Do your birthday coming up ? If so, you might be looking for some birthday nails designs to complete your front. There are so many unlike options out there, and it can be hard to decide which matchless is right for you. We ’ ve put together a few of our favorites to help get you started. From sparkles and glitter to fun and festive nails, there is certain to be a style that you love. With these easy arts and crafts projects, you can create an outstanding look for your party. We found some amaze nail designs that incorporate colorful stripes, polka dots, and early patterns. Try one of these ideas to get started, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own invention. Keep reading for our exceed picks .

Graphic Art Birthday Nails

It ’ south best to use a clear up basis coat. This will allow you to use a contrasting color for the stress nail down. Just make certain that you choose the right tinge and don ’ t mix besides many colors. Another way to create an cosmetic emphasis nail down purpose is to use stamping. By alternating humble and big ornaments of different colors, you ’ ll be able to create an effect that will catch the eye. Using a light background and iniquity flowers will give your accent nail a unique attend. If you ’ re not into a floral design, try a childlike geometric one .Graphic Art Birthday NailsCredit: @kt_tk1

Colorful Square Nails

This colorful manicure brings the perfective temper for your day. The pinko and purple background contrasts perfectly with these pretty spots. This design will give your nails a singular appearance. It takes between an hour and two hours to complete.

Birthday Nail Designs
Credit: @kt_tk1

Birthday Nail Fun Design Ideas

A banana nail down design can be a playfulness and alone addition to your day ’ randomness manicure. To truly make the design pop, you should choose a neutral or bluff base coloring material. Pink and yellow look stunning together and will surely get your hands noticed. If you want to add some excess fun to your birthday mani, try a design that features Lisa Simpson ’ s dialect .Birthday Acrylic Nails  Credit: @lieve91

Ornamental Accent Nails Design

A birthday is a special occasion, so why not celebrate it with a singular set of graphic art nails ? These easy-to-replicate designs include ballons, an elephant, glitter, and birthday wishes. This Nail Design Kit helps you create pretty-as-a-picture nail down art that you can change up with every special occasion. Get creative with comfortable nail art tutorials that will make you look stylish !Ornamental Accent Nails DesignCredit: @allure_nail_studio

Bright Pink Nails with Silver Strips

This style is capital for parties and particular occasions. The silver stripes and bright pink coloring material make this nail design brassy and feminine. In addition, it features minus narrow and wide strips that make it more sophisticate. This expect is besides bang-up for a jump wedding or a summer cocktail party .Bright pink Nails with Silver StripsCredit: @definitelymeg

Gradient Birthday Nails with White Dots

These Purple gradient birthday nails with flannel dots are the perfect leap and summer nail design. This discolor is cheerful and energetic, and it pairs well with light summery outfits. These are perfect to wear to the beach or a party. If you ’ d like to make this spirit alone, you can try applying a metallic stress to the lead of the purple base .Gardient Birthday Nails with White DotsCredit: @ashearer3

Birthday Nail Gilded Design

If you ’ ra looking for a singular birthday nail plan, you ’ ve come to the right put. The breeze through ’ randomness surface is covered with a thin layer of amber. The negative accents besides help this effect to stand out even more. Nails Inc. gilded nails are not fair beautiful but bright american samoa good .Birthday Nail Gilded DesignCredit: @basecoatstories

Gliffer Birthday Nails Design

There ’ mho nothing girlier than a party where you get to show off your creative side and have a blast ! Whether you ’ re celebrating your birthday or looking for a playfulness breeze through design to add a short glam to your party look, a Gliffer birthday nails blueprint is a great choice .Glitter Birthday Nails DesignCredit: @mypolishworld

Orange Shapes Birthday design

I love these orange fall colors are my favorite design of fall birthdays so far. This nail plan features light orange polish to create a blazing design. After the design is completed, a layer of mousse is applied to ensure that the design lasts hanker, even through handwash. Take note that plan colors may vary based on bark tones. I ’ thousand digging this look on my nails, but I would love to see how you girls rock it besides !Simple Orange Polish NailsCredit: @joannasnails

Red Coral Effect Nails

If you want to be singular and elegant on your special day, this blueprint will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention and make you feel special. Choose this coral manicure design, and you will be a substantial queen of the party .Glamorous Birthday Nails
Credit: @joannasnails

Birthday Nails Coffin Blush Design

A coffin-shaped design is perfect for a particular affair such as a birthday. If you are a lover of bare and pretty nails, blush mani is ideal for you .Birthday Nails Coffin Blush DesignCredit: @joannasnails

Coffin Nails Ombre Ideas

This design is a big option for coffin nails and is easy to apply. You can use diverse colors to achieve a range of looks, from neon to pastel. You can besides use different styles throughout the class, ranging from winter to summer .Coffin Nails Ombre IdeasCredit: @joannasnails

