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It ’ mho last clock time to let go of our beloved cat-eye makeup and jump straight into the cat-eye breeze through art. Cats are loved around the global for their charming personalities and their gorgeous eyes. The mysterious appearance of a cat center is what makes it so strikingly appealing, and it is lone fair to introduce it to the beauty earth. This smasher drift will surely take you down memory lane thanks to science. The cat-eye look can be created with the metallic pigments in the smash polish and a magnet, fair like how we have studied in school .

Scroll gloomy to know more about cat-eye nails and how you can create them at home .

What Are Cat-Eye Nails?
Cats always have the most gallant pair of eyes and it ‘s lone fair to want to recreate them as art. The cat-eye nail art is a vogue that is different from your regular manicure. This collar art is created using charismatic breeze through polish that helps create a texture that resembles the cat center. This nail polish has coloured metallic particles that can be activated by a magnet .

How Does It Work?
To create this front you will need :

  • Base coat
  • Regular nail polish
  • Cat-eye nail polish
  • Magnet
  • Top coat
  1. Start by applying a base coat. Then apply a colour of your choice on your nails for a chic and easy cat-eye look. If you want to have a galaxy-like design with defined lines, it is better to go for a black as it will help the colours stand out.
  2. Once your coloured coat is done and dried, evenly apply one coat of the cat eye nail polish.
  3. While the cat-eye nail polish coat is wet, quickly bring in your magnet and hold it near your nail. If you want a single defined line, hold the magnet on top of your nail. You can move it according to how you would like the line to appear. If you prefer to have a softer look, hold the magnet on the sides of your nail, which will help it create a globe-like style.
  4. Once you are done, add a top coat for a smooth and glossy finish. This will help your nail art stay on for longer.

here are some of our darling cat-eye nail looks that you can take inhalation from.

Nails image : @ naillovebycarli

The easy, emerald cat-o’-nine-tails eye is the perfective nail look for all your outfits. It ticks all our boxes for its diaphanous elegance and minimalistic style .

Ca n’t choose fair one color ? Why not pick them all ! Multicoloured nails have been in swerve since 2020, and now, we love it way more with the cat-eye effect.

Nails image : @ jennyssnails

If you love a gradient stylus, this count is precisely for you ! The black and gold cat-eye effect creates a perfect illusion of a starry night .

nails image : @ sicknailsbysof

It ‘s intemperate not to picture the color k when you think of big cat eyes. This green and black cat-eye expression is all things bold and beautiful .

double : @ abbydoesnails

If you want to play it safe while experimenting with different colours and textures, this is the look you must try. Going for a specific color pallette will make your nail art feel far-out and chic .

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