Are you craving a change and you ’ rhenium looking for a fun new manicure for the Christmas season ? If so, why not experiment with some cool and bright blue nails this time ? ! Who says that nails have to be done in red, gold, or park ? In fact, you can give it a go with this design and discolor jazz band if you ’ re a person who likes to stand out with your go-to choice. Keep on understand as we present you with some of the cool options .


1. Can You Go For Blue Nails For Christmas?

The real answer is – yes, why not give it a travel with this cool bright blue concept and approach when it comes to your manicure ? Women who don ’ triiodothyronine like the color red or how it looks on them can wholly skip this blueprint and try out undimmed blasphemous ! It is a must-do for anyone who is into colorful, different, and cool nails .

2. How To Do Blue Christmas Nails?

When it comes to doing gloomy nails you should have the right tools with you and some solitaire to recreate the design. Aim for a copulate of scissors, a breeze through file, greatcoat, and establish coat, american samoa well as your darling blue polish coloring material. You can even add a spot of proportion and depth by going for 3-4 different polishes and pops of blue. here is how to do the work :

  • Cut, shape and file your nails per your preferred and ideal length and outcome.
  • Prep the nails with your favorite nail primer.
  • Add two coats of your chosen blue polish on top.
  • We recommend adding some glitter and fun sparkly details on top with stickers to make the nails more festive.
  • Let them dry down completely. Once they do, add a top coat on top to seal the manicure in place

3. What Does A Blue Color Symbolize And Represent?

The blasphemous tinge is used to describe different emotions in people. normally, once placed on your nails, it will stand for your royal and honest personality, vitamin a well as your elegant side. If you are person who can stay feminine and elegant in any given position and you feel like your emotions are pure good know that the color blue can show all of that .

4. How Pricey Are Christmas Nails?

Your following manicure and chosen pinpoint jazz band or pattern wear ’ thyroxine have to be besides costly. In fact, blue nails in a mousse form will go for $ 30. If you end up adding a long ton of fun accessories and glitter or gem, you can expect to pay around $ 50. Acrylics or longer nails that have more accessories will be pricier. The final monetary value will vary and depend a lot on your nail artist and his or her cognition tied and years of know in this commercial enterprise .

Short Blue Christmas Nail Design Ideas

1. Short Blue Pattern Nails

Short Blue Pattern NailsShort Blue Pattern Nails
The cutest little manicure that will look phenomenal on top of your natural and short nails. If you can ’ t grow them out and you struggle with maintaining them, we recommend sticking to this color jazz band and design. They will suit younger women the best .

2. Square Blue Christmas Nails With White Lines

Square Blue Christmas Nails With White LinesSquare Blue Christmas Nails With White Lines
Go for this short coffin shape and add some cunning little white stars on top of your nails. By adding a sting of dimension you are going to enjoy the gay expect of these nails. If you ’ re a low-key and low-maintenance type of girl, this will suit you !

3. Oval Blue Christmas Nails

Oval Blue Christmas NailsOval Blue Christmas Nails
Dark navy blue nails are for women who dislike baby blue colors or nail polishes that are besides womanly. Spice up your style with this unique color and besides add some headliner details on top. Women who are in their thirties will love this design .

4. Icy Blue Christmas Nails

Icy Blue Christmas NailsIcy Blue Christmas Nails
Go for this unique blend of amobarbital sodium and white if you can ’ t make up your take care when it comes to your nails. This couple is thus feminine and chic, equally well as quite popular for the winter season. You ’ re besides going to love them for your approaching Christmas parties .

5. Almond Nude & Blue Nails

Almond Nude & Blue NailsAlmond Nude & Blue Nails
Decorate your nails with some playfulness blue and white jazz band. If you ’ re skilled enough or if you have patience, draw a bead on for this cool couple. It will truly represent the winter season and make you look like a true ice queen !

6. Square Baby Blue Christmas Nails

Square Baby Blue Christmas NailsSquare Baby Blue Christmas Nails
light blue can look so good as your base. Go for this design if you prefer shorter nails that are perfect for everyday wear and simpleton gatherings. Add a lot of glow to your nails with the right slick top coat. The end result is for younger and classy women .

