How to be certified as a Healthy Nail Salon

What is the Healthy Nail Salon Program?

A recognized Healthy Nail Salon offers safer products, safer practices, and proper ventilation to reduce exposure to more toxic products.

To be recognized:

The Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health will help your salon become recognized by:
a. Training your employees about safer practices
b. Guiding your salon to choose less toxic products
c. Promoting your salon as a Healthy Nail Salon

Benefits of Joining:

a. Attract more clients
b. Promote your business once qualified
c. Improve the health of your staff and clients
e. Reduce indoor fumes and odors
f. Free advertising on the county website
g. May qualify for a rebate of up to $1,000 on a ventilation unit!

How to be certified as a Healthy Nail Salon?

1. Fill out the survey form at and email to You can also request a survey form to be mailed to you. Please call the Healthy Nail Program hotline at (408) 918-1958.
2. Attend free Nail training classes provided by our staff.
3. Satisfy the program criteria and submit an application.

Upon verification, your salon will be recognized as a Healthy Nail Salon !

Be Healthy Nail Salon . Be Recognized.



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