A fresh manicure can brighten any mood. There is something indeed revitalizing about getting a new coat of nail polish. How could it get any better ? Imagine you spent hours painting your nails to achieve the arrant manicure, and then you smudged it .
What if there was a way to cut the dry time of nail polish in one-half ? Can you do it without gimmicks ? That ’ s where nail polish dry spray comes into free rein .
There are many DIY hacks to get your nails dry fast, but nothing works like the real bargain .
If you find yourself constantly sitting around at home waiting for your fingernail polish to dry, spray this product on, and your nails will be dry within minutes—no more waste time or ruining your nail polish.

so, what are the best complete polish dry sprays ? The best nail polish drying sprays dry within 5 minutes or less and contain nourishing oils for your cuticles, like jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin C. Be sure to allow the product its full recommended drying time for the best results.
Keep read to find the spray absolutely suited for you and your newly nails .

Why Do You Need Nail Spray?

Let ’ s be honest, gone are the days where we have the fourth dimension and patience to sit around with wet nail polish on our fingers. It ’ s not comfortable to awkwardly pick things up with your hands avoiding smearing your hard work all over the place .
I ’ m not sure what is worse, sitting around doing nothing waiting for pinpoint polish to dry, or straining my hands during activities and stressing about keeping them perfect ?
A spray will change the game for your manicure routine. Say adieu to wet and smudged nails !
Sounds great, right ?

Tips To Choosing The Right Nail Drying Spray 

amazingly adequate, not all nail sprays were created equally. Sure they all have the same goal goal or consequence, but they all have unlike components that can cater to specific concerns .
Some sprays can dry faster than others, and some even tend to the health of your cuticles. The possibilities are dateless. thus, if you are confused about choosing what spray is best for you, follow these tips below for a felicitous shop experience .

Quick Dry Time

Each atomizer can have varying dry times. It will all depend on how patient you are and how much time you allow yourself to do your nails. This can help determine your best results .
however, each spray is fabulously faster than sitting around for meter to pass. Some nail polish dry sprays can be faster than others. Can that affect its efficiency ?
It ’ s highly possible, but in general, almost every nail drying spray will set your nails entirely within five minutes .
so, if you can wait around at least five minutes for your nails to in full dry, then about any collar spray can get the job done. OPI, for case, can set your nails in position within lone one infinitesimal. It ’ sulfur authoritative to keep in mind each pinpoint stigmatize will vary .

Nourishing Oils 

Nail sprays not alone provide to drying down your polish, but they can also tend to your cuticles .
For a sandbag manicure, you will need humidify cuticles. It will make your at-home manicure attend like you just came come out of the closet of a nail salon. Sign me up !
Nails sprays can contain ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, or even Grapeseed Oil. All of these ingredients can make certain your cuticles never have to see a dry and snap day ever again. Who wouldn ’ metric ton want that for their nails ?
The best depart is that these oils or other nourishing components won’t disrupt the dry time for your nail polish. It rightfully is the best of both worlds, then why wouldn ’ thyroxine you opt for a spray that can maintain healthy hide and cuticles ?
It ’ s ultimately a no-brainer .

Best Nail Polish Drying Sprays 

We ’ ve rounded up our favorite sprays that check all the boxes of a salon quality experience. These products will leave your nails and cuticles looking well loved in minutes .

1. OPI RapiDry Nail Polish Dryer Fast Drying Top Coat Spray 

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It doesn ’ thyroxine get more professional than OPI. We all know OPI as the golden standard of doing our nails at home, specially if we want a professional salon vibration .
OPI ’ s complete polishes are rich and pigmented, and you will need help waiting for them to dry .
thankfully, their RapiDry Fast Drying Top Coat Spray does not disappoint. Once you finish with your manicure, lightly mist this product on, and you are on the road to fast-drying nails .
It ’ mho quick to use, and your manicure will be done in seconds .
All you have to do is wait 45 seconds after applying a top coat before you can go in with this nail polish spray .
once you sprayed on the intersection, wait at least a minute then your manicure can set and dry in place properly. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think it can get any easier .
however, the quick-dry sport is not all that this spray from OPI can do. Suppose your manicure is looking a little bite dull. normally, within a workweek or two, you notice how sad the semblance is or loses its dazzle .
That ’ sulfur when you give your nails another spray .
Use this product in between your manicures to prolong its life ; spraying this product once a week will help enhance the shine of your polish as if it was newly applied. It ’ s a capital bracer to have for your nails whenever you need it .
You now have a secret weapon that will make your manicure smudge and budge-proof. even when you need a promote of fall, it takes seconds to apply to get that clean out of the salon eat up .

2. Demert Nail Enamel Dryer Spray 

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This smash spray will not only lock in your nail polish but it will also condition the cuticles and surrounding skin .
If you are looking for a spray that won ’ t make your peel feel rigorous after using it, this one from Demert will answer your prayers .
due to its discipline properties, it will feel more oily than other nail-drying sprays .
You may be worried if that will affect the smoothness of your polish application, but it will seal it in tight to ensure it’s smudge-proof .
You will receive dry and nutrify nails .
This spray contains Organic Protein, Mink Oil, and Panthenol to leave your cuticles and nails nourished and conditioned .
It is fantastic as a eat up atomizer to lock everything in place or even use it in between coats of polish. Either means it ’ randomness great !
A immediate peak, if you do want to spray after each coating of polish is applied, spray the product on the nail, then lightly wipe off the surfeit residue before going in with the future layer of polish. This will ensure that nothing will ruin or disrupt your manicure .
Say adieu to dents, scratches, lint, or anything else that could potentially damage your manicure. This spray will lock everything in, and you will be dry in no prison term, so that you can move on to more critical activities .
mist, wait, and go. It ’ second just that easy !