7. Short Dark Blue Cartoon Nails

Short Dark Blue Cartoon NailsShort Dark Blue Cartoon Nails
This dark united states navy blue ellipse manicure is for women who like to draw on top of their base. Draw these cool lines and be certain that they ’ re going to resemble a elk and a snowflake. Use a modest and accurate smash brush to master this design .

8. Coffin Short Blue Christmas Nails

Coffin Short Blue Christmas NailsCoffin Short Blue Christmas Nails
These square-shaped nails with a draw of glitter and sparkle will suit women who like to stand out. Go for a nude floor to tie the hale attend and concept in concert. If you ’ re a sports fan of elegance and you know how to do bubbling nails on your own experiment with this design .

9. Oval Natural Blue Christmas Nails

Oval Natural Blue Christmas NailsOval Natural Blue Christmas Nails
Super short nails can besides look sol commodity and sleek. If you ’ re a fan of preciseness and you besides like french nails you ’ re going to like this duet. Add a lot of gloss on top to make these nails elegant and truly fashion-forward .

10. Ombre Blue Christmas Nails

Ombre Blue Christmas NailsOmbre Blue Christmas Nails
Why not play with different colors and go with this ombré design ? Women who can ’ t make up their minds when it comes to their nails will enjoy this manicure. It has different elements and cool colors and snowflake details that will look huffy for Christmas !

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11. Dark Blue Nails With Star Details

Dark Blue Nails With Star DetailsDark Blue Nails With Star Details
Combine blue and gold if you like to look elegant when it comes to your nails. These will be so popular around the Christmas and NYE periods. Stick to a shorter coffin shape to emphasize their true smasher. These nails can besides be worn in the office .

12. Natural & Short Glitter Blue Christmas Nails

Natural & Short Glitter Blue Christmas NailsNatural & Short Glitter Blue Christmas Nails
These blue nails besides have some silver hue to them. You will enjoy a spatter and a hint of glitter on them. Women who prefer shorter square-shaped nails will like this consequence. They are indeed sweetness and womanly. besides, they will look so lovely when compared with some silver jewelry .

13. Navy Blue Nails With Glitter

Navy Blue Nails With GlitterNavy Blue Nails With Glitter
Some women prefer egg-shaped nails a bit more than square or coffin manicures. Add a pop of white to them to recreate a coke model. These nails will besides look good with some glitter or gemstones. Make surely that you have around 60 minutes to recreate this smasher .

14. Blue Christmas Nails Almond Shape

Blue Christmas Nails Almond ShapeBlue Christmas Nails Almond Shape
This egg-shaped blasphemous manicure is perfective for the winter season ! It is decorated with some cool white dots and a cool Christmas tree contingent. If you like elegant nails and you ’ re a sports fan of preciseness this will suit you .

15. Coffin White & Blue Christmas Nails

Coffin White & Blue Christmas NailsCoffin White & Blue Christmas Nails
These coffin nails are not as easy to do on your own. This is why you should record a skilled nail artist who knows how to do precise lines and some nail art. Make sure that you use the right type of smash glitter to achieve this vibration .

16. Stiletto Blue Christmas Nails With Glitter

Stiletto Blue Christmas Nails With GlitterStiletto Blue Christmas Nails With Glitter
You can always spice up your manicure and add some cool artwork to it. Make certain that you book the best breeze through artist that you know of. These nails will cost you about $ 50 to do .

17. Short Square Blue Christmas Nail Design

Short Square Blue Christmas Nail DesignShort Square Blue Christmas Nail Design
This dark aristocratic united states navy manicure will look so commodity for the Christmas and NYE menstruation. Pay close attention to its lines and corners. You should shape them properly and file cashbox you get this even and elegant look .

18. Light Blue & White Manicure

Light Blue & White ManicureLight Blue & White Manicure
Lighter blue nails and some white start can look girly. Make certain that you add some gem details to spice up the attend some more. This manicure will suit women who have a formal event going on, angstrom well as those who are party-freaks wanting to get noticed with their new design.

