While classic neutrals, pinks, and red pinpoint polishes will always be in style, there ’ s something about the color blue that looks sol fun on the fingertips — and there ’ s no dearth of blue collar ideas that make it fabulously versatile for your manicures. Nail pros predicted imperial hues would be must-try mani shades in 2021, and the blue complete tendency shows no sign of stopping for this descent or winter season. “ In general, impregnate colors are trending, ” Brittney Boyce, a fame nail artist and founder of NAILS OF LA, tells Bustle. Blue is excess democratic, she says, because it comes in a kind of undertones and finishes, so you can find a shade that looks thoroughly on everyone. Whether you ’ re talking baby, dark blue, or cobalt, blue sky nails besides go perfectly with the ’ 90s and 2000s aesthetics presently cycling through everyone ’ randomness closets. In fact, Michelle Saunders, a fame nail artist with Nailtopia, says aristocratic first became a must-have manicure imbue in the ’ 90s, she says, when brands like Hard Candy ( remember them ? ) made it popular. Alicia Silverstone even famously rocked the brand ’ mho baby blue polish — named Sky — back in the day. so while it may not be wholly new in the manicure world, blue still feels cool. Of course, you can however opt for dark hues if they ’ re more your rush in the cold weather seasons. “ The bright sapphire blues are trending because they are more jewel-toned, ” Boyce says. “ This looks great when we do minimal nail art as it ‘s so rich and gives that bluff pop of semblance to make it super striking. ” Basically : The aristocratic complete color options are pretty endless.

Need some inspo ? here are 13 blue smash ideas to paint on yourself or ask for on your following tripper to the salon.


Teal & Blue Dots

This teal and bluing jazz band adds a nice touch of color to your hands, while besides helping you to hang onto warmly weather vibraphone just a little act longer. “ Teal looks tropical and gives the feel of a vacation that so many of us are distillery craving, ” says Boyce. A minor dot design is besides a good option if you want to ease into the bold shade. “ If you find that blue sky is excessively much or excessively saturated for the full nail, use it as a pop of color for nail artwork, ” she says.


A Hint Of Blue

Boyce suggests looking for blue finishes that work well with your peel tonicity. Lighter peel tones pair well with aplomb undertones, like the cobalt you see in this manicure. “ If you have more olive or heater skin tones, attend for a blue with a strong undertone, ” she says, pointing to Blue Tango from Orly.


Blue French Manicure

You can besides rock a more unexpected carry on the french manicure by swiping on a blue hue across your tips. Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of the membership-based manicure studio apartment GLOSSLAB, recommends going with a deeper shade, like Mystic Blue from Dazzle Dry, to actually make the blueprint actually stand out.


Navy Blue + Geometric Accent

If you ’ re ever feeling bored with your nails, try turning to blue polish. “ Navy, cobalt, and bold blues can provide a much-needed passing from your usual manicures, ” Glass says. Consider adding a cunning geometric print, like this one, for a statement collar.


Electric Blue

If you want something extra vibrant, go with an electric amobarbital sodium. Bonus points if you get extra long nails to show it off on. ( OK, now try not to feel happy every time you look down at your hands. )


Neon Blue

nothing will give you flashbacks to the ’ 90s and 2000s quite like a brilliantly blue hue. Neons go absolutely with nostalgic manicure designs, after all. Fun fact : Celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec tells Bustle she just painted a undimmed blue design on Joe Jonas ’ tips recently, so allow that to inspire your future mani.


Blue Marble

This ridiculously pretty marble manicure is a funky direction to wear a jewel-toned blue. It gives off imperial vibes, proving blasphemous doesn ’ triiodothyronine have to be superintendent bright.


Matte Baby Blue + Foil

Blues like this robin ’ south egg shadow have been making the rounds in bridal parties, Saunders says, adding she ’ sulfur had a lot of requests from brides who want it to add “ something blue ” to their outfit, in the shape of a manicure, pedicure, or nail art. Try it in a matte ending with foil touches for a uniquely chic mani.


Gray Blue

If you still aren ’ t so certain about blue, go for a elusive blue-grey rather. As Glass points out, certain shades truly do give that perfect moody fall vibration. This one is begging to be worn with a big cozy perspirer, possibly whilst you sip a pumpkin spice caffe latte.


Touch Of Blue

This is another fun, modern way to wear blue — without having to amply commit. According to Kandalec, a liter ight blue sky manicure with negative space is a chic means to ease in.


Matte & Metallic

nothing says, “ It ’ s about halloween ! ” quite like a gothic, dark matte complete. Opt for a blue-black or rich navy for the search, and possibly add a metallic stress smash for commodity measuring stick.


Baby Blue + Holographic

Blue goes decidedly well with holographic polish, as it picks up all the flecks of light. While pastel nails are often reserved for give, light blue has the magic ability to work all class orotund, so don ’ thymine hold back if you want to wear it right now. In fact, Boyce believes light blues are the trendy of them all. “ They give a bit more proportion and edge, ” she says.


Cobalt Blue

even though gloomy can serve playful, funky vibes, Kandelec says it is one of the most wearable and versatile colors. This deep cobalt is the perfect exemplar of a manicure shade that will spruce up any kit .

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