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many international beauty and cosmetic brands have come up with a newly type of breeze through polish, which they claim to be “ halal ” or “ breathable ”.

These brands claim that Muslim women can pray while wearing these smash polishes, as it does not prevent water and air out from reaching the nails during ablutions before prayer.

many beauty salons in Dubai are promoting this type of nail polish, with the parole ‘ halal ’ wide advertised.

Most salons are besides reporting high demand for the same.

Emirates 24|7 spoke to Dr Ali Ahmed Mashael, Grand Mufti at the Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities Department in Dubai, who explained that women must be identical careful and not believe claims from companies and saloons, unless a fatwa comes from the veracious party.

“ If this is claimed to be a breathable nail polish which does not make a coat on the nail, a womanhood must try to peal it aside. If it does not peal, then yes it might be ‘ halal ’.

“ however, if the charwoman tries to peal it and finds a peal separate coming out, then it is not ‘ halal ’, as it covers the pinpoint and creates a carapace on it. thus, women can not put it and pray. ”

The Grand Mufti far explained that henna, for example, does not prevent women from praying as it does not peal, and it does not create a coat.

Dr Mashael requested Emirates 24|7 to supply the Islamic Affairs and charitable Activities Department in Dubai with samples of these halal nail polishes for analyze and experiments to find out if they truly are halal or not.

Women in UAE confused
Women in the UAE are confused over whether to use these nail down polishes or not.

Najla Al Shamsi, an Emarati mother of four said that she has been hearing about this type of complete polish for the past one class.

“ A acquaintance of mine from Canada told me about it and said that a celebrated constitution brand is selling them .
“ however, it was difficult for me to find it as it was always out of stock. then during Eid, I found a celebrated smasher salon in Dubai selling these halal nail polishes for Dh50 per bottle.

“ This made me try it and I liked the mind of keeping it on for equally long as I want as it does not prevent water and air from reaching the nails, and thus, I can pray with it. ”

Maryam Ahmed, another Emirati woman said that she was using this halal complete polish and by mistake, while she was putting henna for Eid, a little musical composition of henna got stuck on her collar .
“ When I reached home and washed my hands and removed the nail polish, I had henna stains on my breeze through. This I believe makes it actually breathable complete polish as the other smash polishes do not allow henna to reach the complete. ”
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