For the summer Collection Méditerannée Chanel has released four limited-edition Le Vernis Nail Colours in vibrant summery shades ( $ 27 each for 13 ml/0.4 florida oz ). The four colors include :

  • Terrana 697 is a cool-toned bronzey plum metallic which smooth shimmer
  • Méditerannée 707 is a bright cream sea blue
  • Coquelicot 717 is a vibrant warm jelly red
  • Lavanda 721 is a bright jelly purple cream

Based on what they look like in the bottle my first impressions were that three of them looked like standard brights while Terrana appeared to be a murky bronze. Of course once you swatch them on the nails, they look quite arresting. Chanel always manages to mix up the most beautiful complete polish colors that have a singular twist making them extremely flattering against the skin .

Terrana is a cool-toned bronze. It ’ s a metallic color but the shimmer is pretty smooth with minimal brush strokes showing through. You do need two coats. It has a slender gelatin finish making it look alcoholic and extremist glossy on the nails .

Some comparisons swatched below :

Mediterranee is a beautiful bright blue. It has a bantam bite of bluish green but placid pulls more towards a cooler-toned blue. I don ’ triiodothyronine normally like to wear bright blues on the nails but this one has enough cool undertone and depth to prevent it from looking over the exceed bright. This one is my favorite in the collection .

Coquelicot is jelly crimson perfection in a bottle. Every clock time Chanel releases a newly red, I swear it is the best bolshevik they ’ ve made. It is very like to Enthusiast and some other warm reds but I can ’ t ever resist a red from Chanel. This matchless has a bite of warmheartedness. The texture is a act thin but applies like charming with one coating. I like two for richer coverage but this one is very commodity even with one .

Lavanda is the one my local Chanel reps were most stimulate about at the buffet. It ’ s a stunning purple cream. Mine seemed to apply a spot thick but there weren ’ t any application issues and with two coats I was able to achieve wide coverage. This one still has a semi-jelly finish so if you ’ re rushed you may calm see some of the nail down appearance through. For Lavanda, I think you need to wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat .

Bottom line all four = pure sleep together for me. I ’ m a die hard Chanel Le Vernis fan at heart and these four are exceptionally beautiful. In my ledger they area all must haves but if I had to skip one color it would be the red Coquelicot chiefly because I have therefore many early reds from Dior and Chanel that are alike. Out of all four my favored is the blasphemous one Mediterranee – it ’ s such a pretty deep but bright aristocratic. I think it ’ mho backup-worthy .

Saks, You can find the Chanel Summer Collection now at all counters and boutiques. I bought mine from Nordstrom. besides online at Neiman Marcus Bloomingdales and

Have you checked out Chanel Summer even ? What did you pick up ?

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