You have many regular nail polish colors that you like to use, but they do not last as long on your nails as gel polish. You wonder if you can use those regular complete polish with gel top coat to make they last long .

Can you use regular nail polish with gel top coat?

Yes. Regular nail polishes can be used with gel top coats. However, this regular nail polish must be completely dry before gel polish is applied. These combined polishes must be removed by soaking in warm water because the acetone will dissolve the regular polish and stain the nails. To make certain you get it right the first time, read on.

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How do you use regular nail polish with gel top coat?

You must do two things if you want to use even nail polish with mousse peak coat indeed the finished nails will not create any issues .

Regular nail polish must be dry completely

You can put gel top coat over regular polish alone if this regular polish is wholly dry. If unconstipated smash polish is calm wet, meaning its liquid solvents do not evaporate away from the nails, the mousse top coat will go over it and block these solvents from drying out. These solvents do not form a solid base for the gelatin top coat to stick on. This will cause the cure mousse top coat to slide off the nails or peel off well. On the other hand, wholly dried regular complete polish will act as a firm base for the gelatin top coat to stick on. Therefore, your gel top coating over regular nail polish will survive longer on your nails. regular smash polish with a gelatin top coat has another problem you have to deal with during the removal march .

Removing gel top coat over regular polish by soaking in warm water

Putting gelatin top coat on even collar polish presents a trouble when you try to remove it. even nail polishes dissolve in acetone very promptly. This means that the normal breeze through polish tinge will mix with the acetone and create a color acetone solution. If you soak or wrap your fingers as you would normally do to take off the gel lead coat for 15 minutes or more, this semblance acetone would have time to stain your nails, cuticles, and the surrounding skin. The colored the regular complete polish is, the deeper the stained color will be. If you follow these instructions on applying gel circus tent coat over regular smash polish closely, you should have no problem .

How do you put gel top coat over regular polish?

Since the regular nail polish must be dry entirely before gelatin top coat can be used, there are two things you can do .

Air dry regular nail polish:

Wait at least 3 hours for the regular nail polish to vent dry, preferably 24 hours or the following day. This expect time allows the traditional nail polish to dry to safely use a gelatin clear coat. What if you do not want to wait that long ? For those impatient smash lovers, there is a way. You must employ the consumption of a heater fan .

Force dry regular nail polish:

After applying the first regular nail polish on your nails, you must use heat to force dry them. Set your heater fan at low heat and low speed, put your nails in front of the heater so that you feel warm air flowing to your nails. Do not put your nails excessively close to the fastball because they will bubble up or wrinkle if the smash polish gets besides hot to fast .

  • Dry the first coat of regular polish for 3 minutes. After it is dry to the touch, you apply the second coat of nail polish.
  • Dry the second coat of regular polish for a good 5 minutes; 10 is best.

now you can turn off the fastball sports fan and put on a gel top coat. cure, and you are done. Friendly tip 1: If you do not have a belittled fastball fan, a hairdryer can work besides. Have your hairdryer at broken heat, low-speed mount, lay it on a pen up towel so it will not move around, and you get yourself a make-shift fastball fan. Note: be certain to remove all the water away as you work with electric appliances. Friendly tip 2: If the regular complete polish is thick, you must dilute it back to its original condition the best you could with complete polish sparse. Thinner nail polish works besides.

Thick nail polish will take days to dry even you force dry it. Thick pinpoint polish will become brittle after it dry while gel top coating is flexible after it cures. This combination is not a dear one. Gel polish will peel off, or thick nail polish will crack, creating a bad-looking breeze through. now you can enjoy your darling hybrid nails ( regular and gelatin ), until it is time to take them off. One way you can do to make your nails look even prettier is to have slimmer hands and fingers. If you think your hands and fingers are chubby, you can LOSE WEIGHT AND FINGER FAT NATURALLY .

How do you take off gel top coat over regular nail polish?

Gel coloring material polish, gel basis coat, and gel top coat all plasticize after curing under an LED pinpoint lamp. Soaking these plasticized nails in acetone will barely soften them, and they will detach from the nails. The mousse color will not dissolve in acetone, so the acetone used in pawn is clean the whole time. The nails and fingers will not be stained from the gelatin color polish. even nail polishes, however, will dissolve and mix with acetone, creating colored acetone. Soaking the fingers and nails in this acetone will stain them. then how do you take this hybrid polish off your nails without staining them ? The only way I know how is to soak your loanblend nails in warm body of water. precisely as acetone will chemically soften the gel polish, estrus will physically soften it besides. warm water will not dissolve unconstipated nail polish but will soften the mousse acme coat. That is the skill behind removing mousse polish by soaking it in quick water. here is how you would do it. What you will need:

  • Nail file
  • Large plastic container
  • Plenty of very warm water
  • A cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick

Remove the gelatin top coat a much as you can using a nail file or a pinpoint bore. Use a large plastic container so it can hold about a half-gallon of warm water. The water should be blistering enough to soak your hands in for 15 minutes, but not so hot that it will burn your bark. Find a seat at a table where you can sit and soak well for 15 minutes or so. Always keep the water very ardent. If it gets barely a little cool, replace it with very warm water or add more hot water. After 10 minutes, you can start peeling the mousse polish away slowly. Soak the refractory gel crown coat again. Start on the future nails. Tip:

  1. Do not try to pull the gel top coat off with one try.
  2. Just pull it where it softens and detached.
  3. Soak some more so you can work on all 10 nails.
  4. Soak and go back for another round of peeling.

Repeat the above summons until the gelatin top coat is all away. There you are. I give you all want to know how to use regular breeze through polish with gel top coat, from application to removal. Hope you nailed it. Have playfulness with your loanblend nails .

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