This post may contain affiliate links that we collect a share of sales from. Click here for more details .Pride NailsPride Nails June is typically the time for rainbows, love, and for showing off your Pride nails as members or allies of the LGBTQIA community. so, we ’ ve gathered a divers survival of manicures that represent some of the different Pride flags .
This year is a unlike, though. There ’ south a larger drift that we all need to take part in : Black Lives Matter. We urge you to support the movement in any way you can. At Let ’ s Eat Cake, we will be listening, memorize, and supporting. We hope you do the lapp.

21 Pride Nails to Rock This Month

1. Graphic Negative Space Rainbow Nails

With crisscrossing rainbow hues on one slope of the collar and blank space on the other, this Pride manicure is chic and gay. This design requires more preciseness than Ariana Grande ’ s winged eyeliner, therefore unless you have a super-steady bridge player, use some Scotch magnetic tape to get those crisp lines .

2. Bisexual Flag Gradient Nails

With a reasonably gradient inspired by the bismuth sag and a lyric pulled from a panic ! At the Disco song, this mani is the perfect way to put your Pride calendar month mantra on display .

4. Chrome Rainbow Nails

For a holographic spirit, these chrome rainbow nails are just the thing. Simple, aglitter, rainbow — do you need any early adjectives ? Fine, we ’ ll go find the dictionary .

5. Blank Space Rainbow Nails

This manicure pairs primary and junior-grade colors — see, we wholly paid attention in third gear degree art classify ! — with trendy blank space to create a diagonally striped rainbow .

6. Neon Glow Pride Nails

With this neon-tipped french manicure, your nails will shine american samoa bright as your pride. Glow on with your bad self ! ( If you thought we were above neon puns, do you even know us ? )

7. Rainbow Almond Pride Nails

Don ’ t try to snack on these almond-shaped nails. apparently they have no omega-3 fatty acid. What they do have is a aglitter, cotton-candy-pink basal coat and wavy ribbons of rainbow. Roy G. Biv would approve !

8. Glitter Rain

These nails feature a cute rainbow cloud design, but those sprinkles of glitter rain are perfective. Until you try to get it out of your clothes in the good morning.


9. Pansexual Pride Nails

These blasphemous, yellow, pink, yellow, nails are an easy DIY means to celebrate your pansexual pride .
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10. Bisexual Flag Stripes

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your flag on your nails with this diagonally striped Bisexual pride masthead. We love the slenderly futuristic vibration of the glitter on the other nails edging — now where ’ s our automaton bartender ?


11. Curvy Trans Flag Nails

Celebrate trans identity with this mani that features curving graphic lines in the pink, white, and blue colors of the Transgender Pride flag .


12. Trans Pride Stiletto Nails

This pink, white, and blue sky manicure has it all — clear acrylics, ombre looks, complete art, stickers, and elusive florals. And if the stiletto shape is a little besides barbarous for you, this design would look just as rad on coffin nails .


13. Pansexual Stars

A star is born — emergency room, painted on — in this dreamy celestial manicure inspired by the colors of the pansexual sag. ( Sorry, left hand, we love those cunning short clouds excessively, but right now we ’ re here for the starry-eyed vibes. )


14. Rainbow Accent Nail Art

If you merely don ’ t have the patience to paint 10 fingers with arrant Rainbow Brite reality, do an emphasis nail !


15. Ombre Rainbow Tips

Ombre nails have long outlasted the ombre hair vogue, and it ’ s probably safe to say this minimalist look is here to stay for a while. Try this creative spin on the vogue — paint a neutral al-qaeda coat, then add a subtle cross of ombre in Pride colors to the tips .


16. Rainbow Paint Drip Nails

This rainbow drip nail art is a good way to show off your artsy side. even if you ’ re still working on perfecting cling figures .


17. Rhinestone Cuticle Nails

Keeping these aglitter beauties clean may be oeuvre ( and not the good kind of werk ), but we can ’ metric ton barricade saying yes please to these .


18. Just The (Rainbow) Tip

In this bracing choose on the french manicure, all the hues of the rainbow are painted in a bantam distance at the top of the nail. The resultant role : a pride manicure makes a big shock with just the tap .


19. Expanded Pride Flag Nails

Celebrate all members of the LGBT community with this divine representation of the inclusive rainbow flag. Oh, and glitter. All the glitter.


20. Unicorn Galaxy Pride Nails

These star-studded nails with a “ do me on the rainbow ” path are another spectacular direction to show your pride .


What Are the Pride Colors?

If celebrate Pride is newfangled for you and you ’ re not indisputable what colors you should paint your nails to celebrate your identity, hera ’ s a quick template to some of the colors. If you love one of the designs above, but it ’ s not in your colors, good change it to match !

  • LGBTQ pride and gay pride: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple  (the rainbow flag)
  • Bisexuality: magenta, lavender, blue
  • Lesbian: red, orange, white, pink
  • Transgender: light blue, light pink, white
  • Pansexuality: pink, yellow, blue
  • Intersex: yellow and purple
  • Genderfluid: pink, white, purple, black, blue
  • Genderqueer: lavender, white, green
  • Nonbinary: yellow, white, black, purple
  • Agender: black, white, green
  • Asexuality: black, grey, white, and purple
  • Bear brotherhood: brown, orange, yellow, tan, white, grey, black (and a bear print)
  • Polysexual: pink, green, blue

Pride Nails

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