3. Golden Rose Nail Polish Dryer With Sweet Almond & Grapeseed Oil 

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Get a Nail Polish Drying Spray that tied your cuticles will love. Golden Rose ’ south Nail Polish Dryer Spray is infused with nourishing oils that your cuticles will absorb instantaneously to remain hydrate and healthy .
Who wouldn ’ t want that ?
This spray contains angelic Almond Oil that will nourish the nails and cuticles while keeping your smash color intact .
Almond Oil works to hydrate, soften, and fight against infections that could irritate the nails and cuticles. It ’ s a superhero component.

Another fantastic vegetable oil this spray is formulated with is Grapeseed Oil .
This petroleum, in particular, will besides nourish and hydrate the nails without leaving you feeling greasy or with a big residue. Grapeseed Oil should constantly be diluted or blend with oils .
This combination of Sweet Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil is a match made in eden. It won ’ thyroxine mess up your quick-dry time, and it will leave you moisturized and cook to step out with a fresh manicure. flush your cuticles will be maintained .
We constantly forget the privy to a great manicure ( besides no smear ) are groomed cuticles. It looks ten-spot times better, and this spray will lock in polish while keeping your cuticles extra happy .

4. Onyx Professional Nail Dryer Spray Coconut Scent with Glass Nail File 

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If you want to feel like you are on a tropical vacation every time you give yourself a manicure, this is the collar dry spray for you .
not only will you receive a nail polish spray, but you will besides get a looking glass pinpoint file in this set. It ’ s a decent excess touch .
Onyx ’ s Professional Nail Dry Spray will completely dry and set your manicure within minutes. It will besides leave you with a beautiful Coconut scent, fair like you are on vacation .
Another asset, it won ’ thyroxine neglect your cuticles. They will be excess hydrated .
This spray will keep your cuticles at bay with delectable ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil .
These vitamins and oils will nourish the nails and cuticles without disrupting the quick dry time for your polish .
All you have to do is make sure you spray the product six to eight inches away from the nails for the best results. besides, it ’ south best to spray one breeze through at a time .
You can repeat the march until you are satisfied. It will besides be beneficial to work in small sections .
Onyx ’ s Nail Drying Spray can besides be used day by day or whenever your nails need a pickup. It will restore the fall of your polish and ensure that it will remain durable and durable .
It will besides add extra nutriment to your cuticles .

5. Jessica Speed Dry Nail Polish Dryer 

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The Jessica Speed Dry Nail Spray is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their natural nails intact. It ’ s a whippersnapper spray that will lock in your manicure or pedicure within minutes .
The bottle is even easily to take with you on the function .
This spray will protect you against your worst nightmares, whether it be smudges, lint, scratches, wrinkles, or even dry cuticles .
You can ultimately kiss all your fears adieu because this product will protect your nails, polish, and cuticles raw .
All you have to do to dry your manicure down in minutes is lightly spray the intersection evenly across all your nails after you have applied your greatcoat .
There are no gimmicks, and it ’ s a no-fuss no-budge product that will keep your color intact .
You can expect your nails to be wholly dry within 2 minutes after spraying. There is besides a light and fresh olfactory property that will make you feel clean and ready to take on the day .
It will besides leave the surrounding skin and cuticles soft, hydrated, and healthy .
If you want the best results, pair them with other products in the Jessica Nail Care Line. These superhero products will band together for you to receive the ultimate salon manicure in the comfort of your own dwelling .
It sounds like a pipe dream for your nails .

6. Mavala Mavadry Spray Nail Polish Dryer

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If chipped nail polish is your biggest nightmare, you won ’ triiodothyronine have to remain in fear for a lot longer .
The Mavala quick-dry nail polish spray will lock in your manicure in seconds without leaving an gooey residue on the skin .
It ’ sulfur all we have hoped for !
This merchandise will seal your chosen color to the nails and prevent any chipping from taking station .
There is nothing worse than having a fresh manicure, and then you chip the paint the future day. That feel of being defeated from your polish will be gone .
Mavala ’ s collar dry spray will be slowly to wipe off the clamber while firm adhering to your nails. You can rest assured that there will be no smear, stir, smearing, or chipping of any kind once this spray sticks to the nails. ready for durable semblance ?
You ’ ll be set and fix to go until it ’ mho clock time to switch your polish out for a raw discolor. It will besides add a boost of shine and luster to your manicure, so you will never feel dull or diluted by a exhausted collar polish .
All you need is a few minutes for the spray to dry .

7. OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops 

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now I know, I know, this technically international relations and security network ’ thymine a spray, but the function and consequence are the lapp. In addition, it ’ south another OPI merchandise, so you honestly can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go wrong with this nail drying option .
Instead of a drying spray, this product consists of drying drops. 
These drying drops are liquid, and it comes with a dropper so you can control precisely how much merchandise you will like to dispense on your nails .
normally, one bantam droplet for each nail down is adequate to seal your polish. It ’ second less messy than a spray .
Apply a drop to each breeze through after you have applied your greatcoat. Wait one minute after applying the dry drops, and your nails will be wholly set without any annoying imperfections .
For extra security, it’s best to wait 5 minutes for it to be budge-proof. 
These drops are besides formulated with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to protect and nourish your cuticles .
Remember, the key to a beautiful manicure ( besides a beautiful polish application ) is healthy and felicitous cuticles. It makes the most significant difference .
The OPI Drip Dry Drops can be more commodious to use than a spray since you can actually use up every bit of this intersection and not have the excess vanish into thin air like a atomizer. Your nails will be set, protected, and release of imperfections.

once you start using a nail-drying product, it will be baffling to stop !
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