Introduce 50 artist nail art design style, people can design to attend a party, event, or show, to prominent and beautiful, hope 50 videos Nail design art helpful for anyone , This video is General 50 videos guide Nail design art .   Also: everyone can see more videos from Nail Design Art 01Continue Reading

5 Salons That Are Bringing Back Nail Art

[:en]Nail art may be cool again, but there was a time not so long ago when its popularity was on the brink of extinction. You can chalk its endangered status up to design fatigue, or just an over-saturation in the marketplace. (We admit it, we can all be fickle aboutContinue Reading

The Top 2016 Nail

In the grand scheme of new beauty-product releases, nail polish is, undoubtedly, the most overwhelming. The top brands flood the market with several launches every season. This deluge makes it hard to keep track of all the newbies — even for beauty editors! This is why we called on someContinue Reading

How tech-savvy are nail salons?

Nail technicians (along with just about every other profession on the planet) have become more computerliterate and web-savvy than ever. Each year, we see dramatic increases in Internet use for business functions, including product ordering, peer networking, technical trouble-shooting, and, of course, e-mailing. Just six years ago a puny 3.1% of nail professionals said that ordering productsContinue Reading

5 Industry Trends to Watch

5 Industry Trends to Watch “Celebrity Manicurist” Is a Frame of Mind. If ubiquitous self-styled “celebrity manicurist” Ji Baek can charge $250 for her super-high-end manicure, why can’t you? Well, maybe because you’re not serving Heidi Klum and your salon isn’t in NYC. But you can get your own prices farther awayContinue Reading