Hey ! I love wearing bold and bright colors on my nails during the summer clock time. sometimes I find it difficult to find brilliantly shades that look flattering on tan to dark skin. One of my favored nail polish brands will decidedly be Essie. They have a wide excerpt of colors that are so unique and beautiful. I own so many Essie nail polishes because it is a brand that I know will have a flattering shade for me. For the past few days I have been sporting this cobalt blue sky nail polish on my hands and I have gotten many complements on it from my friends. To know more about Essie Butler Please ! Keep read !
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Product Description:

There is no real claim or product description for Essie breeze through polishes. The Essie post is well known its wide range of colors. There are over 200 Essie shades and every season a new collection comes out ! These nail polishes are considered high-end and are tend to stopping point longer than other brands of nail polishes. Price :
Around $ 7- $ 9

My Take on Essie Nail Polish in Butler Please

As you can tell from the pictures above, the color is identical vibrant ! What I love is that the color on the bottle is the color you get. The consistency is thick and very creamy. The brush gratuity is the usual skinny brush. I personally prefer collar polish brushes to be a bit bigger and flatter. Butler please is very opaque semblance ; one coat is all you need. I applied two coats to just get the most out of the color. As you can see, the smash polish dries to a very glistening ending. I love this about Essie. Essie breeze through polishes normally have a very glistening finish so if you don ’ t have time for a crown coat it is completely ticket. The packaging itself is identical cute ! It comes in a boxlike container with a white top. It is very simplistic but very nice to display on your dresser .
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As for lasting office, Essie doesn ’ t last deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing as I would like it to. Essie on my fingers without a acme coat lasts I would say about 3-4 days before I see any major chip, which a good establish and top coat the polish lasts for 8-9 days which is bang-up ! What I love the most about this is the color ! Blue is my favorite coloring material, and this tad is identical unique and very flattering on my tangent peel. I love the way this looks on my toes besides !
Essie doesn ’ metric ton call to be natural or that it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate habit formaldehydes. If you are person who is very conscious about the chemicals in your nail polish I would keep that in thinker with Essie. Personally, I don ’ metric ton mind about the ingredients so that international relations and security network ’ t a huge agent for me. In my opinion, if you are person who loves color, Essie is the brand for you. This color is specially flattering short ton scandalmongering toned skin !
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Pros of Essie Nail Polish in Butler Please

-The color in the bottle is the semblance you get.
-Very opaque semblance, you need lone one coat.
– Formula is thickly and creamy.
-A alone color that looks good on tan skin.
-Price is reasonable for a high end sword.
-Dries with a superintendent glistening stopping point .

Cons of Essie Nail Polish in Butler Please

-Hard to find if you are out of U.S
-Takes a while to dry, because recipe is thick.
-Does chip in a few days ( this can be dealt with by applying a clear coat ).
-The brush size international relations and security network ’ thymine slender .
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