gorgeous undimmed colors and even glitters !
They can last for at least 2 weeks, as Aimeili promises .
however, they are a snatch thick, so hold certain you apply them in slender layers or they would shrink in the lamp .
You can buy these polishes in sets .
And another singular product that Aimeili makes is their lightly changing mousse breeze through polish called Aimeili Sun Play .
This intersection changes its coloring material with UV/sunshine exposure .
The color changes immediately according to the saturation of the UV rays from the sunlight .
The stronger the UV volume the sunlight has the dark the color becomes .
This polish line besides contains glitter .
In summation to that, Aimeili sells a identical decent no wipe top coat .


Color changing gel nail polish, Mood changing gel nail polish
Modelones is another budget-fiendly trade name that manufactures their products in China .
Modelones sells sets of gelatin nail down polishes, dipping powders, and polygels with all kinds of effects .
Including glow in the dark, marble, neon, magnetic, glitter, and temper changing gel nail polishes .
They besides offer a set of discolor changing gelatin nail polishes with glitter and beautiful, trendy colors .
The colors in the set are boldface and fashionable, like black with gold glitter, loss, hot pinko .
They change into lighter, pastel colors with affectionate temperatures .
At the like time, it offers good coverage even with just one semblance coat and doesn ’ thymine rivulet into the cuticles .
Modelones polish is a bit thick then be careful when applying it and try to spread it in thin layers for better cure .

Elite 99

Elite99 Temperature Color Changing Gel Nail Polish...
elite 99 is another nail polish manufacturer from China .
They specialize in creating gel complete polishes with fun effects, including aglitter temper changing gelatin polish .
You can get a set of 8 gel nail polishes .
The battalion contains cover girl bright colors with glitter .
This polish is a sting besides thin so you may need to apply up to 4 coats to get a in full opaque manicure .

How does color changing gel nail polish work?

If you want to get a nice ombre consequence on your nails but don ’ thymine want to use any complicate techniques to create it then the easiest direction to get this effect is to use a mood changing gel complete polish .
Each climate change gelatin polish coloring material is actually formulated to contain two colors alternatively of one .
The second discolor is temperature-activated .
It works precisely like the cute climate rings that you may have had in your childhood .
One of the dyes that the color changing gelatin nail polish has in its formula reacts with a extra solution and becomes transparent in one temperature and opaque in the early .
The other dye is an ordinary one. So you see it when the first dye becomes colorless with a temperature change .

Cool color

The “ cool ” color is the basic color of the climate changing polish that you get right out of the bottle when you are applying your polish to your nails .
It ’ mho besides the color that stays on your nails at cool room temperature, or, for case, when your fingertips are cold .

Warm color

The “ warm ” tinge of the mood changing gel nail polish is the one that your nail polish changes into when your consistency temperature rises or when you are holding a hot object, or when you are staying in a hot room .
For exercise, you may be holding a cup of chocolate or submerging your hands in warm water .
You may even see this effect right away, while you are silent painting your nails with the climate changing gel polish if your hands are ardent when you are doing this .
so your basic color may begin changing into the “ ardent ” color as you go, while you are still distributing the polish over your nail plate .
besides, the entire nail may change coloring material in the lamp after you cure your polish because of the heat coming from the lamp .
Your nails can besides become fully colored with the “ affectionate ” hue when you are in a hot board .
then as your fingers cool down the basic “ cool ” color will come out again and the ombre impression will return .
And if your stallion nail is cold the ombre changes again into one flat “ cool ” color .
That ’ sulfur why the ombre consequence can sometimes be inconsistent .
The gradient effect actually works capital in cold weather when you are trying to keep yourself warm .
so your fingers are ardent and the free edge of your nails is cold and there you get the cool-looking gradient .
You normally don ’ metric ton get any more colors in your color change polish gelatin other than two or three .
Of class, the words “ climate changing ” are not truly accurate to describe this effect, but this sounds dainty .
so with tinge changing gel polish, you get a beautiful ombre breeze through artwork impression with the lapp amount of attempt as when you use an ordinary gel nail polish .

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