How to do Chrome Nails at Home.

Chrome and holographic nail powders are such versatile color tools. You can use the powder as a pickpocket, as an acrylic fiber, or for a extremely cool rub-on mirror effect. We ’ ra going to teach you the third base effect : how to do rub-on chrome nails .
At beginning, rub on smash gunpowder can look super easy. possibly you watched a video and thought “ wow, that looks so cool ! ” and then tried to do it yourself and had trouble oneself. There are few mistakes you can make when applying mirror powderize that can completely mess up your smash color. Maybe it won ’ thymine stick correct, it looks blotchy, you can ’ t get the mirror effect. You must make certain you ’ re doing the steps correctly and using the right products because the bum of details can actually throw you off ! We ’ rhenium going to go over the steps and products we used to apply chrome powder the easy way and besides go over the mistakes you might be making and how to fix them .
pink chrome holographic nail powder how to apply

What’s the difference between holographic and chrome nail powder?

Chrome breeze through powder gives you a polish mirror finish while holographic powderize has a more rainbow/color changing shininess to it. I personally enjoy holographic over chrome because it ’ s extremely playfulness to look at.

holographic powders can normally be used over different collar colors to create alone modern semblance effects. For case, you can use a empurpled holographic gunpowder over a green root color to create a blue-ish holo consequence .
One more alone type of holographic powder you ’ ve possibly heard mentioned before is “ unicorn ” or “ mermaid ” powderize. This gunpowder is a special type of holo complete powder that can be used over any color basal to create a beautiful holo impression. It works on both lighter and dark colors while typical holo powders only work on dark infrastructure colors .
large jar of unicorn holographic nail powder

Tip: Not all powder is created equal.

This probably goes without saying, but powder brands are vastly different from one another. Some mirror nail powder has 0 glitter in it. These nail down powders can not be used for dip/acrylic nails and are made to merely be used as a rub-on top coat. The “ only rub-on ” powders normally sell in bantam 1g jars .
other powder brands ( like Fairy Glamor ) include glitter and can be used as both a dip, acrylic, and rub on gunpowder and come in bombastic jars ( 15-30g ) .
We ’ ve created a video recording on how to apply holographic breeze through gunpowder that works for both chrome and holo colors. You can either follow along with the video recording or just follow the pictures. Whichever is easiest for you !
step by step holo nail powder tutorial

Step by Step Instructions on How to do Chrome Nails at Home.

  1. Apply dark base nail color.
  2. Apply a no-wipe gel top coat.
  3. Let top coat cure for 20-30 seconds until it’s still slightly sticky.
  4. Rub powder over cured top coat with finger or eyeshadow brush.
  5. Seal with gel top coat.
  6. And your finished applying chrome nail powder!

How to apply chrome/holographic rub-on nail powder.

Please keep in take care that Fairy Glamor has a unique formula and our application process may differ from other rub on powder brands. Our powders can be used with many colors other than a black al-qaeda while early brands require a black nail tinge establish. This makes doing chrome nails easy !
black nail polish base for rub on chrome nails

Step 1. Apply a base nail color

If you ’ re using a chrome powderize, apply a colored al-qaeda color. If you ’ re using a holographic powder, you can use any color as a basis. It doesn ’ t matter if you use polish, mousse, or pickpocket powder. Anything will work ! Fairy Glamor offers al-qaeda nail polish colors you can use specifically for holo and chrome nails .
no wipe gel top coat for chrome nails black nail color base example for chrome nail powder

Step 2. Apply a no-wipe gel top coat

This step is particularly crucial because if you use a gelatin top coat that needs to be wiped down after curing, then your powder will not rub on .
Cure your top coat for around 15 seconds ( time may vary ) under a UV/LED light. You need to cure until the top coat is smooth but still ( very slightly ) gluey. If you cure for besides long the top coat will be army for the liberation of rwanda excessively glossy to apply your powderize. The gunpowder will not stick to a glossy surface .
If you incidentally cure your no-wipe gelatin top coating for excessively long, you can use breeze through polish remover on your nails for a minute to “ soften ” them. Wipe dry and then you can try applying the powder .
rub on holographic nail powder example

Step 3. Use your finger, eyeshadow brush, or applicator to rub the chrome/holo powder over the nail

You want to be relatively flying with this step then that your circus tent coat doesn ’ thymine cure all the way. Rub your powder over your nucleotide nail color securely ( but besides gently, you do not want to scratch the effect ! ). It should rub on well and only take a few seconds to apply .
seal chrome nail powder with no wipe top coat

Step 4. Seal the chrome/holo with your no-wipe top coat

The moment of truth ! You ’ ll know here if you applied the powder correctly. If you apply the top coating over the powder and it “ smears ”, then you cured your top coat for excessively long and the powder didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cling correct .
Don ’ metric ton put besides a lot impel when sealing your powder in. You want to be careful not to smudge it .
chrome nail color swatches

You’re all done! That wasn’t so hard, right?

And your finish ! once you get the hang of it, you can badly enhance the front of your nails and in truth glam them up with holo and chrome powderize. There ’ mho a draw of people out there that don ’ t even know holo and chrome nails exist thus when they see yours, they ’ ll say HOLY MOLY and want to know where you got them !
We hope the video recording and pictures helped adenine well. Do you have any questions ? What are your favorite chrome and holographic smash colors ? We love to mix it up and see what cool combinations we can create. Thanks for reading faeries and have a glamorous sidereal day !

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