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Manicure and nail painting are one of the very popular beauty steps of many women today. However, the wrong way to beautify your nails can be incredibly damaging to your health. The art of manicure and nail polish is increasingly popular and becomes a beauty routine for girls. However, beforeContinue Reading

A set of healthy and beautiful manicures and beautiful manicures will attract people to look. Here are 12 nail care tips you must know. Beauty is an essential need of women, not to mention manicures. Like healthy hair or a great skincare regimen, a healthy, beautifully manicured nail is alsoContinue Reading

Crunchy fingers, fragile, easily fractured could start from various causes like: thyroid, lack of blood,…, but most part of your care, please fix this condition. The key to keeping the nail doesn’t break. 1. Keep the damp on the nails. Dry status causes nail maggots which are especially in winter.Continue Reading

One of the basic knowledge of nail making is to clean and disinfect, to ensure the beauty and health of customers, so how to clean the tools, please find out. Cleaning and Disinfecting Cleaning: simply understands clean, remove dirt that can be seen on tools. Must clean before disinfection. Sterilization:Continue Reading

Limit contact with harsh cleaning chemicals

All nail problems will be overcome if it is cared for and groomed. Taking care and care is the only way to keep nail beautiful. Here are some tips to help women take care of nail both quickly and effectively: 1. Adding essential oils for nails Essential oils have manyContinue Reading

Tips for caring for nails and beautiful hand skin in winter

How to take care of beautiful nails and skin in winter? Nail and skin care becomes a difficult task in the winter months when severe cold winds hit. Nail and hand care in winter These tips will definitely help you maintain the natural beauty of nails and skin of theContinue Reading

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The habit of a person usually refers to beauty for the face, which rarely pay attention to his feet. Beautiful feet that present a beautiful daughter. However, a beautiful pair of feet must always be accompanied by a beautiful clean nail. So what should we do to take care ofContinue Reading

No need to spend money on the manicure shop, you can easily treat and take care of the nails with the complete treatments available in your home. 1. Olive oil mix and lime juice blend One tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice will formContinue Reading

The strengthening of the moisturizer, caring for the epidermis, and using gloves regularly restricts the cracking of their hands. Just like the body, in winter, you need to be more concerned about nail care. Dehydration and moisture mean that the nails are prone to brittleness, fracture, cracked epidermis, peeling theContinue Reading

How to take care of healthy nails is a lot of female interest. A beautiful set of nails will help you become stronger, more luxurious and modern. Many friends often go to nail salons and spas to get their nails done carefully. 1. Ways to care for and protect healthyContinue Reading

Nails consist of hard keratin keratin, a protein found in the skin and hair. Nail and nail health is good, with a smooth, glossy appearance, one color and no blemishes. There are many causes of yellowing and rough nails such as nail polish continuously for a long time, being contaminatedContinue Reading

Like fingernails, nails are sensitive to changes in winter weather. Therefore, you need to have a special care regime so that they do not break, peel, … lose aesthetics. In the winter, your nails may experience problems such as brittle, brittle, broken nails … In fact, the cause of theContinue Reading

Weak, brittle, brittle nails will cause discomfort, sometimes painful for women. Immediately apply the following tips for strong and natural nail care below. Healthy nails to the touch feel smooth, shiny without spots or discoloration. Sometimes because of a number of health problems such as iron deficiency, thyroid disease, onychomycosis,Continue Reading

Whenever you want to soften calluses on your feet or spend a day taking care of yourself, taking care of your own nails is the perfect option. Just a little time and effort, you will have soft feet and clean shiny toes that make others jealous. Steps 1. Prepare tools.Continue Reading

To keep nails and nails strong and clean, let’s refer to the following simple and very effective nail care tips below. Clean nails and toenails, neatly trimmed, strong shadows, make the hands more gentle is always one of the attention attraction. Besides, the trend of painting and painting nails isContinue Reading

Instructing women how to take care of your nails does not take much time, there are still beautiful nails to add a delicate, gentle look to your hands. Nail care is always beautiful Surely you all want to care for your hands more soft and beautiful. So how to getContinue Reading