If you love matte nails, then you are in for a process because today we have 23 must-have felt breeze through designs to show you. There are lots of reasons why felt is so popular from it being a stumble with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian and because the flatness finish up makes all colors and nail artwork look so classy and chic. If you haven ’ triiodothyronine tried flat nails or are in need of a fresh fresh design, then this is the place to be. There is a color to suit everyone, cunning pinpoint art and there are glam nails with bling excessively. You can even recreate these yourself as flatness polishes are available on-line and you can besides use felt clear coat over your slick polishes, excessively. so, what are you waiting for ? Take a expression !

1. Black Matte Nails

first up we have these matte black coffin nails. Most of the nails are matte with glistening tips and there is one accent collar on each hand. The accent nails are bare with a black chevron design and black tips. We love the flat black because it look so chic and the unique nail art truly gives the nails an edge. You can recreate the tips and chevrons with smash tape. glossy polish can besides be used with a flat peak coat .
Coffin Shaped Black Matte Nails

2. Matte Baby Blue Ombre

This following idea is bright, cute and is perfect for the form and summer. Most of the nails are nude with child blasphemous ombre and one nail down is all blue. It is a pretty felt look and it will suit any affair. You can recreate this manicure or you can have all ombre nails or all blue nails. Either direction, your mani will look stunning .
Matte Baby Blue Ombre Nails

3. Glamorous Nay Blue and Gold Design

Glam up your nails with matte blue color like this. All of these nails are painted in a iniquity and beautiful shadow of bluing and some of them are adorned with gold rhinestones and decorations. The amobarbital sodium and amber is a sandbag discolor combination. It creates such a deluxe and imperial set of nails. You can buy similar gloomy colors online and you can find like gold embellishments excessively.

Glamorous Navy Blue and Gold Nail Design

4. Chic and Simple Nude Nails

next, we have a chic and easy to wear nail theme to show you. here we have long coffin nails that are painted in a voiced, nude shade. A matte tinge like this will look beautiful on all smash lengths and shapes. It will be great for any affair from relax days to special events like weddings. This mani was created with Kiara Sky nail polish in shade Exposed. A matte top coat from the same brand has been used besides .
Chic and Simple Nude Nails

5. Matte Black Nails with Rhinestones

If you love aglitter nails with lots of bling, then you need to see this following estimate. This manicure features flatness black nails and two nails are decorated with lots of rhinestones. The crystals look so glam and they truly jazz up the black color. You can buy rhinestones on-line and stick them on with breeze through glue. Recreate this look or try creating your own glitzy blueprint.

Matte Black Nails with Rhinestones

6. Bold Colors and Glitter

This following nail mind is bold and singular. The nails have been painted with four unlike polishes. Two nails are bright pink, one is black, the adjacent is white and the concluding nail is covered in glitter. We love this design because it allows you to wear different colors on one manicure and the glitter truly glams up the nails excessively. Try like shades to these or try four different colors of your choice .
Bold Colors and Glitter

7. Matte Nails with a Marble and Glitter Design

Another popular nail design is marble and future we have a manicure that shows how to wear marble in style. One complete is dark, the adjacent nail down has the marble artwork and the others are covered in gold glitter. The colors used are gorgeous and the glitter is such a glam finishing touch. There are tutorials available on-line for marble artwork. You can recreate this or choose any colors that you like.

Matte Burgundy Nails with a Marble and Glitter Design

8. Matte French Ombre

french ombre has become one of the must-have looks and with manicures like this, we can see why ! here we have farseeing coffin shaped nails that start pink and blend to white. It is a gorgeous design and it is a modern and trendy version of the french manicure. This is a chic and easy to wear front. Keep it simple like this or you can glitz it up with some rhinestones .
Matte French Ombre Nails

9. Matte Coffin Nail Design for Fall

next, we have a fashionable manicure that uses neutral and gold collar colors. Some nails are bare, some are a brown shade and there is one gold nail besides. Two of the nails besides have art which includes a gold geometric design and rhinestones. We love the colors and the smash art is stunning excessively. It is a gorgeous search and it would be perfective for a limited affair .
Matte Coffin Nail Design for Fall

10. Vivid Matte Red Nails

Brighten up your spirit with nails like these. The nails are long and they are painted in a beautiful red shade. Vibrant red color like this will make such a statement. You can recreate this manicure or you can wear a alike crimson shade on a different collar distance and condition. Red can besides be accessorized with gems and glitter. Gold glitter would be perfective for the vacation season .
Vivid Matte Red Nails

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