Choose & Use Gloves Correctly When Doing Manicure

Many craftsmen in the industry that were nail cutting files, manicure paint and chemical exposure when manicure may damage the skin and nails of the hands of craftsmen. So wearing gloves when doing to ensure the safety of health and hygiene care. Then choose gloves and use it how to properly when doing the nail, which is something that every Hunter should nail care.

Choose & Use Gloves Correctly When Doing Manicure
Choose & Use Gloves Correctly When Doing Manicure

Hard Work Gloves
Many nail Hunter thinks that the gloves might make them lose the tactile contact with the surface of the nails and toenails, feel entanglement and reduce the quality of service.

However, once familiar, the glove is no longer a problem is preventing your nail design. Many nail Hunter also said their customers like they wear gloves when working and enjoy the beautiful nail form which artists created while wearing gloves.

Choose How The Gloves?
Gloves made of nitrile compounds (usually blue or purple) helps protect against many chemicals, are used most in the nail salon. Longer rubber gloves or vinyl is appropriate when using acetone.

Use Gloves In A Smart Way

Choose & Use Gloves Correctly When Doing Manicure
Choose & Use Gloves Correctly When Doing Manicure

The use of proper gloves help protect the hands during nail, has brought many benefits for health. You should only bring the kind of glove exactly once, when in use and to the product. Replace gloves immediately if there are cuts, tear or hole on the gloves. The gloves have been used once it should be thrown away immediately. In particular, avoid contact with customers have open wounds, cuts, sores, blisters or skin contaminated place hands, feet or nails. In case of contact with the customer, so the gloves is a top priority.

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Hygiene and safety for all miners and nail and the customer is the first thing you need to know when the weak start to nail salons.


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