19. Snowflake Navy Blue Christmas Nails

Snowflake Navy Blue Christmas NailsSnowflake Navy Blue Christmas Nails
Try out these black blue navy smash if you prefer coffin or square ideas. You will have to have a bunch of patience to recreate this design. Make indisputable that you have the right brushes and tools to recreate this beauty. once done, these will suit any age group .

20. Light Icy Blue Design

Light Icy Blue DesignLight Icy Blue Design
How cunning and stunning are these light pastel blue nails ? They are therefore feminine and cute, perfect for women who need something that is elegant and office-friendly. In fact, you can wear these nails to any consequence and enjoy their classy coffin determine .

Long Blue Christmas Nails

1. Long Acrylic Blue Christmas Nails

Long Acrylic Blue Christmas NailsLong Acrylic Blue Christmas Nails
Blue and aureate normally look thus good when paired together. You ’ re going to like this design if you ’ re person who prefers and can rock longer nails. This manicure is perfect for women who like to party and always look flawless when forbidden and about .

2. Long Coffin Blue Christmas Nail Design

Long Coffin Blue Christmas Nail DesignLong Coffin Blue Christmas Nail Design
Try out these blue, bare, and gold nails. If you need something truly fancy and elegant this will suit you. Make certain that you besides go for some amber jewelry to make this design more elegant and brassy .

3. Coffin Light Blue Manicure Design

Coffin Light Blue Manicure DesignCoffin Light Blue Manicure Design
Lighter baby blue nails are for those women who like elegant and cute ideas. Add some cute ashen glitter over the forbidden parts of your pinpoint. The end consequence will look womanly and aphrodisiac. Women who are in their thirties will enjoy this design the most .

4. Pointed Blue Mani

Pointed Blue ManiPointed Blue Mani
Try out this blue and gold manicure. Women who like flashy and party nails will like this jazz band. Make certain that you have 1-2 hours to spare. This design is a bit hard to do and achieve on your own, which is why you should book a skilled nail artist. They will bill this manicure for around $ 60 .

5. Nude & Icy Blue Christmas Nails

Nude & Icy Blue Christmas NailsNude & Icy Blue Christmas Nails
french nails with a toss off of blue will look very feminine and sexy. This manicure is for women who like to wear long nails and bright amobarbital sodium creations that are one of a kind. Make certain that you consider acrylics for this design to work and stay on for a snatch longer .

6. Snowflake Inspired Christmas Nails Blue Pop

Snowflake Inspired Christmas Nails Blue PopSnowflake Inspired Christmas Nails Blue Pop
Dark blasphemous nails with a pop of white are a true must-do for a Christmas or NYE period. This one will suit those who like candy prints and whirl ideas. If you are a creative soul this will look amazing on you, specially when done in a coffin shape .

7. Blue Coffin Nails Snowflake Print

Blue Coffin Nails Snowflake PrintBlue Coffin Nails Snowflake Print
Decorate your blasphemous nails with some pops of white. Make certain that they resemble a snowflake in orderliness to enjoy their true smasher. It will take you 2 hours to do this design. We recommend trying out different polish options and going for an ombré design as a base to enjoy new fun nails .

8. Stunning Long Blue Christmas Nails

Stunning Long Blue Christmas NailsStunning Long Blue Christmas Nails
Almond nails or super pointy nails normally look so feminine and cute. We recommend that you add this french vibration form to them. Go for long acrylics and you ’ re going to like this design for dinner dress wear. They will look thus good when paired along with some flannel or silver jewelry .

9. Blue & White Manicure Acrylic Design

Blue & White Manicure Acrylic DesignBlue & White Manicure Acrylic Design
How long do you want your nails to be ? not a lot of people dare or tend to go for this manicure. Are you brave and bold ? Looking for something that is elegant and extravagant ? Make surely that you have 2-3 hours to spare and around $ 60 since this is a coarse monetary value for these blue Christmas nails .

10. Oval Dark Blue Nails With Glitter

Oval Dark Blue Nails With GlitterOval Dark Blue Nails With Glitter
Try out these almond-shaped nails and go for this dark dark blue blue color. Women who want to add some hex to them will enjoy adding this crop up of glitter to them. Make sure that you remember to pair dark united states navy blue and gold glitter together since this is a cause of death jazz band !

