Blue Butterfly Nails

Blue-polished nails with cunning little butterflies are ideal for any occasion, from beach outings to fun summer parties. Though some complicate designs require a visit to a professional artist, you can easily do most of them at home. Applying one of these collar designs is certain to boost your personality and stage set you apart from the crowd .

Butterfly Nails with Different Colors and Patterns of Blue

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Clear Blue Butterfly Nails

Blue butterflies on retentive clear nails give a glossy search, perfect for a beach party. Pairing it with a unhorse blue maxi snip or a flow gown and meet accessories would complement the nail ghost well. Since they require some particularization, you can opt for a professional nail artist for the design. It ’ s cost-efficient, and you can coat it with a glitter nail lacquer .
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Clear Blue Butterfly Nails Designs Source:
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Light Blue Nails with Butterflies

Be it a beach party or any other summer event, these light blue nails are the ultimate eye-catchers. Painting the nail down half in blue while designing little butterflies on the other half looks trendy indeed. If you ’ re a novice nail artist, you can choose to apply butterfly stickers and coat them with transparent enamel .
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Dark Blue Butterfly Nails

Applying a blue blue or royal blue paint on nails would look drop-dead gorgeous for any night party. Don ’ thymine forget to add a rhinestone or two close to the butterflies for the shimmer equal. You can visit a complete artist to get your nails manicured and apply the pinpoint artwork for about $ 70 .
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Blue Butterfly Designs on Different Nail Shapes  

Blue Butterfly Coffin Nails

Coffin nails look flattering when you apply a polish of pastel blue or sky bluing ombre shade. You can fill each of them with 3-4 short butterflies to make a accomplished blueprint. It can be easily done at home and does not require much prison term and effort .
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No matter what the occasion is, blue nail discolor with little butterflies will never leave you disappointed. While the light shades would go full with coffin nails, darks shades on ombre nails would surely steal the limelight of any night party .

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