In the blink of an center, five years have gone by. here we are, the Blinks ( a list coined by Blackpink fans for themselves ), celebrating the one-fifth anniversary of the south korean girl band, who debuted on August 8, 2016 .
Comprising four members – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose – Blackpink has been carrying out the ‘ 4+1 Project ’ to celebrate half a decade in the diligence this year .
The anniversary celebrations consist of five special projects including Blackpink The Movie, The Album Photobook and they joined global fan community platform Weverse and Summer Diary. Personally, I can ’ thymine expect to know what the fifth project is !
While we eagerly anticipate the storm, let ’ s take a moment to appreciate the great make so far by nail down artist Park Eunkyung of Unistella. Since Blackpink ’ s introduction, Park has done meticulous design nails for the group. The nail art surely stand out in all of Blackpink ’ second music video recording !

Lovesick Girls

Blackpink released this as their head single off The Album on October 2, 2021 and personally, it ’ randomness my top song from the album. The music television portrayed a heart-breaking storyline, and seeing the girls ’ aroused ( specially Rose ) acting must have made the fans shed tears .
But in the in-between of a battlefield of aristocratic flowers, Jisoo ’ s nail down purpose stood out the most, specially when she held up a pink hourglass .
Photo by YG Entertainment & UnistellaPhoto by YG Entertainment & Unistella

Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)

The group had tons of external collaborations in 2020, and one of them is with Selena Gomez. This surpassed all other bops for the song of the summer with its fun wellbeing vibration.

Turns out their music television concept is ampere colorful as well, including their nails. Look at that cloud and flower collar art on Jennie ; so adorable !
Photo by YG Entertainment & UnistellaPhoto by YG Entertainment & Unistella

How You Like That

After a annual break, Blackpink ’ s heatedly anticipated rejoinder was sealed with How You Like That. The song yell authorization and badassery all around .
From the degree design, wardrobe to nail art, the hanbok ( traditional Korean clothes ) setting gained worldwide attention. If you look close, you would notice Jisoo ’ s pinpoint art had “ Hun Min Jeong Eum ” written on it, which are native korean letters, paintings and pearls .
Photo by YG Entertainment & UnistellaPhoto by YG Entertainment & Unistella

Kill This Love

“ Rum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, pum, ” – that beat alone will make you dance mechanically. With the video recording showcasing girl power, Lisa ’ s green hair extension was complemented by checker designed ellipse nails. Overall, a spell-blinding effect !

Photo by YG Entertainment & UnistellaPhoto by YG Entertainment & Unistella

As If It’s Your Last

The 2017 path has catchy beats, and it ’ s surely a welcome addition to Blackpink ’ s solicitation of songs. It was only their second year in the industry, but their stage dancing, wardrobe and pinpoint design were reasons adequate to fall in love with this female band. possibly we can even bring back Rose ’ s abstraction complete art this year ?
Photo by YG Entertainment & UnistellaPhoto by YG Entertainment & Unistella


Stay is one of the tracks from their irregular album, Square Two, in 2016. For me, it ’ s a ballad song that deserves more love ! This sung focuses heavily on vocals and aroused lyrics, and the video showcases a melancholy vibration. With the pastel video recording coloring material grade, let ’ s appreciate this nail artwork that pops up in the music video .
Photo by UnistellaPhoto by Unistella There you have it, Blinks ! We hope you will continue and support these fabulous idols in the approaching years. Let ’ s make it to a ten, shall we ?

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