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Black smash polish is one of those forbidden colors. When you ’ re a adolescent, black nails mean goth. They mean maverick, or punk rock, or whatever else. It ’ s a draw of look and repute. And when you ’ ra older, black nails seem like an odd choice. A black manicure on a woman over 30 in truth says she has incredible style- or that she doesn ’ t know what she ’ randomness doing. Black smash polish can be that hard to pull off .
You have to keep it perfective, of naturally. Chipped black polish is the worst. Unless you ’ re going to a rock show and that ’ s the expression. But nothing looks messier to me than a black manicure that ’ s chipped most of the way off .
And however nothing looks fresher than a black manicure if done correctly .

here are my tips to doing black nails right :

✽- Buy good polish. A blacken polish with a commodity formula will go a long way with helping it look better on your nails, and it will end long .
✽-Take care when applying the color. Use q-tips dipped in acetone to clean the edges .
✽- Use a base coat thus your nails don ’ triiodothyronine arrive stained .
✽- File your nails beforehand ! Dark colors look capital on light nails and long, but they ’ ve got to all be filed nicely to the same distance. Don ’ thymine omission this tone, since dark colors are not as forgive .
✽- Top your manicure with your glossiest, most long persistent top coat ( mine is Seche Vive )
✽- Take the extra time and very let it dry. Don ’ t race this manicure .

Dark nails are not forgiving when it comes to application, but they will elevate your style.

I like how a lot black nails can say- they can change a whole attend. It all depends on what you wear ! When I wear Black Onyx with a blacken dress, I feel like the tough girl who was raised in a skate park in New York. When I wear it with a pink top and white skirt, I feel like a sophisticate girl ready for a playfulness weekend.

badly, pair black nail down polish with your darling outfit and tons of rings. You ’ ll feel classy and fancy and cool, no matter how old you are or what your style is like. ❤︎

There are a lot of black polishes on the market – China Glaze has a good one called Liquid Leather, and CND Vinylux has one called Black Pool. My favorite is OPI ’ s Black Onyx because it has a actually cool graphite undertone & dries actually glossy. I recently bought another fully sized bottle .
Just some notes on Black Onyx’s formula – it is opaque in two coats. It ’ s slightly streaky on the beginning. Some blacks are One Coat Wonders, but not this one. I do three, and as I said, I always add a fat layer of a glazed top coating. It is a true bootleg. It ’ sulfur on the fluid english. And it lasts for a few days on me .
Black polish besides looks truly good flat. I have GOT to get a felt top coat again ! But badly, after bright blue, black is credibly the best color to matte-ify .
And it’s my FAVORITE pedicure color! A few months ago I was deliberating over what color pedicure to give myself, thinking I wanted something dark like Malaga Wine, and I decided to just see how black looked. I was blown aside ! It is literally the BEST color for toes. possibly this is because it lends itself so well to a short, square pinpoint. But seriously, you have to try black polish for your future pedicure. Trust me ! !

What do you think about black polish ? What ’ s your favorite one ? I ’ vitamin d love to try some other brands !

Let me know 🙂

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