Spicy Nails with Chanel Dans La Lumiere de L’Ete Summer 2016 Le Vernis

I am rounding up my coverage of Chanel ’ s Summer 2016 Dans La Lumiere de L ’ Ete collection, and today ’ s focus is on the piquant Le Vernis Culte that are part of the collection. There are 5 in the solicitation, all highly covetable, but I picked 3 that I felt are more alone – Canotier, Espadrilles and Emeraude ! They are boldface choices, and exceeding for a classy and elegant brand, but inspired me to last get out of my doldrums and create a cool colorblocked nail down design.. check it out !
Chanel Summer 2016 Le Vernis Culte

I was looking forward to this collection of Le Vernis as I wanted to experiment with more of the newfangled long-wear gel-like shine recipe. I had tried out a pair when it was first launched a couple of months ago [ read here ] and found the formula to differ quite a bit between the 2 shades that I had. Given how the new rule was highly raved in the blogosphere, I was naturally perplexed, and was very happy to find that 3 that I picked this time round fared much much better !
Chanel Le Vernis 532 Canotier
Chanel Le Vernis (532) Canotier  is described as an “ original beige ” but is very a muted gold with a metallic finish. The trouble I always have with such shades is the visible brush strokes, but thankfully this especial bottle goes on smoothly and is opaque in 1 coat ! sol if you are careful and have firm strokes, you can get by with a reasonably streak-free sic !
Chanel Le Vernis 534 Espadrilles
Chanel Le Vernis (534) Espadrilles is a bright dapper orange that is as bright and adenine orange as I ’ d ever seen. It has a pure cream coating that I love, and is the perfective color to inject some playfulness this summer. Of the 3 that I picked, this had a slenderly more syrupy texture and it was quite late in the night when I was applying this, so I found it more ambitious to apply absolutely. besides, Espadrilles needed 2 coats to be fully opaque, and this recipe intelligibly needs to be wholly dried between layers in order to go on smoothly without streaking. thankfully, it dries in minutes, so it is not a adult cover .
Chanel Le Vernis 536 Emeraude
Chanel Le Vernis (536) Emeraude is hands-down my favored nail down polish from Chanel evvaahh ! ! To be quite honest, when I first base opened it up I thought to myself, omg it ’ s soooo green ! But between this, and the Les 4 Ombres Empreinte du Desert [ reviewed here ], Chanel has completely changed my position on greens. Emeraude reminds me of mermaids and alcoholic forests with its deeply gem-like green with tonnes of bantam golden shimmers suspended in it. It goes on fully opaque in 1 easy coating, the epitomy of one coat curiosity ! And it is bright, the way I expect gelatin polishes to be, simply amazing.

Chanel Summer 2016 manicure
And as I had mentioned at the begin of this post, Chanel managed to revive my interest in breeze through polishes with this amazing collection of Le Vernis Culte. I have been feeling rather uninspired all year improving until now, and am merely loving this dim-witted but bluff colorblocked manicure ! here ’ s a closer front :
Chanel Summer 2016 nailart
I added some striping tape to neaten things improving, and added 1 coating of Chanel Le Gel Coat for the supernumerary fall. Emeraude and Espadrilles were 1 coat each, and 2 coats of Canotier on lead. All done in under 1 hour, wholly dried and then budge-proof I went neat to bed, and woke up to gleefully fun and perfect nails ! And unlike my previous experience, I found these shades stopping point me longer – I am on Day 3 now with no sign of lean break. Will update consequently once I know for sure their wide life !
And this rounds up my inspection of the Chanel Dans La Lumiere de L ’ Ete Summer 2016 collection ! Please check out my earlier posts on the eyes and impudence & lips material ! Have a bright week ahead !
xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration. Regardless, all opinions expressed hera are my own honest, unbiased views .

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