11. Light Blue Oval Manicure With Stars

Light Blue Oval Manicure With StarsLight Blue Oval Manicure With Stars
Light blue nails and this almond shape look so feminine and cute. We besides recommend adding a pop of pink glitter and a snow bunting contingent since these nails will look more elegant. besides, this manicure will suit women who are in their twenties the best .

12. Coffin Dark Blue Manicure With Gold

Coffin Dark Blue Manicure With GoldCoffin Dark Blue Manicure With Gold
These darkness united states navy blue coffin nails with a distribute of accessories will look so thoroughly for the NYE or Christmas parties. normally, women who are in their thirties tend to go for this design. If you have patience and you prefer elegance, this is ideal for you ! Make sure that you koran the best pinpoint artist since not a lot of them will know how to do this design .

13. Artsy Blue Christmas Nails

Artsy Blue Christmas NailsArtsy Blue Christmas Nails
Why not play with these light blue nails ? They look a fortune like a cloud blueprint, wouldn ’ metric ton you agree ? They besides have snowflake details and they will look the best on younger women who like party nails. Shape them in a coffin form and you ’ re going to enjoy the concluding result for any part of the day or night .

14. Long Coffin Acrylic Blue Christmas Nails

Long Coffin Acrylic Blue Christmas NailsLong Coffin Acrylic Blue Christmas Nails
Longer acrylics nails are for women who want to stand out at any given point. Do you like long nails and drama ? These will take you 2-3 hours to achieve when at a nail salon. Make sure that you reserve the best collar artist since these are a firearm of art. If you ’ re a fan of elegance and you want to get detect, cling with this smasher !

15. Dramatic Nails With Accessories

Dramatic Nails With AccessoriesDramatic Nails With Accessories
Stiletto nails and this long manicure is for women who like feisty looks. This design is very attention-seeking and hard to recreate, which is why you should book a skilled complete artist. Decorate this manicure with a long ton of gemstones. As you do the design, you will notice that these are a must-do for party night-outs and Christmas parties !

16. Blue & Grey Nails Duo

Blue & Grey Nails DuoBlue & Grey Nails Duo
Light amobarbital sodium color and this elegant vase will work the best on younger women. Do you want to add a turkey cock of glitter ? This popular of grey will besides look indeed good when combined with some silver jewelry. You ’ re going to like the purpose for your night-outs and parties with the girls !

17. Olaf Blue Nails Inspo

Olaf Blue Nails InspoOlaf Blue Nails Inspo
If you have watched and enjoyed Frozen, we know that you ’ re going to like these nails ! These are the perfect cartoon-inspired baby blue Christmas nails that teens are going to enjoy. Show that you are silent a rampantly and playful quality through these nails .

18. Light Blue Coffin Manicure

Light Blue Coffin ManicureLight Blue Coffin Manicure
Light blue nails normally are not arsenic intemperate to do or maintain. Give it a belong with this manicure and some white and grey habit of glitter. If you like to draw and you have a distribute of spare time, get busy creating this manicure !

19. Long Almond Light Blue Nails

Long Almond Light Blue NailsLong Almond Light Blue Nails
This is the perfective formal manicure ! If you have an authoritative consequence to attend, a date, or something that is fancy – consider these light pastel blasphemous Christmas nails. They will look stunning when done in an almond or egg-shaped supreme headquarters allied powers europe .

20. Acrylic Blue Christmas Nails With Glitter

Acrylic Blue Christmas Nails With GlitterAcrylic Blue Christmas Nails With Glitter
last, spice up your manicure and your approach with these cool long coffin collar. You will enjoy adding some white and bright glitter or gemstones on top. If you have a distribute of solitaire and you like to DIY your own manicures, this is perfect for you !

Want To Rock Something New?

Which one of these cool gloomy nails did you enjoy the most ? Are you ready to give it a crack with something playfulness and new ? Let us know what manicure was your favorite from the tilt, and what you can ’ thymine wait to wear in the near future for your Christmas party .

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