There have been some major shifts in the way nail techs purchase supplies these days. Perhaps the shifts are due to
the consolidation at the dealer level, the inconsistency of available products from manufacturers, the ease of doing
shopping online, or the shift of more manufacturers offering products direct-to-salon. What is for certain is nail
techs are open to non-traditional buying in order to get the products they’re looking for.Continue Reading

Nail technician income is holding fairly steady (down a few dollars from last year at $619 per week). Combine that with a fairly flat increase in prices and a “look at the bright side” attitude and you can say that despite all the things that went on this yearContinue Reading

what factors you think affected that?

Solidly recession-proof, three-quarters of salons said that business had either increased this year or stayed the same. Nearly 23% said they’d seen a decline, and most blamed the economy: Either their area had been hard hit, gas prices were affecting business, or clients simply didn’t have the money for elective expenses like nailContinue Reading

Vietnam nail statistics

Although there are many reasons why Vietnamese immigrants came to the nail industry and have succeeded, there is also an interesting Hollywood angle: Apparently, in 1975 the actress Tippi Hedren, best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” was a regular visitor to Camp Hope in California as the first wave of Vietnamese refugees arrived.Continue Reading

Nail Tech Demographics statistics 2010

[:en]Nail Tech Demographics statistics 2010, Nail technician/booth renter 24.5%, Nail technician/employee 17.3%, Salon owner (doing nails) 35.2%, Salon owner (not doing nails) 3.5% …[:]Continue Reading

Industry Pulse

Salon Service Volume Increases 3.5%, 34% of Nail Salons Added Services This Year And 66% of Those Added Gels ,Salons Using Facebook Grows from 4% to 50% , 66% of Techs Don’t Receive an Incentive on Retail SalesContinue Reading

Although there are so many factors we look at to gauge industry health, service prices serve as a constant pulse. Due to salon over-saturation, intense competition at the lowend, and the commoditization of nail services, service prices have been making very little movement over the years. This year, however, prices at least keptContinue Reading

How tech-savvy are nail salons?

Nail technicians (along with just about every other profession on the planet) have become more computerliterate and web-savvy than ever. Each year, we see dramatic increases in Internet use for business functions, including product ordering, peer networking, technical trouble-shooting, and, of course, e-mailing. Just six years ago a puny 3.1% of nail professionals said that ordering productsContinue Reading


It’s become a little lonely for nail techs these days. School enrollment is down, nail techs are harder to find and retain, and more salons than ever are staffed by just one technician. In 2006, more than half of all salons had just a single nail tech. The nails-only salon is becoming a thingContinue Reading