The list of policies and procedures is not designed to
be a full account of all of the facility’s policies and procedures. For more
information on policies or procedures please contact your Group Sales


Alcohol Guidelines – Under no circumstances will anyone under the
age of 21 years be served alcohol on the premises. All alcoholic beverages
served at your event must be purchased from the Food and Beverage
Audio/Visual – Groups are allowed to bring in their own audio
visual equipment; if the group requests assistance with the setup or tuning of
their personal equipment, a fee of $25.00 per hour will be assessed. A minimum
charge of one hour will be applied. All audio and visual equipment supplied by
the Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls facility will be charged at the published
Catering – A final guest count must be received fourteen (14)
calendar days prior to your event. You will be charged for the number of
guaranteed guests or the number of guests actually served which ever number is
greater. If we do not receive your guaranteed guest count by the deadline, your
original estimated guest count will become your guaranteed guest count. We will
be prepared to serve 5% over the guaranteed count. A 20% service charge and 5.5%
tax apply to all food and beverage selections.
Cancellation – If you cancel the event or proposal, or if the
facility cancels the event or proposal, because you have violated the agreement,
the hotel will be entitled to any liquidated damages. A 25% cancellation fee for
meeting room charges and audio/visual equipment as well as a 50% cancellation
fee for catering will be charged if you cancel within two weeks, fourteen (14)
calendar days, of your convention. A 50% cancellation fee for meeting room
charges and audio/visual equipment as well as a 100% cancellation fee for
catering will be charged if you cancel within a week, seven (7) calendar days,
of your convention.
Changes – There will be a service charge of $100.00 for last
minute changes for either catering or meeting room set up. Stated deadlines will
be strictly adhered to.
Damages – The group will be responsible for all damages to the
Nation’s property. Including without limitation, all hotel rooms, convention
spaces, equipment, and to persons, including third persons, including third
parties, that occur as a result of the group, its guests, invitees, or agents,
arising out of or connected with the event.
Decorations/Displays – All decorations and displays must be
approved by the Group Sales Representative/Manager fourteen (14) days prior to
your event. All decorations which have not met approval will be removed at the
group’s expense.
Entertainment Guidelines – All entertainment must conclude in the
Bingo Hall at midnight. Equipment must be set up and ready 2 hours prior to the
start of the scheduled event and must be removed 2 hours after the conclusions
of the event entertainment.
Event Schedule – All times must be strictly adhered to. Events
that go past their stated time will be assessed a fee of $100.00 per hour.
Food/Beverages – All food and beverages, including alcoholic
beverages, consumed at the event, must be purchased through the Ho-Chunk Gaming
Black River Falls facility. The only exception would be special “theme” goods such
as wedding cakes. Approval to bring any such items onto the premises at the
discretion of the Nation. In the event the food is allowed to leave the
premises, a charge may be applied.
Labor Charge – A labor charge of $50.00 will be applied to all
events with 25 or fewer guaranteed guests.

Payments – Unless credit has been established in advance; payment
of the entire estimated balance due must be made in cash, by certified/bank
check or credit card at least three (3) days prior to the event. If the full
payment has not been received, the hotel may terminate the contract and retain
all or part of your deposit. If Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls incurs
expenses in the collecting of any amounts due, you must pay those expenses.
Pets – Service pets only are allowed. Any use of pets for any
other means will require the approval of the Group Sales Manager, the Executive
Hotel Manager, and the Executive Casino Manager.
Proposals – Prices stated in proposals are subject to change to
meet unforeseen cost increases for commodities, labor and taxes. In the event of
cost increases, the facility may make reasonable substitutions.
Taxes – Taxes will be applied to all hotel, catering, audio
visual, and beverages (including alcohol) at a rate of 5.5%. Groups who are tax
exempt must provide a tax exempt certificate at the time of signing the
Vehicles – Vehicles are permitted on premises. For additional
information about any applicable needs, requests, and fees please contact your
Group Sales Representative.
Weapons/Fire Arms – Groups that are requesting to have on
property, any weapons or fire arms, must contact the Group Sales Representative
for more details.


Check-In – Check in time is 4pm. Any check in time prior to 4pm
may be subject to additional charges.
Check-Out – Check out time is 11am. There may be additional
charges for guests to stay past the posted check out time.
Payment Types – Payments are accepted as cash or credit card.
Cancellation Policy – Individual rooms must be cancelled 48 hours
prior to the 4:00pm check in the day of arrival.
Debit Card Policy – If the debit/credit card you are using for
check-in is attached to a bank or checking account, a hold will be placed on the
account for the full anticipated dollar amount to be owed to the Ho-Chunk Gaming
Black River Falls Hotel, including estimated accidentals, through your date of
check-out and such funds will not be released for up to 10 days from the date of
check-out or longer at the discretion of YOUR financial institution.
No Show Policy – Any guest who does not cancel their reservation
before the 48 hour deadline and does not show up to check into their room will
be considered a “No Show”. The guest will incur a $75.00 charge. Rooms assigned
to the group lists that are not cancelled within this time period of YOUR
financial institution.
No Smoking – A smoke removal fee of at least $75.00 will be
assessed to your account if you smoke in a non-smoking room.
Quiet Time – Quiet time for the hotel is from 11:00pm to

In addition to the charges mentioned here, any applicable federal, state,
municipal or other taxes may apply.

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