Birthday Nails with Playful Wavy Strips

For playful nails, use colorful crinkled strips outlined dark to celebrate your approaching birthday ! For an extra-special front, use light colors. You can besides alternate between large and modest strips for assortment. This count is cunning and easy to achieve .Birthday Nails Design
Credit: @definitelymeg

Stunning Red With White Dots

Whether you want to go all out create a more elusive consequence, red and white nails are always a perfect choice. This combination will make you feel like a princess, and it ’ s the perfect way to be in a birthday mood. For a more elaborate look, you can besides add motley dots .Nails for Birthday
Credit: @ashearer3

Pretty Nails with Rose Accents

If you ’ re considering nail art, you ’ re credibly considering using a rose emphasis. There are many ways to use roses as accents. These designs can be simple or complex, and the main retainer is that they stand out from the rest of the nails. then whether you ’ rhenium wear rose nail artwork on the weekend or for a particular consequence, rose nails are certain to attract attention .Pretty Nails with Rose AccentsCredit: @lieve91

Glitter French Tip Nails with Negative Spaces

For a classifiable expression, try painting your tips in aglitter pink with veto ornamental spaces. This style is flattering on every type of skin shade and would besides be a great choice for a marry. You can besides evening wear the white tips to make a more fashion-forward impression .French Tips Nails with Negative SpacesCredit: @allure_nail_studio

Neon Coffin Birthday Nails

This course is gaining popularity among women of all ages. In fact, Kim Kardashian is even known to show off her neon coffin nails in public gatherings .Neon Coffin Birthday NailsCredit: @joannasnails

Neon Nails with Abstract Strips

Bright, neon mani dazzles your nails, while iniquity strips balance the overall look. The abstract swoops are easy to apply and can besides be removed in a count of minutes. If you like outline nails, you can try a neon manicure to add a splash of color to your fingers .Neon Nails with Abstract StripsCredit: @joannasnails

Short Gradient Birthday Nails

Creating beautiful short gradient nails is easy, particularly when you have a few minutes to spare. A simple striped design is enough to create an impressive spirit, but you can besides experiment with versatile glitter embellishments. These nails are big for birthday parties and recommended for all ages.

Short Gradient Birthday NailsCredit: @lieve91

Grey Nails with Neon Tips

If you want to spice up your look for your birthday, try a gray manicure with neon tips. You can achieve a alone effect by applying the glitter details below tips. If you are a founder, you can try a fade rainbow design rather of a plunder of neon color. Whether you ’ re looking for a playful style or neutral color, gray nail polish never goes out of stylus .Grey Nails with Neon TipsCredit: @mypolishworld

Clover Printed Nails

Your birthday is approaching and you want your nails to be gay as well ! There are many different ways to decorate your nails, but one of the best options is to get some Clover printed nail art mani. This manicure is childlike and requires no special tools. once you ’ re done, use clear breeze through polish to seal the decals and keep them in home .Clover Printed NailsCredit: @definitelymeg

Pink Coral Effect Nails

The tap coral smash is a authoritative choice for those who want a feminine expect without monotony. It can be applied to the integral nail surface and will complement the bark tone of about anyone. Depending on your temper or outfit, you can wear it with a contrasting color .Pink Coral NailsCredit: @lieve91

Birthday Nails Elegant Design

In that liveliness, you decided to do something different for your birthday this class and give nails a aglitter dialect. This design features a coffin manicure with tons of black pink that looks very feminine and elegant. The glitter accent is placed on the call finger, which makes your nails more formidable .Birthday Nails Elegant DesignCredit: @joannasnails

Nails with Luxury Gemstones

For a luxury look, try applying a collar design with a gemestone effect. This proficiency involves putting a row of large diamonds on a nail and will add a strike contrast to the flushed background. If you ’ re looking for a low-maintenance design that is silent beautiful, consider a simple ombre manicure. then, use white as the stress nail down color for a arrant contrast .Nails with Luxery GimestonesCredit: @margaritasnailz

Colorful Nails with Negative Wavy Strips

A motley complete blueprint can look sandbag if done correctly. For the best results, it is authoritative to use smash videotape for design. The tape can be placed anywhere on the smash, but it ’ second significant to wait until each strip dries wholly. To create a arrant motley manicure, make certain you choose your nails according to their supreme headquarters allied powers europe and tone .Colorful Nails with Negative Wavy StripsCredit: @lieve91

Sprankly Nail Ideas

Consider the sprankly ombre vogue if you ’ re looking to add personality to your nails with a aglitter nail design. This textured pattern can be applied using a makeup sponge, or you can try a unlike technique by applying a metallic poser to the complete. This nail features a combination of bluish green and baby-pink aglitter mani, which makes it more charming .Sprankly Nail IdeasCredit: @margaritasnailz

Nails with Rhinestone Accents

Adding sparkle to your pinpoint artwork is easy with gemstones. Use small stress stones on your toes to make a statement. You can besides choose larger, motley gemstones for a more elaborate look. The glazed pink color will add more feminine and tenderness to your nails .Rhinestone Glamorous Birthday Nails
Credit: @margaritasnailz

Birthday Nails Waterleamon Design

When choosing a birthday breeze through design, think about the season of the celebration. It is summer and your birthday is coming ? A watermelon-inspired complete plan will give you big pleasure. Watermelons can be used for respective and creative methods : on natural-colored nails that are left to shine or in combination with other colors .Birthday Nails Waterleamon DesignCredit: @kt_tk1

Classic Red Polish Nails

loss polish pinpoint design is a authoritative that will never go out of style and can be both sexy, chic, and very stylish. There are many unlike kinds of loss, and finding the perfect shade with these suggestions will make your manicure a tear ! Whether you have long or brusque nails, these designs will look capital on any nail shape .Pink Birthday Nails
Credit: @joannasnails

Aquablue Nails with Blue Tips

An greenish blue blue nail down can be a potent statement of your inner self. The options are dateless, and the only thing standing in your way is your imagination and your creativity. Inspired by the fantastic colors of the Maldives and the Bahamas. This manicure is quite trendy among celebrities. If you much read fashionable magazines, you will check on this issue .Aquablue Nails with Blue TipsCredit: @mypolishworld

Turquoise Nail Sprankly Design

For a advanced look, try a semi-glitter turquoise mani. It ’ s the arrant way to show off your classifiable dash. Turquoise is associated with wisdom of solomon, insight and happiness, and its unmistakable appearance makes it hard to ignore. equally well as make you feel like a strong woman who is not afraid of any obstacles .Turqoise Nail Sprankly DesignCredit: @margaritasnailz

Birthday Nail Abstract Graphics

When creating an abstract smash design, you should keep in heed that there are no rules for using different colors, shapes, or patterns. The most common approach is to use random shapes and patterns. For exemplar, a zebra print will look big against a white infrastructure semblance. Another popular pilfer nail purpose is a loss cow radiation pattern. These nail designs are both comfortable and perfect for a cool fall birthday .Birthday Nail Abstract GrapicsCredit: @lieve91

Mismatch Funny Design

If you want a unique and fashionable expression for your nails, try mismatched smash colorful Design. You are not limited by what people think of your option ampere long as you ’ re having fun and enjoying yourself. This colorful nail design uses the colors of the rainbow chiefly featured in this mani. These nails are perfective for summer birthdays ; however, for other seasons, you can use the allow color line .Mismatch Funny DesignCredit: @chelsgels

Shimmering Burgundy Nails

future, look at this sandbag complete design !
Regardless of your style, you can be certain that burgundy will constantly look gorgeous. This manicure can be jazzed up with glitter details, making it a shimmering beauty. After a few days, you may need to reapply a top coat to keep the burgundy-studded nails looking polished and clean .Glam birthday nails coffin
Credit: @margaritasnailz

Subtle French Design with Negative Spaces

This french mani features pink and nude ombre tips with negative spaces. It is democratic with minimalist and elegant women who want to create a alone spirit for their nails. This design is easy to do and doesn ’ thymine want fancy nail artwork tools. rather, you can use awkward tape and apply your colorless varnish over the minus space. And don ’ triiodothyronine worry about it being excessively difficult. You can flush do it yourself if you want. So you ’ ll have a formidable manicure without outgo much money .Glam Birthday Acrylic Nails
Credit: @lieve91

Birthday Nail ideas Oval Blush Design

With an attention-getting plan, this blush nail-painted look is trendy at the moment. It speaks volumes about your romanticist feelings and emphasizes sophistication. They are perfect for any affair, whether you are going to a glamorous party or equitable hanging out for coffee with friends.

21st Birthday Nails
Credit: @margaritasnailz

Birthday Nails Bling Design

If you want your nails to stand out, try adding a bling complete plan. This type of nail art requires a great deal of solitaire and attention to detail, but the results are worth it. You ’ ll feel much more confident, and you ’ ll be the talk of the town. This drift is perfect for the social media generation and will get you a bunch of compliments. Whether you ’ ra looking for a singular look or precisely want to add some extra bling to your fingers, there ’ s a smash design out there that ’ sulfur for you !coffin bling birthday nails  Credit: @margaritasnailz

Galaxy Nails Art Design

If you ’ re a fan of sci-fi movies and want to look fashionable, then a galax print complete plan may be the right choice for you. To make this look, just use two different nail down polish shades as a basis coating and then apply white stars over the top. A kind of unlike nail artwork products are available, including ones inspired by the stars and planets of the population .Galaxy Nails Art DesignCredit: @lieve91

Neon and Glitter Nails

Have you always wanted to create a smash purpose using brilliantly, neon colors ? With the help of neon and glitter collar polish, you can create an unforgettable look. This trendy mani is capital for the summer season and comes in many different shades. Choose your favorite color and get creative !
Sparkle Birthday Nails Coffin  Credit: @margaritasnailz

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